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Greetings from Amsterdam


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Hi all!

From the Netherlands, Amsterdam, i'd like to say hi as a beginning watch enthusiast. 
I'm a proud owner of a Frederique Constant, Aerowatch and a couple of Sea-Gulls. 
But, i found out that there is more than wearing a nice watch, the complication behind it 
is even more interesting! I therefore bought some instruments to demount and
assemble a movement:). And perhaps (hopefully) later on assemble my own watch with different components.
I therefore use the youtube watch repair channel to gain myself the basic information, many thanks for these interesting videos!

Little question to end my introduction though, does anyone know which movement I can 
buy to demount and assemble the Rotary AS 1900? In fact, which movement can be compared mechanicly the same
as the AS1900, and doesn't cost a fortune. Cause I will use it as an assemble movement. (by using the AS1900 service video I want
to take the movement apart and assemble it back again to learn how the movement works).

Watch regards!


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AS1900 is a nice movement but if your just srarting this facinating hobby you really don't need to buy expensive unless money is no object to you a cheaper running movement of the bay will suffice just remember to take a photo at each step of the breakdown and remember to place the parts as you dismantle them in a separate partition in one of those plastic partitioned containers, then you can keep parts that go with each other together. And once you've cleaned your parts just work backwards through your tray and pics. Oh and hello btw have fun.


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Welcome Jorick! As our friends above just said, no need to start with an expensive movement. Although it might seem a worn out advise, I would say, start with a simple, big movement like the ETA 6498 which can be had on ebay for about 40. Make sure it works so when you are done, if it still works, you know you are doing fine. Then, you can buy from the same ebay a case and other "periferals" :) and build your own watch with that movement.



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