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  1. . Orient Kamasu for me today. It is green honestly even tho it mainly looks black unless your outside which non of us are doing much of lately
  2. Being a right wrist wearer its nice to find a crown on the left.
  3. It's always difficult replacing a hairspring as it is vibrated to the balance itself in the factory. Yours would need repinning shorter which isn't an easy task at all and yours is more difficult being a brequet over coiled one which means repositioning the over coil when its shortened to allow regulation its a fiddly job to say the least. It's often easier to replace the whole balance with hairspring.
  4. Looks ok to me my question is was it just the hairspring or the complete balance with hairspring you replaced.
  5. Hello and welcome Frank, I know what you mean by calming but this hobby can sometimes give you sleepless nights when things arnt going to plan
  6. This comes up alot with as1900 series the offset cannon pinion will indeed need tightening this can be done with a broach or needle the same or slightly smaller than the hole insert broach in hole and gently apply pressure with a pair of nail clippers to tighten it slightly don't go mad or you will over tighten if you look under strong magnification you might see marks where it was originally tightened The hard part is removing it from the shaft of the wheel without breaking it if I remember correctly Mark removes it and oils it in part 2 of the video I don't think he tightens it tho.
  7. So it shouldn't have been loosing time if it had been or if it had they didn't do a very good service it should have been checked and regulated and be good for a few years not a couple of months.
  8. Well done in regulating it but it would probably benefit from a service if its loosing alot when was it last done.
  9. Thats an impressive collection ( l hope your insurance is up to date ) very nice indeed.
  10. Welcome Jason there's no such thing as the dark arts and mysticism here you want to know something you ask and your answered no question too small no matter how stupid you may think it is everyone has to learn and this is one of the biggest classrooms on the net when it comes to all things horological. Have fun
  11. Full plates ate a pain in the backside but if you do it as @StuartBaker104 states you'll be well on the way. I usually screw down the top plate slightly not fully or you'll break a pivot this stops the top plate moving about as much. Working under a plate when you cant see anything is frustrating I also get my light as close as i can to the top plate and look through the side of the movement you can usually see a little pin prick of light to aim for when pushing your top pivot into place don't forget to keep gentle pressure on the plate you'll feel it pop in.
  12. If its not setting more than likely striped the teeth on the hour wheel its probably been date changed at the wrong time.
  13. I also combine the two been playing since i was about 12 but I,m now learing how to play again after my stroke last year it is smashing therapy tho gets your brain working again. luckily it was on the right side so my fingering hand wasnt affected but strumming sometimes is a pain but the pickings ok for lead breaks sort of lost the use of my wrist.
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