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Newbie here, Bradford England - Age 25

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Hi all, Newbie here as i find that my love for watches just isn't enough I task myself with repairs and refurbs side of it all Been doing this over a year now and started as advised, with pocket watches. All self taught through youtube and now have managed to make my way to sub second hand watches. Finding it difficult and relaxing at the same time. I have invested in the right equipment but left to purchase in some sort of cleaning device, timing device and oilers/oil. (The oiling process is a little overwhelming). If anyone has any good advice on the following topics i would greatly appreciate it 🙂


1) What are the best watches/movements to work on which do not cost an arm and a leg 🙂

2) If anyone has any useful tips on the re application of oil or any videos/instruction on what oil to use on which part this would be great.

3) Any product recommendations on cleaners and timing devices which again are not ridiculously expensive.


Thank you all so much and i hope i can help out where i can.

Morgan 🙂

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Hello and welcome.  Originally from Bradford myself, now in Rothwell.  Not sure what to recommend movement wise, so many to choose from.  Oiling, there is a section on the resource page on this site.  Technical sheet are available for some movements, can be adapted to give an idea for other movements.  I  use a cheap ultrasonic cleaner. 

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Welcome! I'm also new and finding my way.

As for movements, I've been buying cheap "spare or repair" watches from eBay to see if I can fix them, with some success.  Try and get 15 or 17 jewelled swiss lever movements which are pretty standard (I bought a couple of 5 jewel movements with pin-lever escapements which don't lend themselves to fixing very easily.  One on the bench right now is a vintage Tudor which didn't work.  I've had to replace the setting lever spring which was broken, and the balance wheel (which was broken), and the mainspring (which was broken).  Then the mainspring barrel (which I damaged) and the pallet fork (which I think I damaged, but maybe not).  And it now runs!

Oiling - get some thin, medium and thick (9010, 9104 and 9501 if memory serves correctly).  I got a started kit from ebay with very small quantities of about 5 oils which will do the job initially.

As for cleaners - I splashed out on a vintage Elma machine which was apparently working but damaged in transit (from eBay).  I managed to fix it, and despite it being sent insured the Post Office basically told me to F.O. when I tried to claim for them dropping it or whatever happened.

I bought a timegrapher from Amazon for just over £100.  They all look the same as far as I can see.

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