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T691K crown EXTREMELY stiff

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I am a newbie. Just opened the back of a Tissot with T691K movement to address an issue of EXTREMELY stiff crown. Any advise is highly appreciated. 

I assume that there is high friction somewhere which caused the battery to go dead prematurely. Is it possible?

Tx for helping!

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The keyless or motion works might have water damage. You have to get access to the dial side of the movement (ETA 988?) by removing the LCD. I would not recommend this task for e beginner in watchmaking.



The ETA 988 seems to have no keyless works. The hands are set electronically. So a stiff crown should be caused by friction (corrosion?) between stem and tube and has nothing to do with the movement most likely.

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Ideally you want to remove the movement from the case because it would allow you to step bright the crown issue from the stem issue  and differentiate which one is the problem. Oftentimes crowns  with gaskets that go bad will grip their case tubes really tightly. Or as already mentioned  if rust gets into the movement that will create a  stem problem but if you take the case back off oftentimes  you can see the rust on the stamina at least grasp what your problem is..

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