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Wyler Incaflex Dynawind Heavyduty 660

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I've this lovely Wyler watch. It runs fine. I sent it out to be cleaned,  -it was completely disassembled, oiled, polished etc. My issue is the stem and crown bind. I understand it's split-stemmed. It takes a great deal of force to wind it, and with the crown pulled out, setting is also very stiff.

It was like this before I sent it out and it is still like this. Is this normal for split-stem watches? Or is this even an issue reflecting the split-stem?


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18 hours ago, 8lackie said:

It was like this before I sent it out and it is still like this.

did you always have the problem or is that something recent?


17 hours ago, ManSkirtBrew said:

don't know about every split stem, but I have one and it does not take any force to wind or set it.

this is exactly what you should have. Unless you're the watchmaker and you know the stem is split there shouldn't be any difference at all it should wind nicely and what should set without a problem.



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Would have been useful  to check how it winds out of the case. 

I guess your repairman stands in front of his work not behind.

At this point I pull the crown out to set position and oil accessable section of the stem close to the tube. 



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