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Tissot pocket watch malfunctioning

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On the dial we can read "Chs Tissot & Fills, Depuis 1853".  When I try to wind it, the hands make random increments, they "jump"! Inside the watch case there are 17 jewels and, below the balance wheel, we can see the following numbers "V8ZA2" and "6498-1", the meaning of which I do not know.  I can't wind the watch, is this an easy problem to solve for a beginner?

PS-I can't upload a video...




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This caliber originally was unitas 6498 , later made by ETA and modified with etachron system.

That it jumps and doesn't wind, winding gear slips out of engagement with winding wheel, possibly due worn windin gear or weak set lever spring, 

Dial plate needs to be removed so you can see the keyless, in case you couldn't spot on the fault, a video of it doing its number will reveal the fault in slow mo.

 You might want to post your vid on youtube and give us the link hear.


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The movement is an ETA 6498-1 which is actually one of the movements commonly recommended for beginners to start with as it is relatively simple and relatively large. That being said if this is your very first attempt at watch mechanicing it would be wise to acquire a couple of junkers first to practice stripping down and rebuilding before you embark on this one if it has any value to you (monetary or sentimental)

It sounds to me like the keyless works are out of sync. This could be relatively simple to sort out but involves uncasing the movement and removing the dial and hands so that you can get at the keyless works.

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16 hours ago, AF10 said:



just encase you need the service information I've attached a PDF.

16 hours ago, AF10 said:

is this an easy problem to solve for a beginner?

as pointed out up above this is a common movement used for training purposes. Fortunately yours is the Swiss version not the Chinese version is so getting parts will be much easier.

then in watch repair before we can fix a problem we have to figure out exactly what the problem is. this means as others have recommended up above  disassembly is required.  Movement comes out of the case hands and dial come off and then we can evaluate the keyless parts.



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