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Hi everyone!

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Hello folks, my name is Jaime (female) and I live in Galveston, Texas. I'm new-ish to the interest of quality watches and the basic repair and identification of authentic vs counterfeit watches. I hope to learn and gain experience while being a member of this platform. I promise any knowledge that I have or constructive suggestions will be shared. I love to learn and I love to educate others. I'm grateful to have found my interest in watches completely accidentally, stemming from another interest of mine, which is jewelry, both real and fashion or costume jewelry.

I bid on a 50 pound box of donated jewelry and upon receiving it, I found there were some watches contained within. Not recognizing any brands, as the only brand I was even aware of at that time was Rolex, and maybe Fossil, Timex, and other department store brands. So research is what I did.


Within the box I discovered a ladies Mido, a Movado museum watch, an Android (not the smart watch, this is analog) and three Citizen and a Fabrigé.

I'll quit chattering now. I hope that I've found the right people!

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We’re here for help…and empathy…and cheerleading…and snark- but that’s mostly just me..

I love the jewelry lots- a I won a lot of ‘costume’ jewelry and watches what had two genuine pearl strands what paid for the hobby for a few months 😲

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