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  1. oli

    Regulator pins

    No worries. Good luck fitting the pin, not the easiest job!
  2. oli

    Regulator pins

    Cousins do sell them, item S37393
  3. oli

    Kluber P-125 vs. Homemade

    Thanks John and no problem at all, I completely understand!
  4. oli

    Kluber P-125 vs. Homemade

    JohnR725 would you have a link to the whole document by any chance? It is the Omega technical instruction if I am not mistaken, I have been looking for this one without any luck...
  5. oli

    Stem Removal on Sellita SW200-1

    Also it is preferable to remove the stem when the crown is in hand setting position on this movement.
  6. Got this as part of a watchmakers tool lot. In fact I got two of them! Does anyone have any idea what it is? (Loupe included for scale)
  7. Since all parts look ok it is possible that they are, but something is interfering with the oscillating weight? Perhaps caseback rubbing very lightly in certain positions? Do you have access to a cyclotest? This would completely rule out wearing/ activity patterns, since this can be influenced by so many factors, the cyclotest is a nice consistent baseline. The Chinese ones are cheap and do the job nicely, worth investing if you work on a lot of watches.
  8. oli

    ETA 7751 Moonphase

    If you know your way around a standard 7750 you should not have any trouble at all, there is not a lot more to it.
  9. I can think of be several causes for poor power reserve- Inefficiency in the auto winding mechanism (can be caused by a number of things, e.g. wear, contaminants, and dry lubricant). - Mainspring bridle slipping too early during winding (usually a wear or lubrication issue in the mainspring barrel)- Watch stopping before the mainspring is fully unwound (usually caused by particles/ dirt or a defective / worn part). In this case the full power reserve may have built up in the mainspring as it should, but watch stops when it comes to a lower state of wind.
  10. oli

    Tool porn!

  11. oli

    ronda number

    Try windingstems.com, you can search by the Ronda number. looks like this one will fit a number of Tissot movements.
  12. oli

    Hampden jewel change?

    I am not familiar with the watch in particular, but I expect the jewels are rubbed in? You need special tools to open and close the jewel setting, they can frequently be found on eBay (people tend to mistake them for pin vices!) Mark made a video about rubbed in jewels https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A2Z1aosVaqk
  13. oli

    ETA 2824 problem

    Reversers should be replaced, alternatively can be cleaned and then lubricated with Lubeta 105 if they are in good condition.
  14. People are happily bidding on it... you would think anyone looking for one of those would have an understanding of the basic requirements for it to work!