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Info on carriage clock please

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The click set up is the giveaway, brass on brass is a no-no, how long before the ware makes it slip and the whole thing is a mess of toothless gears, also I do not have much faith in the click spring lasting to long. The slot in the screw for the tension adjustment is not even in the centre!

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Thanks everyone, I have enjoyed this thread.

The case casting looked a bit chunky for my liking, but I'm the first to admit my knowledge on carriage clocks needs improving, so I was following this thread closely to see what the outcome was.

I was even late for work this morning as I failed to notice the time whilst I was reading through thread, so had to wait until I got home tonight to post.

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On 3/25/2019 at 11:27 AM, philipk5 said:

Just to finish things off here are some more photos as requested




There have been a few of these on Ebay, I looked at one for spares and repair, saw that dial, and you all say not right fake..Left that one alone..

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All in all, you have a good basis for "tinkering" and learning a lot from this clock.

It's not worth a huge amount, as a fake, providing it runs better than 10 mins gain per day, once you have cleaned/lubed, and improved the ratchet lever and spring, you will have learnt a great deal.

Happy tinkering!



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