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  1. Vallyboy, is it working okay, the photo of the movement you have looks to me as the pinnon is way of the center on the strike side. Maybe a bad photo or my bad eyes.
  2. As said above about the escapement teeth may be the issue, however if it still goes out of beat after you fixed them then it maybe the escapement pivot or the anchor pivot or both that have just enough play to jump every so often. They are so thin it is hard to see and it does not take much ware to stop the clock, I would give them a very close look before getting another movement.
  3. I agree with OH, funny enough a clock that looks almost the same came into the workshop yesterday and the owner said to the staff that it was 1850's and handed down the family, I said it was around 1930's however leave it as we do not want to hurt the memory of the customer. This is common though, lots of people think their clock is older than it is, who are we to burst their bubble. Another area is the value of the clocks, almost every time they over estimate the value by a long way, I will only tell them (through the staff) if the value is way below the repair cost, however sentimental
  4. I sent a 2nd email asking them again and did not get a reply, so I did not send anymore, however after further research it seems that it was common for the key holes to be offset. I still find it odd that a maker of his stature did that though.
  5. Just remember that a French inch is longer than an English inch, use Goggle to find a converter.
  6. To find out if the slot is in the right place, get a piece of wood wide enough to take the movement, use a 3/8th inch bolt and cut a slot in the end to take the suspention spring, drill a hole near the top of the wood and attach the bolt with a nut. hook the pendulum onto the suspention spring, attach the movement to the board where the crutch is at about the middle of the slot on the pendulum, if the movement is working? the clock should work, attach the hands and see if it is keeping time, which I doubt as I think the slot is way to low, anyway now you have this set up you can just move the
  7. I read this and watches are not my thing, however looking from the clock view you said; How close to the inner hook? I would think it would be a lot easer to make a new inner hook hole on the old spring as it is the right spring and the loss of a few inches would not make that much differance. Trying to temper a spring, I doubt it can be done, getting the tension right/even over the distance without the right gear I would say near impossable?
  8. You don't need to hang the movement 7 foot off the ground just 4 foot is plenty as this would give you about 4 days of running time, then just wind it up again for another 4 days. The movements are simple so you should be able to ID the issue.
  9. The spring barrel is stuffed, the shaft on the pinnion that comes off the spring barrel has been sleeved with a brass tube, it also looks like the wheel on that pinnion has had all the tips striped off. The top plate looks like it is not original due to the cut out for the glass not square. The knob on the time adjustment should not be there, and the door looks to have the pin missing at the bottom given the angle it is at when open.
  10. Looking at the clock dial it has no bezel therefore you can drill the end of the shaft and add a bit of steel. First file it to accomidate the minute hand and drill a hole for the taper pin, then solder it in place.
  11. I think the 1st photo looks better with more of a contras, just remember to put the dial with the 12 at the top.
  12. A close up of the hands arbour would help, I am not sure it has a pin because I can see no collar on the minute shaft, therefore it would rub on the hour shaft. That said it seems a large hand to be a pressure fit, a close up should help work it out.
  13. You could easly adapt a click spring from any old movement?
  14. Regula make a 1 day and 8 day movement, these can be bought at time savers. A few things you need to know, the depth, the movement will need to be screwed to the inside of the face board, so about 6 mm think blocks need to be glued on to take the screws, then add the distance from the mounting bracket to the tip of the crutch, then add another 50mm so you have enough room for the cuckoo belows. The hight is dictated by where the hands arbour hole is placed on the face. The width you have already since you have made the frets. Have a look on eBay at cuckoo clocks for sale to see how they are n
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