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  1. Bod

    A toolbox

    Very nice! You have the key? Bod
  2. This one, looking at the photos, has a second hand. When did these start to be fitted on this type of clock? Bod
  3. Thanks for the replies. I do have a good selection of engineering and woodwork screwdrivers, in most sizes. It's as wls1971 states, German clock screws. I have a couple of 400 day clocks with these deep narrow slotted screws, so I fear it will be down to the oil stone for re shaping tips. I plan to look at the 1/4inch hex bits to see how much altering one of them would need. Certainly £15-20 range for a watchmakers screwdriver set is well within budget. Bod
  4. Now I have a problem.... I'm thinking of investing in a set of proper screwdrivers, mainly for clock repairs, rather than watches. (Eye sight not good enough for the really small stuff.) What sort of price range should I be looking at? Bergeon, very nice, but outside my price range. Value, 5 pieces for less than £5, cannot be quality at that price. Is there a quality, mid range set at a reasonable price? What should I look for in a quality new screwdriver, tapered tip or parallel, replaceable, or resharpen-able tip? Thanks Bod
  5. Reading the "Sold" listings on E-bay is often quite an eye opener regarding the prices that actually sold, rather than the "Rare vintage, you got to buy it now" value, that some ever hopefuls ask. Bod
  6. I presume the discussion is about the liquid version of Brasso. Would the wadding (Duraglit) version have the same problems? The old liquid version, a tip I was once given for it, was to drop a couple of small metal nuts into the can, to act as agitators, (same idea as paint can rattlers). Bod
  7. Bit of a price difference. What would you expect the auction estimate to be? Bod
  8. Yes, some of those screws are showing signs of damage. Both in the OP link, and the French E-bay one. Bod
  9. It's reappeared in France. Same serial number. Bod
  10. very clean, shame about the handle hinges, don't seem to be the same quality. Bod
  11. All in all, you have a good basis for "tinkering" and learning a lot from this clock. It's not worth a huge amount, as a fake, providing it runs better than 10 mins gain per day, once you have cleaned/lubed, and improved the ratchet lever and spring, you will have learnt a great deal. Happy tinkering! Bod
  12. Interesting, I have a clock with the same case. Mine is an Anvil brand, made by the Perivale Clock company of London. Going by your inscription about the same age, early/mid 1930's. Bod
  13. The watch was found whilst clearing my late fathers house, I'd never seen it before, and have no idea how he got it, or when. The 1890 date doesn't tie in with any family history, a mystery. I have now had the works out of the case, absolutely clean inside, no dust or fluff, the winding mechanism appears to be between the dial and main frame, way beyond my skill at present. Are there any good books for the repair of this type of watch? Bod
  14. Front bezel popped off, using a little pressure on the movement from the back. Movement came out freely, all very clean, no dust or fluff. Could not see anything that looked wrong, the winding mechanism appears to be mainly between the main frame and dial. Way beyond my skill set/pay scale! Is this watch worth being set away? Or is it only worth the scrap value of the silver case? Bod
  15. Bod

    Ebay again

    The E-bay one has quite a useless bevel gear, for some reason, the rest looks solidly made, wonder what it came from? Bod
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