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  2. Can anyone tell me the correct size (length and diameter) or send me a link for the correct spring bar size for a Rolex Daytona? I just want to double check before i end up with a mountain of redundant spring bars from Cousins. Thanks
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  4. Welcome, prepare yourself for some late nights reading and watching....enjoy
  5. the 532 was limited production for the military, only a few thousand pieces made, and they were only made for the marines with the white dial. If you google search USMC elgin 532 you will see it. I have seen black dial versions but I believe they were for civilian use. The watch was quickly replaced with the 539 since the 532 was a non hacking movement. The 539/ and other A-11 movements started the whole military hacking movement wave. It has since been the standard for any military watch.
  6. if you have the main spring out, lube it. it will transfur to the barrel wall. vin
  7. welcome to the watch factory. vin
  8. Right, even parts to the bracelette, Damaged bracelette on mine, I am not going to pay an arm and a leg.
  9. My bad photographic composition makes it look that way. If its not wide enough, then I'll have to do that piece over.
  10. There are multiple layers and in different stains. I'll be trying to emulate the original as best I can. You can see what it should look like here: https://cherrytreetoys.com/black-forest-clock-plan/
  11. There are many technical reviews on the net for Seiko Spring Drive. I recall a very good one with detailed pictures which was done at an American horological academy few years ago, you should be able to find it with Google. The reason why there are no repair or service articles is that by one side the owners are unwilling to give the watch to anyone but Seiko, and on the other hand even competent watchmaker are unwilling to touch these, as they are unfamiliar with them and would not get parts from Seiko. In fact even Seiko service centers anywhere In the world will send to Japan the Grand Seiko, Credor or Spring Drive models given to them for service or repair.
  12. Problem fixed it was the leaver I have marked with the blue circle had slipped on to shaft, this in turn put the lever with the purple arrow too low and was fouling the hour stop pin. I have adjusted and added a touch of loctite to make sure it now works a treat.
  13. They are lovely clocks, but my OCB does not like the winding arbors at different height from each other. I'm interested to read what you get back from the high end seller.
  14. I haven't heard any, but if you use Ebay -> Advanced search -> https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=watch+mainspring+winder&LH_PrefLoc=2&_ftrt=901&_sop=15&_dmd=1&_osacat=0&_ipg=200&_ftrv=1&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=watch+mainspring+winder+-covers&_sacat=0 Then figure out how loud you want the bird to cheep, and put in your price range, I'm sure you will get something. However I feel we are hijacking this thread somewhat.
  15. It looks like you already have gotten the help you need, but I am interested to hear about this movement as I was not aware of it as its not mentioned in any of my reference books of Elgin wristwatches used by the military. I have in the post coming a small collection of NOS parts for Elgin 580 and 554 military watches, and will now need to keep an eye out for a 532 too. I'm only really just starting to learn about American military watches, but already have a small collection of American military aircraft clocks and one naval deck clock
  16. They do, I was sorely tempted by a bright green repainted dial one a while ago but managed to resist. Dials a bit dirty and the lume is old but I like it, looks nicer close up in person than on a picture.
  17. "Then Mrs Me walked in and said " are you looking for clues" anyway it's called CHICKS and I have never heard of it ! " Luck you didn't say you were looking for your chick's bits which had just disappeared under the table. I suspect you would be sleeping in the dog house if you had.
  18. I was hoping to see some repair videos, or movement reviews on this variety of watch movement, however, I can't seem to find any here. Youtube does have one build video of these watches by a factory rep in a jewelry store.
  19. I am after a decent set of second hand main spring winders at a reasonable price. If anyone hears of a set sounding like a bird please let me know. Cheers .
  20. Thanks Andy, that was a good read, I have just bought a timegrapher "Weishi 1900" in preparation for Mark's courses that I have just enrolled in. The manual is awful !
  21. Is there anything WRT members can,t do? Barracuda should have know better.
  22. I couldn,t find on ranfft, the caliber sasswatch talked about , didn,t know see the looks of it. I have around fifty movements of this design made by fhf , in fact most any producer made this design. Have worked on many. @Marc you are right about the spring and center second, in case of improper oiling, even if it runs good now, it may anytime impede the movement. Everytime I removed the min wheel, the wheel fell off couple of months later. Proper tooling and skill is a must.
  23. It looks original. Far too many Allwyns end up en-frankenized.
  24. A nice example of the Chinese standard movement, and quite well finished. It will probably perform well on the time grapher following a quick clean/service/regulate and adjust.
  25. Barracuda caught in Thailand March 2019 Island Kho Muk
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