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  3. I am looking for a camera with a macro function to photograph my work. I had a 18 or 20 megapixel Sony point and shoot that worked great for super close pics, but lost it in a fire. Dont remember the model but it was a pocket sized camera I could zoom and focus on pallet stones with excellent definition. It was less than $200 US. Now I can’t find a camera that will do the job for less than $500 Any suggestions?
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  5. I have a small confession. I "fixed" it after that picture was taken, by carefully carving the notches back in to the brass with a sharp knife. It looks and winds a whole lot better, but yes, the real fix would be to replace the crown. The wear to the crown and the plating suggests this is a well used watch, so the results of the service are all the more impressive. Edit: The crown carving was done by removing the crown and stem assembly and grabbing its shaft in my rechargeable drill's chuck, then cutting in to the surface with a sharp modeling knife blade. The original notches were barely visible, so some good light and a steady hand were needed. The result is vastly improved in terms of both looks and function, but a new crown would be the correct solution to the problem.
  6. Ebay (or AliX for new items only) are definitely your friends, be it for a new watch build, parts or restoration project without the hassle of driving around just to find that IF there was something interesting for a good price it has been taken already. Watch this video by our host Mark Lovick and consider enrolling the online course for a complete, gradual education and certification.
  7. Naptha is just another name for (basically) spark-ignition engine fuel, petroleum ether, refined gasoline, benzine (NOT benzene), Shellite, and more. The issue with lighter fluid is that to make it more friendly to the smoker and longer lasting it contains various undeclared additives, which lessen effectiveness and introduce residues. No surprise as it's formulated to burn, not to clean. A proper replacement of guaranteed purity is cheap and easily available (petroleum ether on Ebay UK, other names in other countries, but there you have it, still see it recommended as it was 80 years ago.
  8. Just for the record, with a little work, and a relatively unworn movement, you should expect pretty good results with these old Timexes. This is from this 1976 - burgundy to black shaded dial, hexagonal bodied Marlin. Following the initial clean, and a general lubrication of the various pivots and points indicated in the Timex service manual this is the result. Not bad, but we can do better. This is the same watch following some carefully targeted, delicate cleaning and lubrication of the V-Conic bearing and the pallet wheel and fork pins. (Ignore the low level noise in the graph, that is coming from the fan in my laptop). As you can see we have improved the rate (which now varies between -7 and -11 both dial down and dial up) the amplitude, and the beat error. Nothing has been done to the relative position of the balance spring. No hair spring massage, nothing like that. The improvements are entirely down to ensuring that all of the surfaces are spotlessly clean and adequately, but not overly lubricated. Admittedly this isn't quite COSC standard, but not far off, and probably a lot better than you might have been lead to believe that these calibers can manage. I will also concede that not all of the movements I have been tinkering with are quite as good, but this is the sort of result you should be aiming for, and most of the ones that I have got working well, will be close to this level. Some you find will be so badly worn that they will struggle to remain stable, but if the movement is in good working order and if serviced well, it should keep good time, even if it is 40 plus years old.
  9. I think these are called 10/00 and there is another type 9/00 which is even more specialized. At about €150 and €300 respectively one wonders if there is an alternative. Personally I wouldn't even know how to use them.
  10. The jaws (anvil and spindle officially) are notched, and fine (thin). The notches allow easy measuring between shoulders on an arbor. The table allows setting parts down like jewels and checking diameters. On a staff with a broken pivot you can get the staff between the jaws (and on thd table, using tweezers) and visualize the needed extra usually within 3-4 hundredths. I have a bunch of mics, handheld, vertical, horizontal. I use the handheld the most, then horizontal, then vertical. I wouldn't be without any of them.
  11. These. https://www.hswalsh.com/product/dumont®-00-tweezers-curve-breguet-hairsprings-ht101-10-00
  12. Does it matter that Ronsonol, having been acquired by Zippo, seems to not contain Naphta anymore? There is now no mention of "Naphta" anywhere on the bottle. It only says "Contains Light Petroleum Destillate". Does the new product work as well as the old one did?
  13. You can have a look at the excellent videos by our Host Mark Lovick. In case you didn't know he offers an HD online course to gradually bring any watch repair amateur to a next level.
  14. The movement runs great, accurate and straight line with strong amplitude. I haven't operated with the 3135 before and its hacking mechanism is totally strange for me.
  15. You mean these? https://www.dumonttweezers.com/Tweezer/Tweezer/446 Seem to me they are too thick for HS manipulation. Normally type 5 is recommended. https://www.dumonttweezers.com/Tweezer/Tweezer/469 I would be curious if specific HS forming tweezers are made new. Never seen them available.
  16. Thanks JDM the video is fascinating, the high definition course sounds intriguing I will be checking that out for sure.
  17. Yes, certainly the problem is in that area. I think you're on the right path to fix it yourself, maybe hone your skills a little more before undertaking this repair and service. In the meanwhile you can watch videos by our Host Mark Lovick, and why not, enroll in the High Definition online course.
  18. Hi Dave Welcome to WRT forum.
  19. Thank you for the quick response, I have worked on Miyota - 9100 and cleaned a few ETA-2824-2, but never a Selita SW-500 im thinking maybe the position of the setting pinion or the setting lever..
  20. Something is wrong with the setting lever and related parts, it needs to be taken apart and inspected. If you never worked on watch movements, have the skills and required tools before I strongly recommend that you give it to a watchmaker and do not try yourself as it's a valuable piece.
  21. First of all thank you both watchweasol and Nucejoe for your help. Especially for the provided tech manual. I managed to get the battery out. As watchweasol supposed the battery and the contact are both corroded. Thats why I think putting a new battery in this movement is not necessary anymore. Please correct me if I´m wrong. I attached a picture. Also I identified the movement. It´s a miyota 2105. Which may be a bit more difficoult for a first-timer to swap because of it´s day-date function. Anyway I am going to try my best. Again thanks for the help. Cheers, Daniel
  22. Hello Everyone currently working on a Tag Heuer Calibre 16 I picked up from an estate sale. The movement is a Selita SW-500 automatic very similar to the Valjoux 7750. Cant get the crown to pull out to position 3 to set time. It will wind properly in position 1 and change day and date when pulled to position 2 but will not pull out any further to set time to position 3 any thoughts ? Thank you.
  23. I don't know if that's technically possible, but how many years have passed since the last service? What's the pattern on timegrapher? These two factors could motivate giving a full service (which will increase the life of the mov't), instead of attempting partial repair, which is rarely advisable.
  24. My name is Dave from Rhode Island and for the past several years I have developed a passion for watch repairs and building.I found this forum and have learned a lot. Currently working on a watch I picked up from an estate sale. The movement is a Selita SW-500 automatic very similar to the Valjoux 7750. Cant get the crow to pull out to position 3 to set time. It will wind properly and change day and date when pulled to position 2 but will not pull out any further to set time, any thoughts ?
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