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New memebr from El Paso, Texas


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Hello all,


I've been lurking here long enough, I suppose, and figured it was time I made an account. I've always had an interest in watches and only in the past couple of years have I dedicated time to learning more about their construction and history. Lately, I've focused on cleaning and repair and just putting time in to working on them and replacing broken parts. It's a piecemeal hobby at the moment and I'm acquiring tools as I need them. Used tools for the specialty ones and new for the common ones. As for the watches I own, I started with Bulova pocket watches circa 1920-40's and then started buying some Elgin, Illinois, and Waltham case-less pocket watches. I love those old movements. In the grand scheme of quality, smooth running pieces, I'm not certain where all of them reside, but that part doesn't mean as much to me as the history of a 100-year old machine that can still tell the time. I'll eventually post some images of my movements.

Eventually, I'd like to case them into milled wristwatch cases so I can keep them in use. That will be a ways away, but that's fine. I'm looking forward to interacting with the members of this board. There's a great 'for the common good' vibe that seems to be systemic throughout the horological world. Thanks for your time.

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