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Hello, I bought this watch for my son in 2011 and have no information left on it. It has been lying in a box for a number of years when the battery died. Anyone know anything about the model? The brand?




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Hello and welcome. It looks like Pryngeps is an Italian brand and according to their web catalog uses Miyota movements in their quartz watches, although the CR567 isn't specifically listed. The best way to determine this is to open the back and look at the battery and movement.

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Preface: this isn't to be a nitpicker, just for future reference and the benefit of all


On a forum like this, using a topic title that is descriptive is really important. For two reasons:


-it aids when searching the forum for similar issues down the road

-it aids other forum members who maybe have insightful info to click it and help, and other members who aren't the least bit interested from reading about something where they have no input to give.


I realize as a newcomer it would be hard to know how to title something, but in this case, for example, instead of "QUESTION", which most posts are, you could say,"Unkown battery operated watch need help". Everyone with zero knowledge of electric/electronic watches will avoid (unless curious), those with a proclivity will check it out.

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