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Hi what you have got is a Swiss/French five bar cylinder movement. The likelihood of getting a balance spring is remote. On the other hand you could get a spring and have it vibrated to match the movement ( expensive if you don’t have the tools) even getting a donor won’t be easy. ThT leaves us with repairing what we have got, again not easy without the tools.

The word Geneve would lead me to think Swiss.

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10 hours ago, Nucejoe said:

The regulator arm is missing. 

 What is the diameter of the movement ?    Also a top and side close up of the spiral is a good start.


Ok, let me know if these photos helps. 








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16 minutes ago, Nucejoe said:

You need a new spiral ( hairspring ).

We can go by the diameter of the movement to get an idea of the springs strength.


Do you also agree that the cylinder is broken? It seems that must be “something” in order to make less friction into the jewel…

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See, this movement is repairable, but not for a beginner. Most of the watchmakers who work on antique movements will not take it for repair, as work on cylinders is something forgotten long time ago.

The cylinder is not broken, but it's downside tampon is missing. The upside tampon condition is not seen on the pictures. The hairspring needs replacement, but this is not something that can be taken from a donor. From a donor is possible to use the hairspring/balance rim as a pair, with the cylinder from this watch, if the hole diameter of the donor balance is the same. As said, new hairspring can be vibrated with this balance, but proper blanc spiral must be present for this purpose.

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On 1/29/2024 at 12:08 PM, nevenbekriev said:

as work on cylinders is something forgotten long time ago.

what? What makes you think we need to have knowledge of cylinders to work on them here's a video as a perfect example of working on anything as long as you don't know what it is. At about the little past six minutes is the part that you really want to see his happiness is not what I would have at all I would be very unhappy if I disassembled a cylinder and had not remove the power prior to removing the balance. for those not familiar with the cylinder you always take the power off before you remove the balance wheel because when it's spinning like that if the balance wheel moves back in place pivots will break off. But nothing bad happened so no knowledge is actually required at all. Fact knowledge is bad because knowing how much damage he could've done would upset you not doing that would leave you happy


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