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Introducing Myself


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I'm a new recruit to the fascinating world of horology. It began with a friend dumping in my lap 133 watches that he bought from the Lost and Found of a local casino. 98% needed batteries but the rest were mechanical movements of various makes.

My former hobby as a younger man included automotive restoration work. Watch service and repair is a hobby much easier on my middle-aged back!

I self-educated during Covid by viewing many Youtube videos on watch restoration and became hooked.

My small shop includes a Bulova Watchmaster ultrasonic cleaner (which I refurbished), L & R ultrasonic cleaner for bracelets and cases, old lab stereoscope that I configured for watch inspection/repair, hand tools (tweezers, screwdrivers, holders, etc.) required to pursue service and repair. My current task on the bench is a Hamilton cal. 736 which is presenting a challenge (see posts), and a beautiful 40's Men's Wittnauer tank watch that needs a service.

Thank you to all who offered advice on the Hamilton, and thank you in advance to those willing to help this novice along the road.


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