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Which Clock Have You Got Coming In The Mail (or you are picking up)? Show Us !!!


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Yep they missed the decimal point.

Should be $0.653 rounded to $0.65

Stiill might be to much. I saw the ad and as soon as I read Winchester chimes, I knew it was a quartz movement. Then I just started laughing.

I should report the post on daylight robbery. Is that a thing?

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Hi Micheal. Ihave several quartz ones as well, bought for the domes all for less than a fiver. I find some of them interesting as there are different quartz movements that drive them. The problem is the quartz generation is dispised by many ,  but I look at it as a different generation and another invention in th time piece time line. I dare say when balances were first introduced there were many clock makers , pendulum , clock makers felt the same in stead of embracing the new technology and understanding it. If you remember your history with the Luddites breaking the water driven looms because of perceived job losses associated with the new technonlogy. Where would we be with thinking like that?. 

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I understand your thinking and I will fix a quartz movement if I have to. I do't have an isue with that. In fact, I rectified an issue in  a quartz clock that my daughter brought all the way from Sydney to Geelong for me to look at. Got it all going and it hasn't missed a beat since.

I just could not believe that asking price on eBay for the clock though. If someone pays that, then they just have too much money.

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