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Automatic assembly slips when winding

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I have a watch movement that I have hunting for a case for a long time now. I bought the movement rather cheaply as I absolutely love the patina on the dial. The movement is an Wittnauer 11arg (as 1361). When the rotor turns the automatic assembly slips (or maybe the mainspring). The pictured gear slips when the rotor turns. I can still wind the movement by hand however the automatic assembly slipping I believe causes the mainspring to unwind. Does anyone know what is wrong/ what I can do to remedy it?

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AS1361 a detached manual wind lets you wind through the crown, I am not sure if I understand you, Does it

- Wind fully?

- Winds to some point, like couple of turns of the crown, then discharges the barrel power?

The wheel you show is a reduction gear that intermediates the winder module and crown wheel. Does it slip?

You might ink mark any wheel you suspect, wind and abserve.

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So here is a proceedure for trouble shooting.

Ink mark the wheel you encircled or suspect, wind through the crown, until the ink mark does a 360degree. 

Do you see any broken teeth as the wheel turned 360d.   if not, the next suspect you have named is mainspring slipping, you can also ink mark any part of the barrel you have access to, wind through the crown, check if barrel keeps getting wound or slips,  if latter "slips" the ink mark will keep slipping back. 

Count and disclose the number of turns you wind the crown till it slips, its a  " sudden power discharge" you can't miss the sound of MS slipping, its certainly louder than ticking sound of escapement.

Usually you crack the barrel lid open, clean the barrel, check its walls, put breaking grease on barrel wall during routine service of the movement. 

Good luck

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Sometimes the reverser gears can get sticky or dirty and then not work properly- i.e. they spin like a normal gear, thereby allowing the mainspring to spin the rotor.

I see this a lot on the Chinese ETA 2824 clones, and it requires cleaning and either leaving dry, or lubing with oil diluted in solvent before reassembly. 

I don't know how this reverser system works so that may be of no value at all...

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