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  1. I put the coffee over the existing lume material to darken it. if it has a lot of sugar in it, it crystallizes on the metal and looks like corrosion.
  2. Okay. Sounds like both issues were addressed.
  3. If the tip of the seconds hand pinion broke off inside the original seconds hand, a new hand will not help completely- you will need to replace that seconds hand pinion as well, so the new hand has something to attach to. What did you end up doing to secure the dial?
  4. Maybe not the best choice to learn on, from a financial perspective... Based on what I've read here so far, I am also leaning toward the keyless works as the prime suspect. But, since the rapid run-down of the mainspring, I'd also be very suspect of the pivots on the escape wheel and pallet fork; as well as ensuring the escape wheel is planar (flat) after that explosion. It was suggested the watch be fully torn-down and ALL parts be carefully inspected, and I fully endorse that. It's great you want to do this "yourself", but at the end of the day, it's STILL going to have to go to someone
  5. No bueno. I had started re-writing what I could find elsewhere, so not much was recovered. Nowhere near the number of files that were on that drive.
  6. So, my external hard drive was just about full. It holds all my watchmaking files, from various makers, a lot of it no longer findable out on the net. Also, years of photos, including the raw magazine articles that were eventually published; all the support work for my BMW engine swap manual.. Literally like ten + years of research and collections, including lots of irreplaceable stuff. The driver/cause was a new external drive. The plan was to move all but the watch stuff over to the new drive, and take the old one home for use where I do my watch work. The new drive had a
  7. Yes, mine were well coated but cleaned up perfectly. I have every available stake with none broken (yet). if I could get that incabloc spring done I’d feel better about it but there is no way you are doing something like that without this tool.
  8. No problem! We have to look out for each other.
  9. That’s great! But, the next 5-minute job will take a week, not counting time waiting for parts to arrive... Ask me how I know.
  10. Not hard to open, with the right tools. Surprisingly, it is shower-proof. I’ll put on a proper 7030 tube and 704 crown for insurance. But it’s a nice knock-around watch to keep my nice ones, nice. To answer the question prior, that I missed, it uses the same die as a regular sub- 1680, 16610, and I assume the 116610 as well. This is an 116600 sea-dweller. The “deep sea sea-dweller” with the hoky “ring lock system” uses a larger die, which came in my set (and remains unused). The Tudor 9411 uses the size smaller, which I think also fits the datejust.
  11. I thought those were only suitable for use on a Panerai?
  12. Welcome Dave! Sounds like you have found your new virtual home.
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