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  1. Welcome! I can relate...
  2. That’s a very nice piece!
  3. Yeow! Nearly as heated as lubrication... As mentioned earlier, I use Ronsinol, because it has been used (good or bad) for decades. Maybe a century now? But, I think when I run out this time, I may give VM&P Naphtha a try. It is the “main” ingredient in Ronsinol, but extremely pure so as to avoid tinting of varnishes and paint when used as a thinner. Both are readily available, and the cost difference is negligible at the volumes I use. I get Ronsinol at Wal Mart and VM&P is at Home Depot. So both are convenient in an “emergency”. I also want to test with CRC Brakleen.
  4. I use Ronsinol (lighter fluid) for general cleaning and one dip for the hairspring and pallet fork. Often a final rinse with isopropyl alcohol is good to remove all traces of the Ronsinol, but I don’t always do that. Don’t get alcohol on the pallet fork, as it can soften the shellac. Only one dip on that and the hairspring. Like lubricants, there are a hundred answers...
  5. Just don’t get a “red” ranger, whatever you do!
  6. The supply houses should have generic springs I would think. They do like to fly so there must be spares somewhere.
  7. That should come straight off. You need to get between the case and bezel to separate them. But first I’ll say you should have a crystal gasket before you disassemble this. Often they are not reusable. They leak if revised in my experience. but, get between there with a heavy razor blade- like for a utility knife- and work around the case carefully. You can scratch things easily here if you are not careful. Once it’s open enough, get a case knife in the gap, possibly against the razor side to protect the top of the case, and pry it off as evenly as you can. Perh
  8. Just the end stone, or the one with the hole as well? end stone you can measure the bottom one, which should be the same, abs get a generic replacement. The shock spring you may have to get an assortment and hope one fits... unless another member has a spare.
  9. Let’s see a close up of the case side. I think you’ll need to remove the bezel and then the crystal and it’s gasket can come out.
  10. It’s a 7750 and the pushers are mounted to, and stay with, the case. You got it sorted. You might consider replacing the crown, pusher a d case back gaskets while it’s apart.
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