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  1. Well, then you are on the right path! No one will ever see the oscillating weight unless the movement is removed.
  2. An autopsy will be required under MICROSCOPE ... No timegrapher is needed. I do, thanks for asking. Sorry, I must block someone (just give me a second please). Thank you.
  3. Re health: DEAD You probably missed this part of my post - "not going to argue with you".
  4. NP. I had this dilemma with one fairly expensive watch that had 7753 movement. I could have (in theory) swapped the movement, but (BUT) one 7753 is not the same as "custom finished" another 7753. I ended up servicing it (excellent test of your patience). I think it was right decision as i definitely wanted to keep that watch original.
  5. I have not seen one "cover it all" print. Just various books, instructions in other than English languages. Not sure if i can post links from other forums here. Will send you a link via PM.
  6. It is important to read, learn, listen to what others recommend, but the final decision is yours, right? If it makes you happy - go for it.
  7. I would explain these options to your friend and ask him what is his preference. Some people try to keep their watches as original as possible. I am one of them. You can replace the movement, but you may only need a new balance assembly, stem (just an example), etc.
  8. Disagree. The sooner "beginner" will get a microscope, less damages will be done. Almost every beginner's story is about breaking something because "it's so small, i could not see it, i did not notice, etc). As for timegrapher - absolutely not necessary for beginners. It does not matter if your watch is gaining or loosing time as long as you successfully brought it back from dead by cleaning and oiling. Timegrapher is your next step, once you are at least able to fine-tune your watches by using regulator, and making many other fine adjustments, selecting right type of oil, etc. BTW, a simple t
  9. And don't forget that setting up your Watch Cleaning Machine requires some permanent space, accessories, and it takes time to prepare it, then clean it after cleaning watch parts, etc. Not sure if you are actually saving time. And also, what i do not like about WCMs & UT bath is that in some cases this way of cleaning removes a bit more than you would like to be removed... Like this black "ink" will be all gone.
  10. I would suggest to start with getting a microscope with ring light mounted to it. Then a few tools: screwdrivers (0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.00mm, 1.20mm at least), and some case openers. Also, you will need some storage containers to keep your parts safe. Make good notes while disassembling your watches: model / calibre, serial number, case ID, what is broken (mainspring, lost / broken parts, etc), take good pictures via microscope - will be easier to reassemble your watch if you forget what goes where, and research each watch calibre on-line.
  11. Didn't your watch come with some extra links when you purchased it new (if this is the case)?
  12. Two month! I am not worried now at all :-). What bothers me that some parcels that i ordered later, already arrived. Perhaps that "lost" one was picked for inspection and will arrive with extra bill to pay TAX, fees, import tax, you name it. It was not just a screw - there were more parts in the same parcel.
  13. Here is the real OUCH: i ordered 2708, which seems to be an identical screw, but slightly longer. Not a problem, i thought. I would simply adjust the length. Paid about 8GBP plus shipping and.. still waiting ... 30 days later.. Probably should say Goodbye by now.
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