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Very Rare "Mystery Dial"

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Clearly its the bargain of the century. I particularly like the crystal clear lettering on the transparent dial, and the limpid hands and ice like case is a master touch.
Now open your wallets everybody and repeat after me.. "Help your self!"

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    • Hey joe, thanks a lot for the advice and I will most definitely keep you and others in the loop. I really wish I could find a service manual for this watch, but what the heck. Do you know what old hippie meant when he said “Just be careful if you remove the wheel on that long pivot. If everything looks OK you might think about leaving it as it is” 
    • As with all indirectly driven min wheel, you wouldn't know about the jewel that min arbour (center seconds) runs through unless you take the min wheel off and inspect all its components under good magnifiction, then you run the risk of the wheel coming loose a few months after reassembly, even when you peen the hole on the minute wheel you can't be sure it stays put for long, when reassembled.  Oiling both sides of pinion on center second is a must and tricky task as the oil might run down on the pinion, lucky giving it an epilame coat helps a lot.  The piece is not ultra rare, yet one worthy of collection is pricy.  I do have some parts to it, so please keep us posted as to how it goes. Good luck. joe      
    • I use stock hands or aftermarket hands, depending on what I think looks good. I tend to use stock hands (with their awesome lumibrite) more, but sometimes I switch it up. I'd like to say that this is always an intentional choice, but sometimes I fumble the hand installation and break a factory hand. I've gotten way better at installing watch hands, but I'm still not perfect. I am considering purchasing a Horotec Watch Tool Hand Press after a particularly painful and expensive loss of a handset from a watch I really liked. I'll be posting separately on this. No plans for indices, lumed or unlumed, in the future ... other than the blued chapter rings I'm still working on. I need to recover my initial costs before buying the equipment I need to ensure a consistent blue, so the chapter rings are still paused. That'd be cool, but no way in heck I'm capable of that. I'll leave that to the pros. 😉 For whatever reason, I've never owned or desired to own a chronograph.  I spent a few hours photographing the watches I've built to date instead of grinding fordite dials over the weekend. I'd like to write a guide for watch photography for folks ... but I've still got a ton to learn.
    • That is a BFG866  - not too difficult to find, and I may even have a donor in my stash. I'd need to check. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Baumgartner_866 https://17jewels.info/movements/b/baumgartner/baumgartner-866/ Your version is the 17 Jewel Calendar version, but I think most parts are interchangeable between the different versions. Cousins have some parts. https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/bfg-movement-parts Cousins also have the service manual which will detail the differences between the different versions. https://www.cousinsuk.com/PDF/categories/2529_BFG 866,866.31.7.pdf More about BFG here. http://www.mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280&suchwort=Baumgartner&searchWhere=all#sucheMarker
    • It should be a standard train layout for an indirect-drive centre seconds. So, extended pivot on third wheel. Driving wheel mounted to that extended pivot. Centre-seconds pinion runs down hollow cannon pinion. Friction spring is there to create enough drag to get rid of "slop".
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