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  1. I travel for work so I can carry 50 watches with me but I can't drag around 50 clocks around.
  2. Sorry but I'm in the U.S.
  3. It's running but there is a part you can see in the photos that is no longer attached. I don't know what it is. I don't want the clock so if anyone wants a free clock it's there's.
  4. I have this clock that needs some love. If you would like it send me your address and I'll mail it to you.
  5. I take it to do this I have to remove the hair spring first. How are the pivots adjusted? I have a staking set but I have never used it.
  6. I got a Rolex for my wife last week. Best trade I ever made.
  7. The balance wheel is sitting too low and rubbing the escapement bridge. It has to be a worn stone or staff. My skill level is not there yet.
  8. Does the top and bottom stones look ok? How about the balance staff? Any one know who made it?
  9. I received this fully wound. Balance would move but seamed to be rubbing on the bottom. When I loosened the bridge screw the balance started to swing. I removed the balance the movement unwound and I don't see a pallet fork. Can any one tell me whats going on? I would also like to know who made it and what the movement is? Thanks.
  10. The 6 is upside down in the date window.
  11. My Sanyo could use a polish.
  12. I found 3 nos sets for $10 that would need to be lumed. Even though I can get new old looking lume you can always tell the difference between the hands and dial. There is also a large lot of Waltham hands $42 that look like there are a couple That would be a good match and then I would have a lifetime supply of Waltham hands.
  13. I have found some on eBay but none of them had lume on them so that I would have to try to relume matching the old lume and that never looks right.
  14. In a box of junk I found a little treasure. It's running well but I'm in need of a minute hand that matches. I'm not looking for new hands I want the patina. If you can help please message me. Thanks.
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