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  1. If he was a real Wizzard his watch would be working.
  2. Mine has always been tied to a credit card where they could charge me any fees. Now they want to be able to go into my bank account without me having any control? There are never any problems until there are problems and your fighting for 3 months to get your rent money back. Mabey I'm being paranoid but I never let anyone have access to my bank account.
  3. Thanks W.W. There is one of each so both will come in handy. I probably have another 6 non workers in a to do box somewhere that I'll probably get to 20 years from now.
  4. eBay has stopped letting me list new items for sale until I sign up for there new payment method. From what I understand they link to your bank account and if a auction goes wrong they can go into your bank account and take the money out of it. Am I miss understanding this? Does anyone else have a problem with this? Any help understanding the new rules would be appreciated.
  5. I have two Dynabeats that both tick when batteries are installed but hands are not moving. Is there an easy fix for this or do they go in the pile of watches to be taken apart and cleaned?
  6. I also may have one. Size please.
  7. The easy way to do it is to divide it up into groups and put it on eBay as an auction starting at $1. People will bid it up to what it is worth and then stop bidding. your items are sold and you know exactly what they are worth.
  8. That all makes perfect sense. I can't wait to get the parts in and try it. Thanks all I will keep you posted when parts arrive.
  9. BIG BIG thanks HLS. Because of your help I was able to find all three pieces on eBay for a total w/shipping of $146.50. I still need to find a gold second hand but I found a silver one that I could try to gold plate if a gold one doesn't pop up. Now if I can figure out where the new parts go I'll be all set. If anyone sees any other parts I'm missing or has any advice please let me know. Thanks.
  10. Can anyone tell me what gear is missing?
  11. I just got in a new plexiglass display case and thought it was a good time to share the progress of the collection. Some of the watches still need cleaning and crystals polished but all in good time.
  12. I found this at a yard sale out of the case with hands and dial already removed and some lose bits. I was able to find where the parts go but I'm missing a bridge screw and at least one gear. Does anyone have a tech sheet for this? How about a good spot to locate parts? Any general advice? The movement itself is running well -9 seconds 240 degrees 0.4 error.
  13. My plan is to send it to Watch Repairs USA unless one of you can DM me that you can do it or knows someone who can or a reason not to use Watch Repairs USA. Anyone?
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