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  1. I'm getting old. I didn't even see the number till I took out the loop. I guess it's a 74. Does the watch have a name?
  2. $20 total spent. Anyone have any info on the Timex? It's running good.
  3. Thanks. I didn't know if their was some special solution for Locktight.
  4. What is the proper way to remove the stem from the crown?
  5. That's a question for someone more advanced then me.
  6. Now I just need to shorten the stem and order a crystal. A flat one will fit but I'm thinking a low dome will look better.
  7. If I shave it down 1mm all around I think it will fit in this old fake rolex case.
  8. I was mistaken. Movement size is 32.40mm.
  9. I'm not onto pocket watches but I do have this 17 jewels Caravelle skeleton. I was thinking about buying a wrist watch case for it. Good idea or bad idea? Is it worth the time and money? Is it going to be too difficult for a novice? If you are wondering about my profile photo bike is mine girl is not.
  10. The band has been donated to a member.
  11. Found this in my box of bands. I seam to remember someone looking for a Timex band. If this is the one you are looking for let me know. I don't need it.
  12. How they repair bands is to drill out the links and install larger pins. YouTube has video of it being done.
  13. Thank you all. I think I found the case for it. I will put it aside and when I am more comfortable with simpler movements I'll try this one.
  14. I found this in a box of stuff. Since the movement does not have the Breitling name on it I'm assuming it's not a Breitling movement and that the dial is also fake. Can someone tell me if the dial and movement are from Breitling? What movement is it? Is the movement a good movement and should I build a watch around it? I'm interested in your advice on what to do with it. Thanks
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