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  1. I think I'll skip using it and buy a new set.
  2. I can really use some help finding a split stem and a tech sheet for a Hamilton front loader 620 ultathin. Thanks.
  3. So do you know what they are? They came in an old watchmakers bench I bought. I don't even know if they are for watchmakers.
  4. Test your sons watch with the Geiger counter to see if it safe. To get rid of the other watch give it to someone. If you don't want it many others do. Like I said send it to me.
  5. The first rule of watch repair is you don't talk about #5 and #8.
  6. I left the mouse damage because it has a little charm. I will replace the 2 broken pulleys and when I'm ready to use the lathe I'll clean ans polish moving surfaces but leave the rest alone. All tools shown came with the bench.
  7. I just popped the top of a beer. Congratulations. I'm celebrating with you.
  8. I just ordered a course on learning Cambodian.
  9. Thanks for your response. The holes for that are in front and behind the circle thing just out of the photos. I would guess something to help splice the belt but I don't know how that would work. I do have the foot pedal.
  10. My new bench cane with a lathe but the counter shaft has 2 broken wheels on it. Does anyone know where I could get replacements? Shaft is 6.75mm wheels are 102mm and 50mm. Wheels are 8.45mm thick. Lathe is a Moseley. What is the round thing with the trap door?
  11. This came in a box with the Watchmakers bench I just bought but I have no idea what it could be. Anyone have a guess??
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