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  1. This one needs a new balance staff. On the bottom of the back I think it's dated 45. Anyone know what the movement is? Anyone have a tech sheet on it? Thanks for helping.
  2. Thanks John. That makes sense. Where does one find a reversible sleeve?
  3. Are the screws for the dial? They vibrate out sometimes.
  4. My post got lost in weekend traffic. I still need help with this please.
  5. There are no other marks on the case.
  6. I'm missing the second half of the stem. Is it the same as the pocket watch version? What holds it in? Should there be a sleeve inside the neck? Thanks for your help.
  7. I'm in Milwaukee if you need any help.
  8. Face and hands can be replaced at any time but are only original once. Replace them and the value will drop. Nothing wrong with an old watch looking old.
  9. Your best choice is to put them on eBay.
  10. I just picked this up and was wondering if any one could help with the date, caliber, model number, or any history.
  11. This watch is running but week. I'm assuming that it's a split stem front loader but before I go prying I would like to conform that. Besides missing hands and crystal am I also missing a bezel?
  12. I think I'll skip using it and buy a new set.
  13. I can really use some help finding a split stem and a tech sheet for a Hamilton front loader 620 ultathin. Thanks.
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