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  1. You can also use a white lume and dip them in black coffee when they are dry to age them.
  2. love the dial. Tint your loom so that it looks aged. Not hard to do.
  3. That's what I need is Bob. I never tried Ofrei. I'll have to give them a try. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Supply houses might have a couple of parts you need then you go to another and get one or two things then a search of eBay and a call or two to friends and you still need a couple of things you can't find. You are spending hours looking up parts numbers. What I need is a professional parts shopper.
  5. Okay I really need one of you to start a company where I can just call you up and tell you all the watch parts I need and you run around like an idiot and try to find them. Let me know when your new company is up and running please. I have a long list.
  6. Can anyone help me find a tech sheet for a citizen 0200. I need to order a part and I need the part number. Thanks.
  7. Two new apprentices. How wonderful is that.
  8. I feel foolish but I can not figure out how to remove this inner bezel do to paint loss.
  9. Thanks guys. You are always a big help.
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