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  1. This is the $1 Hamilton I pulled out of the trash box.
  2. I was able to find quite a few watches yesterday at yard sales including 4 10k gold ones including this $5 Waltham 100 jewels. I thought I would be more impressed when I opened the back. I had to go through a box of trash to rescue a 10k Hamilton masterpiece that had its booklet case and outer box and just needed a battery. They threw it away because it had no strap. After finding it in the trash box they charged me $1 for it.
  3. Yesterday at a swap meet I picked up a nice Waltham AS 1802/03 for $10. It started ticking right away. Later I noticed only the second hand was moving. Setting the watch every thing works fine. Is this a loose cannon pinion problem or something else? Any thing to look out for when taking it apart?
  4. Manual states that gas is used as a rinse not as a cleaner.
  5. Thank you for your answer. So after it is all disassembled I use a staking set and just press it back in?
  6. I found this watch in an local online auction lot. As soon as I opened the back she sprang to life. I put her on the timegrapher and she was running fast. As I adjusted the arm she resisted and then broke free and went all the way to the - side. As soon as I tried to go back the arm popped off. Does anyone know how I reattach it?
  7. First you have my desk then my work bench. Next is my cleaning area and then my storage area. I have yet to fully take apart a movement and reassemble it but I think it's just nabout time to give it a try. From the photos you can see that I need a bigger monitor and more storage area.
  8. I need to order a new balance staff for this Waltham. I was able to look up serial # to date it to 1919 but could not find the caliber. Is this a split stem? Front load? Thanks.
  9. Much appreciate the help. You both have made it a lot easier for me.
  10. Can you help me identify these two movements? Both need balance staffs and the Waltham also needs a new dial.
  11. EBay has tons of them also cheep but they only tell you the size of the crown not the size of the stem they will fit.
  12. I'm looking on ebay for a genetic set of misc. replacement crowns to have on hand but all the kits seam to be for Quartz watches or they don't say what size stem they fit. Does any one have a suggestion on a nice kit that will fit the .09mm stems?
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