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  1. It's ok if that's how she self identified.
  2. Personally I would see if incabloc springs fit.
  3. The dial is too small for the case as well. I suspect the dial is one of the "nos" ones currently available married up with a Hodge podge of parts.
  4. 1920's manufacture with 1941 marked on the dial?
  5. Age guess? 1920 +/- 10 years.
  6. Mine has the bracelet it came with.marked speedmaster with a motorcycle helmet.
  7. 7A28-7040? Got one of those in Hong Kong back in '83.still have it.but it isn't running.
  8. It's pretty basic.You can treat it like any other type of metal.what is best is a subject of debate. But if it is a plain dial with no applied indexes I don't think you can go very wrong just wet sanding it with a very fine grit and spray painting it to the color of your choice. You can print out decals on your Inkjet printer.
  9. I look at this as an adjunct hobby.Truthfully we put a lot of work into these watches.To do what? Put some chee pass Wal-Mart strap on them? Even the old vostok in the photo deserves better than that! Why not make a strap tailored to your wrist and taste? It's not hard and it befits the time piece.
  10. Thanks guys.I just folded the leather in half.glued together with some black automotive silicone "Gasket snot" which is water proof and flexible. I used black nylon thread with a needle borrowed from my wife's sewing basket.cutting was done with a box cutter and a metal straight edge..if you measure twice and cut once you get a nice smooth edge
  11. Inspired by fellow forum member. I ordered some 4mm stictching chisels.Paired to a rough looking but good running vostok 2209 ,It is my first attempt at a stitched leather watch band..A bit rough,but so is the watch.Since it only has to fit me,simple snap fastener.
  12. My Grandmother always told me Coca Cola was not fit for human consumption, and that it was "paint remover" .I never saw her touch it or drink a drop of water. She lived to be 93.
  13. Watch seals are like timing chain guides.Looking at this , I would think that it is doable.The thing that scares me most is the screws. Rusty ones snap off real easy. How patient are you , and how deep are your pockets?
  14. I like a watch where you can tell the time from 50 yards away.
  15. I am vaguely familiar with the fidget spinner and am trying to envision your idea..help me out.
  16. I dont know about the ID of the coils but you could also cut sections , of oh say 12 AWG solid conductor wire and insert them inside the coils connecting the sections together.just so it's inserted for a few turns on each side. it will get hot.
  17. it looks like all the sections are still there . it's just a coil of nichrome wire.Form the ends so that you can hook the sections together, it will work. for how long is anybody's guess, all you need is continuity.
  18. OR , if you want to keep it mechanical, Maybe you need a new way of telling time. If you were to go with a four digit odometer type read out. May I suggest the following. First digit, The quarter of the day.A totally sightless person might lose track of whether it is AM or PM. So, 1 would be 00:00 through 05:59, 2 would be 06:00 through 11:59, 3 would be 12:00 through 17:59 , 4 would be 18:00 through 23:59 Second digit, The hour within that quarter. Third digit , The the tens digit of the minutes within the hour. fourth digit, the minute rounded off to an even number. This way the numbers on the indicators could be larger. while keeping accuracy acceptable. A readout of 1000 would be midnight. A readout of 2212 would be 8:12 AM A readout of 3522 would be would be 5:22 PM A readout of 4246 would be 8:46 PM Does This make any sense to anybody?
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