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    To mod or not

    Typical of a submarine sailor !People think you guys are crazy , but what they don't understand is that if you don't do everything exactly right everyone aboard ship dies from radiation poisoning. Bravo brother ! YD
  2. yankeedog

    Some new acquisitions!

    Not enough O's in OOOOOOOOH ,to describe your find.
  3. yankeedog

    Hello Im New Please Help

    It could also have a two piece stem. Not likely , but possible.if the button is for some reason not a stem release , you would have to remove the crystal and tilt the movement out.
  4. yankeedog

    1970 Timex Electric

    Hey Mo, Nice work. I just finished up one of those the other day. I wouldn't call it a restoration, I am a more of a clean and tube kind of guy.Thanks to you I have a new respect for the Timex. They are robust and simple, bottom line, they work.YD
  5. yankeedog

    Timex electric

    Picked this one up off the bay.It's really brain dead simple. A mechanical switch engaged and disengaged by the balance energizes a coil that is alternately repelled and attracted to a permanent magnet.no sophisticated electronic devices..If you have ever worked on a car with a points distributor or a vacuum tube radio ,this is the watch for you.
  6. yankeedog

    Timex electric

    I would tend to think so.Any mechanical switching device is going to have a finite life cycle. Everything else is pretty much as usual. Gears are small like in a quartz watch.I guess they don't have to handle the constant torque of a mainspring.The balance is very large in comparison to accommodate the magnetic coil. It is not a fragile watch..I have already unintentionally drop tested it on my kitchen floor. You also don't have to worry about a magnetized hair spring.I don't know about accuracy yet,but don't see why it shouldn't be in line with a decently made pin lever
  7. You have a sub second hand..is it my imagination or does that post look bent.
  8. You are right in the dirskie case backs.they are thinner...the metal used is about half as thick as an amphibia.
  9. The automatic and the manual wind vostok do have different case backs. The manual wind is flatter.the auto back sticks out more to accommodate the swing weight...they can be interchanged..but ......
  10. yankeedog

    seiko 66 lift angle?

    Anyone know it ?
  11. yankeedog

    seiko 66 lift angle?

  12. yankeedog

    broken mainspring

    well it was made by somebody... post pics front and back.
  13. yankeedog

    Hello from Georgia, USA

    Hey Georgia, Greetings from a Yankee refugee in North Carolina.
  14. My mind is a repository of useless information.
  15. yankeedog

    broken mainspring

    you can usually look them up according to the manufacturer and type of movement.
  16. yankeedog

    broken mainspring

    Busted is busted. Can't be repaired and can't be trusted. Time to spring for a new spring.
  17. It is a mass produced robot assembled movement.It is inexpensive and robust in design. It's mechanical oscillator, the balance wheel will never match the accuracy of a quartz crystal, ever.It will however run for decades and never need at battery.It sounds like it is running pretty close to design parameters to me.
  18. Any type of penetrating oil. I use liquid wrench, not because it is anything super special. They just happen to be located here in my home state of North Carolina.Galvanic corrosion can occur any time two dissimilar metals touch. One becomes the cathode, the other the Anode. A minute electrical electrical current occurs.The previous own Mr Hemanov did the watch no favors !
  19. Can you post a picture of the movement , is it a a 2234 ?
  20. I have purchased from meranom , and I didn't get robbed. As far as shortening vostok stems of this type, It is not practical to do.They have a clutch in them that allows you to screw the crown down. It's done at the factory ,all pressed together and about impossible to take apart.You really need to buy the correct stem from the gitgo. while the business end that engages the keyless works on all 24xx vostoks is the same and the threads on the case end like wise. the shafts differ in length depending on the case. while there may be some slight differences is case lots , from what I have observed parts interchange on vostoks is very good . they have kept the same dimensions for years.unless your watch has a 22xx movement in it I would think this would just be a matter of assembly.
  21. yankeedog

    New Timegrapher

    They are great.I got one for Christmas. Best invention since sliced bread.
  22. LC , you have the single most important tool anyone could ask for, a functional brain.
  23. You are right the parts listing is very limited under the komandirskie listings . However if you go back to the amphibia parts listing under crowns you will see two that should work ,one yellow and one silver metal for the komandirskie case The threaded tube is listed under amphibia spare parts.It is listed as being for amphibia cases. I am pretty sure it will work.I cannot say for sure as I have not used one. I can however tell you this, I have a komandirskie case , and I have an amphibia crown. and the crown screws right into the case The only reason why it does not work is that the stem is too long . a proper length stem and an amphibia tube should work. I cannot guarantee that it WILL work, but given the cost of the parts I would give it a shot.
  24. Meranom .you can get a brand new stem and threaded collar from them. Provided it is a 24xx movement.