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  1. We all learn from each other.welcome
  2. The difference between the two is pretty basic.in a capacitor you have two plates separated by an insulator called a dielectric.it will not allow direct current to pass and will simply store electrons until discharge..A battery or more correctly a voltaic cell is two dissimilar metals separated by an electrolyte which facilitates the flow of electrons.so a cell produces electricity while a capacitor does not.they are not totally dissimilar devices.but they are different.it seems to me that eco drive may just be a marketing ploy.where as previously mentioned something old was rebadged into something new and a need was created where one did not exist.
  3. I don't see a problem with oiling the pivots. if you lose a little amplitude, Is it a bad thing? I think there are two ways of looking a watch maintenance . While not being 100% mutually exclusive you can service a watch with longevity in mind or performance.just like any other mechanical device. Great amplitude looks nice , but it also, I think could contribute to faster wear. The more one surface moves against another, everything else being equal the more friction and wear and possibly greater fatigue on the hairspring. so if oiling these pivots reduces rotation, Is it a bad thing?
  4. thanks for all your input, but in this instance it was a case of negative luck.
  5. I own an ecodrive as well, had it for over twenty years. I don't wear it all the time. I just keep it on the window sill when it is not in use. I have never had to open it. As for the cell being a capacitor, I have to wonder what type it is. having been involved with electronics at various times in my careers, I have never seen one with such a long discharge period.I remember well being told to "beware the lightning that lurks in the undischarged capacitor, lest it cause thee to bounce upon the buttocks in a most untechnician like manner". I have seen capacitors that discharge in an instant. or as in tube radios a few seconds. looking at the size of the cell, i cant imagine that it would be more than a portion of a micro farad. I don't see how a capacitor of that size could contain a sufficient charge in to run a watch motor for months or even years. while a rechargeable battery could.
  6. Hey all, A friend of mine with a non functional citizen eco drive asked me to "take a look".So I did.To me it looks like a run of the mill quartz movement with a solar panel and a rechargeable battery.Of course it isn't listed as a battery, but rather as a "power cell" or "capacitor" which of course costs about 40 times as much as the standard watch battery it soooooo closely resembles.can anybody shed any light? pun intended.
  7. I have that same timegrapher, it resets to default of 52 degrees whenever you shut it down. You are probably going to have to live with this temperature problem. and yes hammering nails is not the best thing for a mechanical watch.
  8. not exactly... what I mean to say is this , the winding rotor produces torque. this torque is used the wind the mainspring. during the process of winding would not there be more rotational force transmitted to the the gear train accompanied by an temporary increase in rate? As I understand beat error, it is the difference in milliseconds between tick and tock, and that it is adjusted by centering the impulse jewel on the pallet fork, perfectly centered, no beat error.It seems to me that if the hairspring is lengthened or shortened, it would cause the jewel to move relative to the fork and induce a beat error.
  9. speedtimerkollektion. you could buy a whole watch with the same movement and swap your internals.
  10. Faster rate and smaller amplitude at higher temperature, check those lift angles, 52 and 53 as they will effect amplitude measurement. I don't think your hairspring is temperature affected.if it's effective length were changed by expansion or contraction it would show up in the beat error.Could it be that the action of self winding could be the culprit?could the force generated by the swing weight be imparting more torque,generating more speed?
  11. oils do change viscosity according to temperature..perhaps it has been over oiled?thin and runny at body temperature a little thicker at room temperature? Causing a drag.
  12. There are scads of old movements out there.back in the day they melted the cases down..you could put them in a stainless steel case.for wear on your wrist.as stated by milosbn
  13. the spring has to pull the pawl towards the gear so as to engage it under tension , and release during winding.
  14. I wonder if you could un glue them and swap their positions? you would then have an unworn jewel face in use.should be good for another 50 years.
  15. I absolutely love you guys.... since I have nothing to lose and it does not appear to be a "C" version I will have to attempt the swap. I will report back with the results.
  16. I have a 7s26 with a broken balance staff. I have a partial 7009 with a good one. the balance cocks do not interchange. Does anyone know if the balance /hairspring can be transplanted from the 7009 to the 7s26 balance cock ?
  17. I think your reasoning is sound. Personally I would be inclined to bend it in place, removed you would have no frame of reference and I think the tendency would be to over do . There would also be less of a chance for the part to disappear into the nap of your carpet.
  18. A more practical approach might be to replace the bridge.provided one could be found.
  19. I think the 2609 HA is an improvement over the 2609 that it replaced.Thanks to the mobile hairspring stud they can be brought into beat pretty easily.I think they are easily the equal of entry level jeweled Swiss movements. Raketa did shortchange the movement with poor cases. Dirt and water entry seem to be a pretty common problem.However, it is not impossible to put them in a vostok case which are decently sealed. I have been considering using an amphibia case for one of these movements . I think it would make an interesting watch.
  20. I have an older citizen quartz watch. I am impressed by the construction of the movement, it starts and stops.. I am working up the nerve to work on it. Previous attempts at working on quartz movements have not been very successful. Large hands and brittle plastic are not generally compatible.
  21. Regardless, something has to be done about that bushing. You aren't doing that movement any favors in running it that way. Egg shaped holes mean misaligned shafts, misaligned shafts mean misaligned gears, and a cascade of new problems.
  22. it takes a 24 cm strap?
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