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  1. New watches? Either they are so hideous that an alligator wouldn't eat one,or they are electronic toys that happen to tell the time.
  2. Yeah...you will never sell it. Some buffoon would only wear it to Jones beach.
  3. At a young age my father explained that swear words were actually incantations passed down to us from the druids ,they were only outlawed by the church because they worked. I suggest waiting until the full moon to adjust the stone.Or out of an abundance of caution until the autumnal equinox.
  4. All these movements work in similar ways..I don't think they reinvented the wheel when they built this one.it doesn't makes sense for the jewel to be recessed.you would have metal on metal friction.don't you think?
  5. I have read enough of your posts to think you have made a well reasoned call.I would try pressing it back through from the opposite side with a little oil and the flat of a screw driver.flush as previously mentioned.
  6. I have noticed that French makers often just printed their brand on a generic watch.For example I have a Pierre Chevelle gran sport 150 diver.I have seen this same watch with perhaps a dozen different brands on the dial. I agree with the prognosis.treat the dial very gently.don't get any finger prints on it.The Lorsa movement should respond well to service. As for the case..clean gently polish lightly and install new gaskets.
  7. It depends ..if you are looking for watches from the big players,bargains are sparse.If you are content to just have good running watches look at the off brands. 17 jewels or better,round crystal and stainless steel cases with screw down backs..buy intact complete watches whenever possible.you Will often be surprised to find that a watch that looks like it was pried out of the asphalt will have a spotless movement..the reverse is also true. Old caravelle watches came with horrid cases and very nice citizen movements. HMT watches have very sturdy cases . And a movement that will interchange directly with the caravelle.. lots of ways to have fun for not a lot of money.
  8. I just love the dual mainspring set up.lots of torque... I wonder,will the watch run on one?
  9. I have often noticed that engraved watches were several years at the time of engraving. Was it common practice,I wonder to offer free engraving to move old stock? Nice stuff btw.
  10. soak the part . mineral spirits , WD 40, something of that nature. It will loosen.
  11. I can just imagine all the little springs in that one.
  12. something like a washing machine , minus the plumbing.
  13. That's what I am thinking, Seiko, at the point in history when I think this watch was made it would have been most likely. A low cost , good quality option. Hamazawa is another possibility, but the case doesn't look tall enough.
  14. Could be, But usually there is some sort of indication when it is Swiss.It may be that the photo is too poor in quality. Perhaps a quartz crisis watch. Vendor trying to dupe the customer by omission.
  15. Listed as manual winding..no notation of jewel count or country that I could see. All stainless screw back case which usually means 17 jewels. A mystery..any ideas?
  16. I like it. I suppose you chose a different style of minute hand so that it would be immediately identifiable?for a person such as myself who needs reading glasses, this does make sense.you would not have to squint or put on your glasses to know which hand is which.
  17. Agreed. Not every month has the same number of days.The only month with exactly 28 days is February and then only 75% of the time.It would be rather pointless to incorporate the month into the clock work since it would have to be manually reset every month.
  18. Adam, I must admonish you! The question is not if, BUT WHEN you get it working , now my questions are ,do the day and the month advance when the time is set? Does the watch run at all ,even feebly ? if the answer to both these questions is yes , I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to get it going.
  19. This rather forlorn looking thing is a Waltham. The logo was so poorly printed that it washed right off when I cleaned the dial.It came with an AS1686 with a rusty keyless works,which I swapped out with one previously serviced.the spiedel band came with the watch it has a '63 production date. I had to remove 5 links. The previous owner must have been a pretty large man.
  20. interesting.I have never seen one.it appears complete.But I cannot confirm that it is. the only question I would have is the screw to the immediate left of the day dial.should there be some kind of a dog there ?the day month feature is very interesting . while it may not yet be runner these dials should , i think advance when you rotate the crown in the set position.I hope there is a quickset for the month!
  21. I have experimented with a few different things to clean hairsprings.automotive brake cleaner is a mixed bag.one can will leave residue yielding a sticky hair spring.while the next can will not.results with CRC QD electronic cleaner have been pretty consistent.
  22. oil or dirt on hairspring would be my first guess, or maybe a tiny fiber that touches intermittently
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