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Hello all. My name is Donald and I am very new to the watch repair arena. What got me here was my late fathers watch. I was told it could not be repaired because it was old and no parts could be located. I want his watch running again, so I figured I would learn and fix it myself. I also have a small collection of vintage pocket watches that need work. I want to learn how to maintain my own time pieces.

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The watch that brought me here is a Seiko 6119-6400. It was my dad’s watch and he was wearing it when he had a fatal accident at work. The watch struck the ground at the exact angle to break off the crown. I have a replacement stem and crown, but I have encountered the infamous Seiko stem release button stuck problem. I was able to remove the hands and the dual, but the duals for the day and date are looking a bit tough to figure out. This is where I can use all the help I can get. How to remove the inner duals and how to reset that button so I can reattach the stem and crown.

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