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My nan has recently passed away. One of the items she had, (presumably was my late grandads), is a fero watch.

I think it is from the 60s, 70s. 

Can anyone advise on its pedigree??

The watch is missing it's crown and stem so I do no know if it works. How do i find a crown and stem?

Does anyone know what type of strap would have been on the watch at the time?

I would really like to restore the watch so any advice would be very much appreciated.




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Found this on the Internet.

Within the Swiss watch industry, the Fero brand name and company goes back to before World War One, when Roger Ferner founded Féro & Cie in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in Switzerland. The brand name derives from the name of the founder, taking the first two initials of his two names (FErner Roger). Between the founding of the company and the late 1940s we have a gap in both the recorded history and extant pre watches branded Fero. Apparently, the Fero Watch Company did produce watches under other brand names - Ceneri, Farad, Ferio, Hello, Legation, Legation, Maloja, Pantheon and Tango - and it may be that some of these other names appear on pre-World War Two Fero & Cie watches. I would suggest though that throughout the history of the company, both pre- and post-World war Two, the brand designation in the vast majority of watches was Fero, with or without the name Feldmann depending partly on the date of the watch.

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As for the stem and crown, the manufacturer of the movement must be determined as well as it's caliber (or type).if you could remove the back and take a very clear in focus picture we could help you determine this.A cell phone camera would be fine . Lay your phone on an inverted coffee cup, this will steady the camera and eliminate shake. Strap? most likely leather, or a facsimile thereof.

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