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Hello Horologists!

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Hello - I would like to introduce myself:  I am live in New York, and recently decided to fix my Omega Seamaster bracelet rather than send it back to Switzerland.  I bought a replica clasp but ended up using it as a guide for fixing the original clasp.  The result was beautiful.  From there it was a rabbit hole of researching watches and movements.  I visited the replica watch world, bought some cheap chinese replica watches and movements to disassemble (largely now destroyed by my efforts).  I have gained some skills but am humbled by the amount there is to learn.  I fixed up my grandfather's mechanic's tool chest to house my growing set of tools.  Now I have a visit with this memento from the past every time I work on my new hobby.  I have been visiting some flea markets looking for new projects.   Interestingly, my time spent among the replica geeks has provided some valuable insight in spotting fakes being passed off as real in several New York flea markets.  It all adds to the excitement of the hobby with questions that range from the theoretical: what is genuine what is not, what is valuable, or what is overvalued?  To the interpersonal: who is trustworthy, who is knowledgeable?   And to the technical: Where can I buy that incablok spring I just broke?  What is the best substitute for D5?    This is all pretty exciting to me.

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