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I've polished this way by hand a couple of times, starting first with 600 grit sand paper, then moving finer towards 2400 grit, and finally cerium oxide worked into a paste. This took a great deal of time by hand (with a wheel I'm sure it would be a lot quicker) and I would only do it again if very stuck. Some of the deeper scratches I just gave up on removing.

Polishing acrylic crystals is so much more satisfying, and Sensodyne toothpaste is a lot nicer to work with than cerium oxide paste ;)


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Cheers for the info mate, I’ve got a Fashion watch ( Gucci 1500L ) that I picked up for a steal. I have a replacement crystal from cousins 20mm x 9mm flat rectangular, got the size from esslinger (220x090) so fingers crossed the Stern Kreuz one will fit if the polishing doesn’t work. As for the bracelet and case that’s getting the good news with stainless cutting compound then polishing compound after. All getting done with the dremel so hopefuly all goes well.

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Nice mate, I started this evening with the dremel, it’s nice and shiney but there are a couple of deeper scratches that I don’t think will come out.

so I think I will be getting a new one, as you can see esslinger stock them, I’ve done a product request through cousins as he sternkruez one I bought is too big.



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    • Hi guys, I have a problem setting the time with this watch. The first time around, the minute hand goes around ok, the second time it stops at around 10 to and wont go backwards or forwards. It just sticks there. If I push the crown back in the watch works fine and when the minute hand gets past this point, I can then pull out the crown and move the hands again.  Can anyone shed some light on this?
    • If you are in no hurry I could stripp one keyless down and make a small tutorial of it.  I seldom use the Moebius 8000 anymore but put it on at request   If one would buy some luricants and don't bother  about the mainspring it would be a setup like this.. Fine oil Moebius 9010 - On the escapement parts (It's here you can use Moebius 8000) Thick oil Moebius HP-1300 On the most other parts which needs to be lubricated  Grease Moebius 9504 Like on the winding pinion and so on.. Special for pallet stones Moebius 9415.  
    • Okay, I made a bit of time to get this project moving forward, it may take me a year at this rate. I had to get another cylinder as the original had all the pins bent. As you would expect nothing fits, therefore I had to bush the new cylinder to fit the shaft. I also had time to polish the fly and rebush it. A note, I added a photo of getting it level for those new to clock repair (horizontal and vertical) as these are long pins and if off a bit forget about them working smoothly. 
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
    • A faceted crystal has ..faces but not a lip. Seiko did not use glue often, and the crystal will not leave by pushing with a thumb. Fortunately, Seiko helps watch repairers by classifying and documenting the case construction, here we have an "A" as stamped on the case back. Attached the guide. A good discussion is at https://www.plus9time.com/seiko-case-back-information BTW, I recommend the OP to use the "Watch Repairs Help & Advice" section when it's repair question like this. One advantage is that there answers can be rated and marked as resolving.   1982.03 Seiko Case Servicing Guide.pdf
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