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  1. I lost the driver cannon pinion in my clone 7750. I ordered a Swiss one, before I read that a Swiss one wouldn't work on a Chinese clone. I could not find out why until I received it. So just to let everyone know why it won't work is, the hole is to big on the Swiss one. The gear meshes perfectly though. So if the hole was right size it would work. If anyone knows where to get one for a Chinese clone, please let me know.
  2. Hello, I am a self admitted watch hack. I've been buying watches off the bay for 18 years. I search vintage watches under $40.00 every day. I can do everything you can do without a staking machine. I have over 800 watches, with the average purchase price of $15.00. I'm a, spin it down in lighter fluid, oil it, and your good to go type of watch hack. I would never touch a watch worth over $500.00. I like to replace stems, replace and polish crystals, main springs, hands, and I have painted dials with spry can, then scrape off the numbers with an exacto knife under a microscope. I may start to sell them when I retire. I like to restore diver watches (one jewel wonders) from the early 70's. I'm just now starting to build asian 7750 chronographs, if I can find a good looking cases. I'll post some pictures when I learn how to.
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