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  1. Can anyone clarify if this is a genuine or conversion? I'm thinking of buying it..... serial number 1-714271 M9 I have no reason to doubt the seller, it all seems legit but someone might say otherwise! Lee
  2. I can remember my father telling me why he never wore rings at work. He was a turbine engineer and obviously working around serious electricity. He said he saw a guy lose two fingers when electricity arced through his rings. I don't know which fingers they were, hopefully he could still make a victory sign or whatever. I am in the process of making a variable power supply for use when testing accutrons. Converting a schematic to use on a linear board - such fun. Luckily someone posted the schematic on an accutron site so here's hoping I get it right. Really interesting post svorkoetter.
  3. I have a feeling that it is going to be special - perhaps guided tours with free watch repairing advice and an inspirational video of the dismantling of a genuine clockwork watch, (Accutron 11ANACB would be outstanding) and on departure a free bottle of Moebius oil - ok it would have to be £50.00 a head but oddly enough a lot of us would probably pay ! Ps I used really BIG tiles and got the floor done quite quickly for me - mainly because the adhesive was the flexible fast drying stuff. Don't forget when you knack up a tile you throw it on the floor swear loudly and continuously and stamp your feet, then turn round and find your wife just about rolling on the floor laughing at you - that's the problem with a 62 year old body with a 10 year old brain.
  4. Hello Adam, Welcome to the forum. I had some experience of problems with local watch repairs when I took an old Tissot my late mother had given me to get it fixed. To cut a long story short I ended up fixing it myself and developed the "Bug". I personally decided to restrict myself to two makes under the mistaken premise that It would be easier to learn about two vintage types, Tissot and Bulova. Little did I know that there are loads of different movements under each brand name and Bulova in particular is a peculiar animal, especially on the Accutron side of things. I do sometimes get caught up in it, and though I have refrained from buying new (old ) watches to make up a collection, the temptation is immense. All the tools are wonderful things and my addiction is to the old tools for Bulova's. I am however happy with my new hobby and I am sure that you will enjoy it. There is nothing quite like a good repair job even if you find yourself cursing while you work. There are some wise heads in the forum that have helped me out. Cheers, Vic
  5. Welcome home Vic, I can see you becoming our resident Accutron specialist! That book was an excellent buy.
  6. Back in Geordieland but after being up and travelling for 33+ hours I am knackered. Bought far too much over there but got it all back unscathed including the boxed Accutron 700 tester. Bought loads of parts in radio shack to make a variable power supply to use in tandem with the tester - hope my brain still works.Also bought an old but mint copy of Practical Watch Repairing for $6.75 dollars (£4.22) so I will now sit in the chair and read it (code for snooze).
  7. Just thought I would add my thoughts. I have to say the combination of electronic and mechanical in the Accutron 214 and 218 elevates them to a different category whereby the skill needed to phase them due to an index wheel 2.4 mm wide with 320 teeth 0.01mm high, is quite testing. With the Spaceview you throw out the dial so the works can be visible. So as usual I seem to be straddling the fence again. I went into a jewellers in LA where I was advised that if an Accutron came in with a solid gold case it was most likely it would be scrapped for the gold. My Ancestors were making silver watches in the Georgian period and before but sad to say even the silver in the watch cases is now regarded to some Philistines as worth more than the skilful hand produced parts making up the movements so I appreciate where Lawson is coming from. In conclusion I suppose I am saying that I am happy to be in the company of people with varying opinions but all of whom have an appreciation for the tastes of others and who honour the skill and hard work of past and current watchmakers no matter what type of watch. My son wants me to sort out a mechanical Bulova self winder for him, got a working movement a while ago to play with, he does not wear a watch at present and tends to use his phone. Hopefully a convert. Back to the Uk in 2 days. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Hi, I've decided to take a couple of days vacation this week. After fixing a leaky bathtub faucet (some vacation) I started to work on a 7750 movement that I bought especially to practice on. I've worked on watches from Accutron 214 to Omegas and lots in between but never had enough confidence to tackle a chronograph. Bought this movement non-running. Got it going fairly quickly but as soon as I engaged the chronograph it quit. First question is was there one made that used dial screws to hold dial? The normal eta hooks are nowhere to be found. Movement is marked with eta logo as well as 7750, also a v2 mark(if I am remembering properly). Next question is does the big end of the oscillating pinion go in first- toward the dial? That's the way it was when I removed it but looking at the manual I have it seems to show it going the other way. I tried to put it back the way it was but that didn't go well. Sure won't sit up as nicely as one I saw in the video. Thanks, Charles K
  9. Managed to look through all the Bulova Accutron stuff I bought on ebay.com and had sent to my sons address and it will be good to start playing with it all when I get home. It is a bit of a crap shoot as to whether the coils on the forks are ok but I have a few to test out when I get home. Also a 214 for potential conversion to spaceview and I already have working coils as a couple of repair movements started humming when I put batteries in. The accutron meter / tester I bought (700 version) is in really good condition no cracks or scratches and it correctly rated an Accutron battery. Must try to stay off ebay as I am at my customs limit now. I have got a bit further down the dbals list yesterday Stone IPA at the Bubba Shrimp place complete with the touristy free 26 oz glass. Excellent brew quite hoppy and it seems quite strong as well, really tasty well rounded brown beer reminded me of Newcastle Amber Ale with a few extra hops thrown in. Managed to drive on the right side of the road all the way from San Fran to LA down highway 1 then 101 and didn't even hit anyone. Incredible how beautiful the coastline is. On a negative point whilst viewing the elephant seals I noticed my wife giving me some funny looks and later on she confessed to noticing some similarities. Bye for now, Vic Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Hello from La, Made it here but a bit zombiefied have not even sorted through my Accutron goodies purchased on eBay.com and sent to my son. Weirdly woke up at 6.00 am CA time but starting to flag a bit now. Off to San Francisco tomorrow. Will keep an eye open for second Hand stuff while here hoping to pick up more Accutron stuff. Also looking out for the odd micro brewery to try out their produce. Cheers to all
  11. Camra have three festivals in Newcastle. Spring, Summer and Winter but various Wetherspoons have something going on somewhere all the time so I can spend my 50p CAMRA tokens. Our main real ale festival is at Northumbria Uni and is massive - hundreds of beers. I have to say that I have had some good ales at the festivals but also one that tasted a bit like Covonia Cough Medicine - 11.5% and really overhopped to get rid of the sweetness needed for fermenting the beer to get the high proofage. Oddly I usually feel ok the next day but the after effects if you can call them that, due to consumption of lots of yeasty beer give my wife great cause for complaint - I am sure we have all been there, usually without gas masks cos we are real ale supping men. Off to the states soon to pick up a shed load of accutron goodies (including a tester) from EBay.com that I have had sent to my son in LA, will keep up to date on my IPad hopefully. Cheers Chaps
  12. As these Manuals are in the Public Domain I thought I would upload them. Hope they may be of use. Vich Accutron 218 service manual2.pdf Accutron218ServiceManual.pdf
  13. Hello Folks, I will have to broach the problems about the pawl finger and index finger at some stage but perhaps not quite yet. I have a 400x USB scope that allows me to look at them but I don't feel confident yet. The Accutron 214 and 218 service manuals are in the public domain so I expect that someone has uploaded them by now. Made my last purchase of spare parts today and eagerly await the booty to inspect. My son is amassing the items, parts and watches, I have bought in the USA and I wiil bring the stuff back with me. Thanks for the warm welcome, Vich
  14. Welcome Vich to the forums, Nice intro, and as Geo mentioned the Bulova accutron has an extremely delicate drive mechanism which I believe can only be seen or adjusted under a microscope, so be very careful. Watches can become addictive so keep a close eye on expenditure as it can easily run amok.
  15. Geo

    My Trio

    Hi Vich, that' a nice set of watches you've got there, I particularly like the Glycine! That is a well written introduction. You will find this forum friendly and most informative. It will be interesting to see if you can continue to limit your spend, I set out parameters in the beginning but these soon got blown out of the water! I don't know why, but it's is a very addictive business. You must keep us informed with the progress of your Accutron projects. I have a nice one myself, but it is one type of movement I will not interfere with due to the incredible sensitivity of the driving pallets.
  16. In the last month my treasured Tissot gave up the ghost, as it was a present from my mother I took it for repair where I found that the prices of repair locally (North East) were in the region of £120.00 and the jeweler/watch repair person advised that they would just replace the insides (ETA 955.112). I thought that was high and decided to research. To cut a long story short I purchased a new movement from Greece for £16.75 and then realised I could not replace it without removing the stem and crown. Thanks to the videos on You Tube I became aware of Mark Lovick and so with advice gained as you can see in the photo it is up and running. The Glycine was found by me as a teenager, broken and battered and discarded on the sea shore in Scotland and I picked it up and was about to send it skipping across the water but at a whim put it in my fishing tackle box. When sorting out my mothers estate and clearing the house 35 years later it resurfaced dried out but battered and I noticed the serial number on the back. To cut a long story short it was eventually sent to Glycine where it was serviced and was supposed to have a new crystal fitted but when returned I noticed that the crystal had just been polished ! I complained and it was sent back and they fitted a new crystal and returned it along with a complimentary Glycine leather watch strap - result. I have been looking for a practical hobby (other than DIY) since retiring and in my family history research I found that my 3 generations of my family were watchmakers originating Derbyshire - maybe it was a sign. I have been looking for a pocket watch by Benjamin Harlow (Lane End, Staffs) for a while and have had a casual interest in watches generally. After messing on with my Tissot I ended up watching more and more of Mark's videos and decided to have a shot at repairing for fun only. I decided to set a limit on the funds and started to think about what to do and somehow picked up an interest in Accutrons. In the end I eventually decided that I would only look at Tissot and Bulova. With my working background being in IT right back to the days when we used soldering irons I quite liked the idea of the "humming" Accutrons. Which finally brings me to the third watch, a recent acquisition because if I was going to mess round with them I should of course have a reasonable working example (at least that was my argument when I told my lovely Wife). I am building up a stock of Accutron stuff which is being sent to my son in LA and I will pick it up on holiday. I bougnt an accutron 218 movement on e bay for £23.00 and to my delight when i inserted the Accucell it started humming (even if the rest does not work - project 2) and it sounds identical to my watch so with that and the other stuff to pick up in LA, non working Accutrons 214 and 218, I will have loads to play with. I am reaching the end of the budget limit now with the purchase of all the tools etc it is quite expensive but judging by the posts and thanks to the interest engendered by watching Mark's videos it looks like fun. So basically I know nothing about watches, have no experience but I can research competently and follow quite complicated instructions - I have not joined a forum before and hope you bear with me and advise whether I inadvertently transgress protocols in some way. regards, Vich
  17. There cannot be too many working Bulova Accutrons around these days, so well worth keeping. Should you be interested there is a chapter on the Accutron in Donald de Carle's FBHI book "Practical watch repairing" with lots of information about them.
  18. nice... however, for an accutron, I have one but Bulova is not working since many years and I don't know what the problem and a oiece is missing. so i'm not hurray lol.. okay i'm gone :D
  19. Thanks gentlemen! As to expense, well, I won this fully serviced on owner watch for the princely sum of $300! When I look at whats new out there for that it makes this one seem somewhat of a bargain I think. I got a better movement than in my Accutron for Accutron money! The deals are out there if you keep searching and don't just jump on the first thing you see. The week before I saw a similar one though in not as good condition and with no fresh service and I nearly went for it until I did some research and realized it had the movement replaced for a standard ESA one. Nothing wrong with that in terms of functionality as apart from the copper plates they are identical movements to the Omega but it was not an Omega movement and it went for pretty much the same as this one!
  20. I have been on a bit of a roll of late with watches. In truth this past couple of months purchases equal what I have purchased in the last ten years! But you know what its like. We all have wish list watches that one day we hope to own it just so happens all but one of my wish list have all come up this past couple of months and all at prices I have felt comfortable spending. I can't believe this but I now have five watches winging their way to me including the one I won today which is coming from my old home country, the UK! I have an Accutron but have always loved where Omega and the other Swiss makes took that movement to and have wanted one for a long time. Yesterday I spied a mint Omega Geneve in gold plate with gold dial, barely a mark on the case and dial and hands as fresh as they day they left the factory in 1972. Add to that the movement has just been freshly serviced by someone with experience on working with these and that the seller included a new Omega calf band and gold tone buckle and you end up with a really lovely example that has plenty of life in it and is looking cosmetically great as well. I won't say what I won it for but suffice to say if I was that sort I could probably turn it around tomorrow an make a couple of hundred on it but this is a keeper! Here are a couple of pictures from the seller, more to come once it arrives! So there is this one on the way as well as a mint Seiko Lassale, The Fellow Chronograph, The Timex easy reader, The other Timex electric arrived this week so its going to seem like Christmas in the next couple of weeks!
  21. After thinking about autowinds "Timex" remark "Takes a licking but keeps on ticking!" I found this list below for most of the watches: A Alpha: "Telling time, since the beginning" Alpina- Official timepiece of the 12 Hours of Sebring 2009 Audemars Piguet- The Watch of Your Life B Ball Watch Company - Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions Ball (old) - "Carry a Ball and time them all." Benrus - "With a Benrus- any Benrus- you've got something better up your sleeve." Blancpain - "Since 1735, there has never been a quartz Blancpain watch. And there never will be. Blancpain - "Since 1735, there has never been a Blancpain with a black dial. And there never will be." Bovet- Only the best is good enough Bulova - Time Flies. Bulova Soars. Bulova (Accutron) - Who said seconds don't count? Bulova (Accutron) - They tell it like it is Bulova (Accutron) - Only a "freak" can be as accurate as Accutron C Citizen - "Beyond Precision" Citizen Eco-Drive - It's unstoppable. Just like the people who wear it. Chopard- Time, incomparably crafted Carl F. Bucherer - "Ahead of the times" Carl F. Bucherer - "For people who do not go with the times." Corum - "Unlock and Conquer" Casio - Casio. Technology for life. D Daniel Roth- Masterpieces in the art of watchmaking Doxa- the Original Orange Face Diver Watch Dubey & Schaldenbrand- What other watches? E Ebel - 'Architects of time.' Edouard Lauzieres - and time doesn't simply go by G Girard-Perregaux - "Watches for the few since 1791". H H - Hamilton The watch of railroad accuracy . I Invicta- smarter by the second IWC - 'The engineer of fine watchmaking.' . J Jaeger-LeCoultre- Have you ever worn a real watch? K L Longines- Elegance is an attitude M Movado- The Art of Time . O Omega Watches- "Quality that Last, till the end of Time" Omega - "Exact time for life." Officine Panerai - Panerai. Where ideas come to life. P Patek Philippe - “You never really own a Patek Philippe, you merely take care of it for the next generation.” R Rolex - "The crown of achievement." Rolex- A crown for every Achievement S Seiko - "Man invented time... Seiko perfected it" Swatch - Fashion that ticks T TAGHeuer- What are you made of? TAGHeuer-Swiss avant-garde since 1860 Timex - "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking." U Ulysse Nardin - "Swiss watch manufacturer since 1846" V Vacheron Constantin - "Do better when possible, and it's always possible" Vacheron Constantin- More than 250 years of continuous history Ventura- Design on time W Wempe: Show your true feelings (printed on the inside of their gift/display boxes) Z Zeno-Watch Basel: The Sky Is The Limit But could you come up with a better one..?? ;)
  22. nice omega..I have a bulova accutron that does not work but one day... may be
  23. I thought I would post a shot of my entire collection of watches and pocket watches. The picture is not great but hopefully it conveys what my ethos on collecting watches is which is diversity. I love all forms of horology and can get as passionate about my humble Timex easy reader as I can about my Air King for they all mean something different to me. I hope you like the watches and if you want to see better shots of any then let me know and I will post better pictures on this thread. So! Top row are: John Forrest Lever Fusee Sterling silver pocket watch made in 1894, Next to it an Omega Canadian market pocket watch in Nickel silver made in 1916 Main row left to right are: Archer Watches Sterling ( Hand made in Canada) Timex Easy Reader Bulova Accutron (1971) Rolex Air King (114200) Birks ( Canadian equivalent of Tiffany's or Mappin & Web) branded Fortis Manual wind (circa 1970's) Cathode Corner Nixie watch (As worn by Steve Wozniak of Apple Computers fame) Sekonda manual wind (made in the Poljot #1 factory Moscow late 1970's) Cartier Tank (mid 1970's) Bulova American Clipper (1937) Election Chronometer (Mid 1930's) And last but not least, Casio G shock mudman. Hope you like my humble collection. I get a huge amount of satisfaction wearing all of them and new or old they all get lots of wrist or pocket time! Thanks for looking.
  24. Hello everyone. Just introducing myself here and will post a picture of what I am wearing in the other section in a moment. Like many I bet I came here via Marks wonderful youtube channel which I love watching. I am British (grew up in Dawlish) but have lived in Vancouver Canada for the past 15 years though I am planning to return to live in Europe or the UK later this year. I have been fascinated by Horology since a nipper. My first watch was a wind up Timex given to me a a bribe by my older brother to be a paige boy at his wedding! :) The bug bit and bit hard. I was fascinated by the ticking sounds and how all those gears and springs could make something tell the time! Through the years I have owned all sorts of watches both mechanical and quartz. I have a fascination with HEQ Quartz watches and though I am currently selling it own one of the high accuracy Breitlings. My collection now is drifting more toward vintage which is why the Breitling is going. I am after a vintage gold Rolex from the Thirties which will be the top of the tree for me as far as my collecting goes. What I have currently is as follows.. Wristwatches.. Rolex Air King 114200 with silver dial ( I have gone through several modern Rolex but ended up with this one as it is understated and very comfortable to wear.) Archer Sterling. This is a beautiful hand made watch made by an excellent watchmaker here in Canada. Al the owner combines the ETA 6498 movement with a German made stainless case. This particular model has a Sterling silver dial (hence the name) heat blued hands and a lovely german calf strap. Al gets the high grade version of the movement from ETA then strips each one down and cleans it and lubricates it. Then regulates it to well within COSC standards. The whole watch is beautifully put together and feels so comfortable to wear. Bulova American Clipper (from 1937) Bulova Accutron (1970) Election Chronometer (mid 1930's) Sekonda manual wind ( I found this on eBay. It replaces the exact same model that was given to me for my 18th birthday which gave up the ghost many years ago!) Timex easy reader ( just a classic, simple quartz Timex and harks back to my very first watch!) Casio GShock Mudman. Pocket Watches.. 1916 Omega with a Regina movement made specially for the Canadian market. The movement though having a Regina name was in fact made by Omega and used I believe elusively for the Canadian market. What is unusual with mine is the Omega dial. Most that were sold either had the Regina name on the dial or the name of the jeweller who sold the watch. John Forrest Fusee. I am excited about this one, I have wanted an English watch for so long! Made in 1894, it should be here any day now . It is fully serviced and ready to go with only a few minor things that make it not perfect. I have to source an inner glass for it (it is a Sterling silver full hunter). The latch spring does not work and there is a chip on the sub dial. I got the watch though at an exceptional price and knowing all these issues. More important to me is that it has been fully serviced and even carries a one year guarantee on that which is great! It is a beast of a watch with a diameter of 56mm and 17mm depth. All original and matching case and movement numbers. So that is my current collection. I love every piece and have tried to have a diverse collection to suit my moods! Thanks so much for having me here and I look forward to participating more. All the best. Ian
  25. Another fine watch, America used to make quite a few, such as the Bulova Accutron, which was very advanced for it's time. RogerC
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