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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all It is more than 8 years that I water pressured test my Omega Seamaster Professional 300m and, as expected, it has a couple of leaks on the Helium valve and in one of the pushers, apart from the case tube that is very wore and needs replacement. I serviced the movement one year ago and all seems to be fine with it, but the case needs a good overall to all components. Omega Model: 2598.08.08 Inside the case back there are four codes (I'm assuming the first one is the case number??): - 178.0504 / 378.0504 / 175.0504 / 375.0504 I need the: - Mini gaskets for the crown (both inside the case tube and inside the crown), the two pushers and the helium valve - Back case gasket - Case tube Challenge for an amateur is, where do I get all the case parts?? Is there technical documentation from the case that I can check all Omega part codes for these? Is it possible to get the original part codes? or better look for generic parts? or assortments? Thanks in advance for any insight on what / where to look for!
  2. Hi all, If you've read my other posts you will know I'm new to watch repaires. I've just aquired an Omega Seamaster 166.003 case and seperated it into its component parts to give it an ultrasonic clean. Three parts went into the bath and four came out, the fourth being a flexible metalised ring, it looks like a metalised plastic of some sort. It isn't the case back gasket because I'd already removed it. The only place it fits is the movement clamp groove. What is it for? Photo attached I'm restoring another Seamaster which has the same casing and a 562 cal movement, and there was not a similar ring in that one.
  3. I absolutely love clean, clear and simple watches. Don't get me wrong, I do like a quirky watch as well. But this Omega is special to me as I purchased it from a customer just a few weeks into my apprenticeship. I did not know a heck of a lot about watches back then, being a 16 year old. But I knew Omega was a good brand because my boss had one and would not stop raving about them. A guy came in and offered this for sale and my boss was not around, so I offered him £20 for it (the glass was cracked and it was very scratched, the dial was badly stained and it had a scrappy leather strap and I was only earning £16.50/week) which was duly accepted - I was chuffed to bits. My boss later told me off big time as I was not supposed to do deals with customers (I think he was jealous as I know he would have bought it in a heartbeat). So I have had this for many years and would never part with it.
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