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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Benjamin Marn, I am a 20 year old college student who has been interested in horology for about 4 years now. I have since aspired to be an independent watchmaker, most likely as a hobby or a side gig but possibly as a full time career, assuming people appreciate the watches I would design and build. More immediately, I have been planning to make my own bespoke, finely finished watchmakers tools, everything from tweezers to mainspring winders, to jeweling and staking tools, as I am fortunate enough to have access to a 1934 South Bend lathe, a 40's LeBlond lathe,
  2. Pt III of III nothing special. I probably missed a ton of info and description. All errors belong to me.
  3. Was just given the three watches today (seen below) by a family member, all not running and all needing some cosmetic work. The Timex on the very right is a manual wind and it doesn’t work. This marks the first of my projects that isn’t a quartz movement that just needs a battery. I had been looking for an automatic or manual wind that isn’t running on eBay for my first service, but I hadn’t found one yet and I didn’t think I’d get one so soon. I’ve been thrown in the deep end. My tool collection so far: teezers (no.3 and no.5), case back opening kit, crystal press kit, movement hold
  4. Hello All, I'm wondering what tool is commonly used to manipulate the regulator arm? I've used everything from tweezers to a plastic stick used to help open up computers. My main issue is that all of the things I've used are risky for slippage and I find it incredibly hard to just nudge a little when you're really trying to dial in the timing. I would think there would be a special tool for this (there's a special tool for EVERYTHING), but I haven't managed to find such a tool if it exists. Today I made my own tool using an old broken spring bar tool that I reshaped that should make life
  5. Hi all Does anyone know of a video showing the adjustment of a Rolex using the latest micro stella tool?
  6. Hi all, I'm thinking about investing in the set of automatic oilers available from cousins. They cost about 200 quid with the VAT, that's obviously a lot of money so just wondered if any of you use them and are they worth the money?
  7. If this is inappropriate, please delete the post. I have an acquaintance who is closing his shop due to health after 43 years. He has a large quantity of parts, stems, crowns, crystals and all the paraphernalia one would accumulate after a long period in the business. He needs to liquidate his shop. This isn't a "Hey do you have a __ for a __." kind of post. We're talking serious stuff here. Mass quantities. If you need parts, equipment, etc. for your practice, please let me know. I will pass along his email contact to you. Obviously, this is useful primarily only to thos
  8. All, I am very nearsighted (between -6 and -7 in both eyes). With astigmatism. Now, in my late 50's I also have significant nearsightedness. I thought a flip up visor - which I could wear with my glasses would be best. I purchased an OptiVisor with a flip-down loupe. But not happy at all with the visual quality. I know you get what you pay for in optics. What is the best type of device for someone with old-bad eyes. I have never used a regular loupe - but thinking that may be the way to go. Any of you guys (or gals) have a reccomendation? -Paul
  9. Would it be interesting for this forum to set up a list where we could exchange things like parts and tools? I happen to have duplicate tools from my lot purchases, and feel that those could be better used. No money involved. Would that be feasible?
  10. Hi, I have a few bits and pieces, and clocks. And I am very interested in horology tips, conunundrms etc.
  11. Hi, Has anyone got one of these lathes?? if so are they any good for repairing pivots etc..I know they would not be any use for heavy work, but thought I would ask first.. Have a good weekend all.. Thanks Len
  12. Hi All, Thought id share this weeks tool purchase. My case cushion i've been using for a while now has become a bit worn and the cushion itself seems to have shrunk a little, leaving a gap between it and the base - so the odd screw or part disappears! So i thought id try one of these new Gel cushions from Bergeon, but as usual with anything Bergeon it wasn't cheap. Retails for about £26 including VAT (this is the larger one, there is a smaller for a few pounds less) but i have to say i'm really happy with it, so would recommend one.
  13. I got a nice surprise gift in the post from my aunt which she found at an auction, labelled "watchmaker's tool". Certainly looks attractive but I'm not sure what it is! My instinct is a staking set but as I've never seen or used one, I could be wrong, and my image searches don't throw up anything similar. Suggestions on another forum included a hole punch for watch straps or a sizing tool for jewels or caps. Can anyone help with the answer?
  14. Continued Creations Art's, Craft's, furniture and construction... I always considered adding watchmaker and jeweler but I lost sight in one eye. But I do have a few tool's that I don't know what they are or how to use them? So, thought I'd share and hopefully gain some knowledge. **** MODERATORS NOTE -> No buying or selling on the forum please **** Or if someone is interested in them?
  15. Who here uses a microscope for most of their repair work? I step over to the diamond scope from time to time to check out a part that my double loop eyeglass setup won't magnify enough for my need. I would just like some feedback on how other people enlarge these small parts. I think it would be fabulous to be able to assemble most all of the small parts with some form of a scope where you have great light and magnification. Thanks
  16. So I picked up this bad boy on eBay from someone in Spain. It's pretty messed up cosmetically, and missing a heeled bush and a removing punch. Considering all that, I definitely overpaid, but oh well. I don't know how rare these are to find on eBay, so I just decided to grab it. I scraped off all the old flaking paint and found a very similar color paint at Michaels. Not a very professional job and you can see some brush strokes, but all in all it's much better. I know the colors look off in the pictures, but that's a camera white balance issue. In real
  17. Hi, I'm hoping to buy a set of essential watch making tools for servicing mechanical movements. What tools are should I Purchase? I already have a few basics such as spring bar tools, case back knives and an Ultrasonic cleaning bath. I have been repolshing watches for a few years now and have an array of buffing wheels and polishing pastes etc, so I'm just looking at tools that are specific to movement maintenance. I have been looking at a selection or tools on Cousinsuk.com, I am looking to spend around £200 on tools. I have a few specific questions aslo; Is it wor
  18. I've been working on my little collection of watches (Seiko 5106, ETA 536.121 in a Birk's branded diver, ETA 2783 in a Benrus, ETA 2789 running a really nice Mirexal dial/case, 1950's Wittnauer Automatic in the queue for an overhaul)) for about a year now and I've decided that Rodico, good tweezers, excellent screwdrivers, eye-glass mount loupe lens, and decent cleaning fluids and u-sonic machine - plus the all-important "large" turkey roasting bag - are my favorite tools. I will get a real watch cleaning machine at some point, and a timer. And probably progress to jewel and balance work in
  19. Just recently i have been rather busy with a large intake of repairs & servicing, i figured since ive worked so hard ( and yet still have more to do ) id treat myself to another tool. I know i don't really need it but i do like Bergeon tools and this one i picked up is in mint condition with original box. I normally use my Bergeon staking set but this will make a nice addition to my growing collection. Sad that a new tool makes me excited, or are you guys like me ? Next on my list is the Bergeon hairspring collet tightening tool :) Hopefully i should have some nice wa
  20. Hello everyone, I am looking to purchase a mainspring winder. What sort of things should I look out for when searching for one? I am going to be working on watches primarily (as a hobby). Is it possible to purchase one that will cover all watches or are there different sizes for different watches? Does anyone have any recommendations as to what they have purchased? Thanks In Advance
  21. Hi all. I am trying to identify this allegedly watchmaker tool. Found it in a garage sale but seller doesn't know much about it. If someone can help identify this tool and assess its use that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
  22. Well its been a while since i shared a post and i thought id share a mini project with you splendid folks as i know you all like looking at new and shiny things Ive spent several months working away almost non stop on various repairs and services, so when i finally had a chance to clear my table i figured id get stuck into a small project idea i had. When i set out with a specific idea/design in mind i usually write down every dimension and draw up diagrams and spec sheets etc, but i figured for this project id just play it by ear, or eye in this case. I was working on a pocket
  23. Hi All, Just a general question, and hopefully not too obvious, but how many of us here make our own tools like oilers or specialty screwdrivers or "pointy sticks"? I'm anxiously awaiting delivery today of my Bergeon screwdriver set and my #5 Dumont tweezers and I've been (voraciously) reading my copy of Practical Watch Repair where he touches on making oilers out of sewing needles. I dabble in woodworking and I love restoring an old brace and bit or hand planes and have made some specialty planes just for fun. Would love to know what can be done in watchmaking if anyone is willin
  24. Hi, I am new to horology and I am hoping to fix a couple of watches that I have won on ebay, cheap so if I screw up it's no loss, so with this in mind I watched the tutorial by Mark on cleaning a Rotary mechanical watch, really nice easy to follow tutorial, which brings me to a couple of questions. I have most of the tweezers, screw drivers and basic tools, but in Part 2 of the tutorial he uses: 1. A Steaking Block, 2. A Steaking Set. 3. A Rolo Remover, my question is this, are these tools nessasary? are there alternatives to these tools, I know at some point I will need a main spring win
  25. I need your help to identify a set I recently purchased. Does anyone know this model? Also I would like to hear about the things you guys do with your own staking tools. I have never used one of these and I only know that they are useful to replace balance staffs. Thanks.
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