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  1. Nice Westclox but i'm not sure if this watch is made or powered by Seiko . Anyway , i've never known or heard it .
  2. I always loved Timex.. so you have a nice one
  3. Thanks for the picture ..i was wrong sorry .
  4. Hi Tom and welcome to this forum . Well , I show you where you have to unscrew a screw. Do not unscrew too much, just enough to take out your crown . very simple However , i didnt find the model 29 . But if your movement is similar to this picture , this is the thing to do . Have a great day . , i
  5. You have a good one . so don't worry .
  6. I agree that this is his problem. he probably has a pivot or two of worn on one of the wheels . Unless it is a tooth of one of the wheels that is worn and that the watchmaker has not seen. It happens sometimes too
  7. Thank you Mister StuartBaker and ,.. oui je parle français car c'est ma langue maternelle..
  8. You're right 'cause i didn't see the number under the balance wheel ( there's no number )
  9. Unfortunately i don't see a number near the balance wheel
  10. Yes it does.. however , ( adjusted 2 positions and 15 jewels are written below of 'Omega watch Co Swiss' ) the rest of what you said is okay.
  11. I hope not 'cause my Seikos have no retard or advance . my avatar is one i have since about 7 years now and no problem and i have never touched it inside ( sorry for my bad english )
  12. Hello guys, longtime no see you all. I had no internet and no PC . So as i have no camera ( yes again ) Good evening, I have since a few weeks a pocket watch Omega functional but needs a good cleaning (complete revision) Sorry I have more camera so, what I have as information: Omega 15 Jewels 2 adjustable positions. 5694216 which is inscribed on the movement. in one of the lids, it is written 'Fortune and there are 2 wings with a wheel and another number: 1815849 If you can give me (please) information about this watch as the year of manufacture and the model if it is possible obviously since I could not put pictures there .. I apologize for not being able to provide camera photos escaped to the ground no longer works.
  13. A warm welcome to this forum Littlecroatia..
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