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  1. Seiko would do well to remember the old adage "If it ain't broke don't fix it.) If they have altered it as a cost saving measure what would be the saving? a millionth of a penny? If everyone of this model has the same problem and all are returned under guarantee that will be mighty expensive for Seiko. One of the main requirements of a regulator is that it does not move under any normal conditions and in the case of Rolex, even under abnormal conditions, as it does not have a regulator but is free sprung.
  2. Hello Will, Record player is a nice find, cannot be that many still around. Just to illustrate how much things have moved on the picture is of a small flash drive 32 gb which I use in the car, it holds 5,060 mp3 songs, doubtful I'll ever hear them all.
  3. As a pilot ( One hour flying time ) I am at a loss as to how anyone ever managed to fly, never mind stay alive in a hostile environment with people trying to kill you, when there are such a multitude of instruments that need looking at. The aircraft is the English Electric Lightning.
  4. I have had an hours flying time in a small Cessna so I now consider myself a pilot with low hours.
  5. Really enjoyed that Will, real talent.
  6. Don't get flashing that out in public, you might get a bump on the noggin and be minus one very nice watch.
  7. Glad to hear you are OK and busy with work, your openness in sharing your knowledge is what makes this website so good, we miss you. :bow:
  8. Hi, You do not mention your skill level. The Omega shown must be amongst the top 10 of watches. It is very easy to cause very expensive damage if unsure of the correct methods to use, I would only entrust such a watch to Mark Lovic. Maybe you have been servicing chronographs for most of your life, in which case go ahead.
  9. I liked Windows XP and also liked Windows 7, it was just that the constant nagging and the fact that it was a free (upgrade?) made me switch to Windows 10. So far and after a couple or so updates it is looking more stable, like Vich I also lost the use of my perfectly good scanner after switching to XP or Win 7, never could get it to work again. There is an alternative to Microsoft in Linux, which is free, I have had a test run of Ubuntu and it looks like it can do anything Ms Windows can do, I keep the latest version on a DVD so that should the worst happen I can run it and still get on the net etc.
  10. After some bullying and threats from Ms I decided to take the plunge from Win 7 to Win 10. As I have a slowish broadband it took several hours to download and then it installed it's self, so far, so good, my personal files were still there as requested. As mentioned above it is full of stuff aimed at the younger generation and getting you to pay for this that and the other, after a day or so I had cleared most of the junk from sight and it was looking more like Win 7 which I was quite happy with. It would only be a couple of days later after switching the PC on that I got the black screen of death, this consisted of a totally black screen and a blinking cursor top left. Nothing I tried made the slightest difference, it was only the fact that I also have a laptop that saved me. I discovered on the net that it was possible to download Win 10 along with a repair programme from Ms and burn this to a DVD, about 6 hours or so later it finished the download. I made the DVD and put it in the dead PC, I tried the repair program, it could not find anything wrong, only thing left was to reinstall Win 10. This went OK and eventually I had Win 10 working again, by now my confidence had been somewhat shaken. I now discovered that a lot of my old games did not work, this would not matter to none games players but it was annoying to me. I think Win 10 was released too early and that we are the bug testers, I also think it try's to be all things to all men which as we know is never easy. In conclusion the longer you can leave it before going to Win 10 the more the bugs will get sorted. It's been about a month so far and it's still running OK, fingers crossed.
  11. Nice to see another watch saved from the bin, it looks like new. I sometimes found that the winding button on watches that had been well used had started to become smooth or were too small to wind comfortably, a new button/crown made a big difference to how easy it was to wind up, just my thoughts.
  12. I believe it could be taken to a bank and replaced, "I promise to pay the bearer" and all that.
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