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Found 4 results

  1. Good morning everyone, I am trying to sell this Omega watch I acquired and I'm trying not to get ripped off. Any chance someone might know exactly what I have and maybe a round about price range. Any feed back will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I'm not perfectly sure this is the right forum for this post but I don't believe I'm breaking any forum rules or so I hope!? Anyway, I’m looking to buy my first manual vintage OMEGA (to restore and service) and as I really lack the necessary experience and knowledge, I’d really appreciate your advice on this OMEGA GENÈVE 14k (12 images). It looks legit to me, and it has the (metal piece) logo on the crown and on the strap. The watch probably needs cleaning up, the movement a service, and the crystal a polish, all of which I’d really enjoy and would be able to do myself. The current bid is now €113 ($129/£98), but I’d expect it to go for quite a bit more. Auction ends in about 10 days. So basically, I have two questions; legit and what would be a reasonable price? I’ve looked at “completed listings” on eBay but there are so many variations that it’s very difficult for me to form an opinion. Here’s what the seller has to say about it (translated through Google Translate from German to English): “Manual winding. Nice received and running! Should perhaps be cleaned and polished .. Classic OMEGA Genève men's watch from 14k 585 gold solid cal. 601 from approx. 1972 Manual wind, used, beautifully preserved, the mechanical Omega movement is running. Original Omega crown, black leather strap, gold-plated omega clasp. Diameter of the watch without crown about 33 mm. Private sale without warranty or guarantee, no return.”
  3. Hi Everyone, Need help with my vintage Omega dynamic with stem stuck inside the case, only the crown is out(Due to rust) and now it seems we are having trouble turning the dial and movement to get them out as the broken Stem is obstructing the Movement & Dial rotation. Please suggest how to remove the Movement without damaging the dial or the case . Thanks for the Help.
  4. I absolutely love clean, clear and simple watches. Don't get me wrong, I do like a quirky watch as well. But this Omega is special to me as I purchased it from a customer just a few weeks into my apprenticeship. I did not know a heck of a lot about watches back then, being a 16 year old. But I knew Omega was a good brand because my boss had one and would not stop raving about them. A guy came in and offered this for sale and my boss was not around, so I offered him £20 for it (the glass was cracked and it was very scratched, the dial was badly stained and it had a scrappy leather strap and I was only earning £16.50/week) which was duly accepted - I was chuffed to bits. My boss later told me off big time as I was not supposed to do deals with customers (I think he was jealous as I know he would have bought it in a heartbeat). So I have had this for many years and would never part with it.
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