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  1. Hi, Recently I got a 7t32 Seiko which was non running. Normally I would just swap out the movement but after just recently watching your videos I decided to repair it. That involved getting another non runner for parts. Anyway I tore down the watches and was able to get one up and running as it should. Just wanted to say that your videos were very helpful in encouraging me to give it a try. Thanks, Charles K
  2. Hi, I just saw this post. If it helps you have a 16 size hunter case movement. If you should look for a case it should come with a sleeve and possibly stem and crown. If you want to just practice with the movement you can actually see if you can get it running with what you have barring any damaged parts. After you take watch apart and put it back together you will find that when you go to screw on the ratchet wheel that the watch will wind up as you try to tighten the screw. Just be careful not to wind up very much as the screw could break off. The watch will run without the hour wheel and cannon pinion, you just can't attach the hands. I might even have those parts myself. In any event once the watch starts ticking then you will know if it's worth looking for the remaining parts. Charles K
  3. Hi, I went through all of the jewels I had and finally found two that could work. One had an od of 1.2mm and the other was about 1.05. I decided I would try the smaller one because the 1.2 would get me very close to the edge of the plate. Today I decided to try and get the jewel installed. I was a bit hampered by the fact that the reamer I thought I should use was broken but I was able to work things out. After I got jewel installed I could hardly wait to try it out. I installed drivetrain and gave it a try on my timegrapher. The beat error was .2 as it was running without the minute pinion when I tested it out earlier and with the jewel and minute pinion beat error immediately went to .2 and was stable. Timekeeping was about +20 seconds with plenty of adjustment. Am including a picture with the jewel installed. Without the pinion installed you maybe can see some more of the damage to the plate, of course the reamer removed most of the damage. Thank you all for your suggestions, help and interest. Charles K
  4. Hi. Wow, I just looked at my last post here and I must have been asleep while writing. Many typos to the point I'm glad you were able tp figure out what I was talking about. Thanks for the offer about doing the bushing but I have done it before and think I will be fine. I just wanted to find if there were any other ideas before I started a bushing job. I had in the back of my mind using a jewel but so far I haven't found one that I feel good about trying. I have found one with proper id and an od that will work but I'm concerned about the thickness. Don't want to buy 1 jewel for $30. that might be too thick.
  5. Hi Joe, If I had to make a quick guess at the id of something I would try to use something with a know od. Say to estimate the id of a jewel I might use a know sfaft, if I didn't have that I might take a smoothing broach and mearsure the od of that. Say open my caliper to.5 and insert broach until the broach stopped. Them mark the broach at that point. Probably not very scientific but would get me pretty close. Yes we live out in the country. As a joke I might say we are about 10 miles west of Nebo. My hometown has two stop lights and one exit on the interstate 40. We are actually about 30 miles east of Asheville. The bear is still around. He tore down my wifes bird feeders. You can look out a back window in our house about everyday and see wild turkey. Yesterday there were 4 deer out back. We also saw a bobcat once. Thanks,
  6. Hi Joe, I really like the sandpaper and tweezers idea. I have already ordered 20 small bushings that hopefully will be here tomorrow. Bushings are 1.5mm od and will have to be reduced. What I will do is reduce od. Then I will have to reduce the thickness- will mount it in a scrap plate to hold it while I thin it down. Then I'll mount it in the rolex plate and increase the id of the bushing. A lot of work but it should work. By the way I haven't heard of a no prize since the Marvel comics of the '60s with Stan Lee. Thanks, Charles K
  7. I had measured minute pinion wrong. Jewel should have an id of about.52 (since pinion is .5) and no more than an od of 1.2mm. I bought 100 earlier from timesavers and am trying to find one in that batch but so far no luck. Also started to look through junk movements to see if I can find something there. Getting a bit crazy trying to think of solutions. Have thought of a bushing with a smaller id so that I could mount it onto a shaft and then chuck it up so I could basically sand it down. Then I could adjust id. Had to stop thinking about it for a bit. Right now had to move on to shaping a crystal for a watch with an oval dial. This is the first time I've actually had to shape a mineral crystal but thought it would take my mind off the rolex for a bit.
  8. Hi, Remeasured minute pinion and I must have got the wrong reading before, sometimes my digital calipers act up. New measurement is ,5 mm. I have found a center jewel at Otto Frei at .52 id and 1.20 outer. Still looking through the bunch I have to see if one of them will work. 1.2 will still be real close to the edge of the plate but I think it will work.
  9. I do know movement needs recleaned. I've had it apart several times since cleaning and handled it a lot trying to find what I may have missed. Checked parts under microscope and all I can come up with is the wobbling minute pinion.
  10. Hi all, Here are the pictures. One just shows the hole and scratch marks on one side. (I'm assuming damage made by someone removing canon pinion without using pullers). Took this picture without the minute pinion installed as that where I left off after testing beat error yesterday. In the other picture I've placed the extra bushing from the 1570 repair over the hole to show how much space I'm dealing with. The od of that bushing is 1.2mm- about. I was wondering if anyone had ever used a jewel for such a repair. (thanks clockboy) I have a variety of center jewel I got from timesavers earlier and I'm hoping one might fit. I do have the seitz jeweling tool. I think if I can find a jewel with an od of about 1mm and id of about .32mm that it might work.
  11. Hi clockboy, Yes I'm hoping to find a better solution. The hole in question is the center hole that the minute pinion comes through. There is no bushing or jewel. Watch will run fine without minute pinion but goes wild with it in timekeeping, beat error and amplitude. Minute pinion is new rolex part. This particular hole has no jewel or bushing. I have tried closing holes in the past but not on a rolex and I agree it is not a real good solution. I did work on a Rolex 1570 which had this problem several years ago but in this case Rolex had a bushing that could be used, in fact I still have one of those bushings as I had to buy two to get the one I needed. Can't remember what that part # is. One the 1570 the wobble was so bad that when the watch was turned over the center wheel would tilt far enough that it would touch the hairspring and stop the watch. Anyway I have looked for a small od. bushing but haven't found one small enough yet. Thought about trying to turn one down but I'm not that good on a lathe. Have some that are 1.5 mm od but they are too big for the plate- would cut through the edge. Will try to get a picture again in a bit.
  12. Hi, The cap jewel arrived this afternoon a day early. Just got through installing that and then I assembled the movement without the minute pinion and second pinion. Left the second pinion off because I didn't want to chance damaging it. I was then able to set beat to 0.1 fairly quickly and watch held that with no change. Guess that narrows the issue down to the wobble. Now what can be done without spending a fortune? Thought about a bushing but the minute pinion is about .3mm outer diameter and I checked the plate with caliper and there is only about less than 1.2mm distance from the hole to the edge of the plate. Have found some plates but the cheapest I found is about $250. Any ideas? Thanks, Charles
  13. Thanks Joe. I did actually check beat error with and without cannon pinion and it was still crazy- might go from 0.3 to 9.9 with making no adjustments. Was going to try and check without minute pinion next before jewel jumped. Don't know how that will be changed without the additional drag from that part. I guess in theory that beat error should level out if that is the issue. I have started checking other possible strange issues while waiting for the cap jewel. Just checked mainspring for possible bent teeth didn't find anything but checked any way. The drive train has a nice smooth and free movement without the mainspring barrel and minute pinion installed. When I try with minute pinion the movement seems to be a touch slower. I assumed that was because of the extra possible drag from the tension spring.
  14. Hi, I should have mentioned that I have reviewed Marks video on the 2030 just to see if I missed anything. Another thing I forgot is that I think at one point the watch suffered water damage. I see no rust however the dial is badly discolored. I did try to get a picture but area is small and all I can see is a blurry mess. Another thing I should mention is that when I replaced the cannon pinion is that I also replaced the minute pinion as they came as a set. Idea about getting readings without pinion and with pinion is a very good one and I was going to do that. I have to admit now that I was recleaning and going through movement a second time to see if I missed anything and the balance cock cap jewel ran away. I was recleaning and oiling and it jumped when my wife yelled about a bear getting into her bird feeders. A new jewel should be here Saturday. As to the plate it just seem as if the hole is just a bit too big. It reminds me of a grandfather clock I worked on a few months ago where the center shaft pivot was badly worn to the point the clock would stop. I made a video of that to show the clocks owner before I replaced its bushing. The degree of movement in the clocks pivot is about equal to the movement on the watch movement. Charles K
  15. Hi, Its been a while since I posted anything here but I have ran into a strange issue that I'm trying to trouble shoot on a Rolex 2030. I have cleaned, oiled movement, replaced the cannon pinion and minute pinion (watch hands were stopping at date change) Watch now runs and continues past date change but beat error is all over the place as is time error. I've taken it apart again and checked everything and put it back together with same result. The only thing I can see is the minute pinion has a slight wobble. When you set the hands you can see them shift side to side. especially if you change from clockwise to counter clockwise. If you take the hands off you can wobble the minute pinion slightly with tweezers. Tension spring is positioned properly. There does seem to be some damage to the plate under the cannon pinion as if it were removed at some time earlier with hand levers or something. I'm wondering what the solution here is? Bushing? Replace plate (expensive)? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Charles K
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