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  1. From what the OP has said about the nature of the repair this is what I would think is the most likely cause. The magnets used nowadays are really powerful in so many things. I have had a watch that this has happened to in the mail. I took it to my local watch repairer and he demagnetized it for me. Another source and one to be aware of are the self check machines that make a knocking sound when you pass a book over them at libraries. Those things are really powerful. I remember buying a Breitling once and going to the library immediately after as it was next door. Next day the Breitling had gained 5 minutes and of course I was furious so took it back where they explained what happened after asking where I went after leaving them!
  2. Oh wow! Thank you for that, I love that site but have not seen this, will have a good read now!
  3. I am looking forward to seeing how this progresses Mark. Tell me, do you have a silent workshop or do you listen to music whilst working? I have a friend in Switzerland who up until recently was responsible for building the Tourbillion movements for Omega, She has now moved into teaching at Omega as well as representing the brand at Boutique openings and demonstration days. She never had music playing, just silence but others have earphones in and in the main listen to classical music ( I would imagine death metal might not be conducive to thoughtful work practises !!)
  4. I have no use for this but love it. My phone is still steam powered and if i did not need it for work I would not even have a cell phone! I saw a friends smart watch, I think its called pebble or something, I did like that you could change how the screen looked, he had a Patek dial on it when I saw it :startle:
  5. I really admire RGM for doing this. I think with them and Roger Smith in the UK two of the most famous horological centres are coming alive again and that can only be a good thing. Along with Seiko in Japan it is great to have other places of quality other that Switzerland.
  6. Its my eyes Mark, have officially become a blind old bugger! :phew:
  7. Mark, what would be the explanation of a different spring over the incabloc jewel ( if thats what its called, not sure of the terminology!) I am so looking forward to this video, Those FA Jones limited editions are my favourite modern IWC's!
  8. Hmm, Looking at the picture of the movement and comparing it to one I found on IWC's website forum the incabloc holder looks very different to the one on the IWC website, have a look. They are the same caliber numbers. I know nothing about these things but that's the only thing I can tell that is different. http://www.iwc.com/forum/en/discussion/27369/
  9. Thanks Mark,I seem to have done really well with my recent vintage purchases. Still trying to find out more about Fellow watch company though at least I now know what the movement is!
  10. Thanks gentlemen! As to expense, well, I won this fully serviced on owner watch for the princely sum of $300! When I look at whats new out there for that it makes this one seem somewhat of a bargain I think. I got a better movement than in my Accutron for Accutron money! The deals are out there if you keep searching and don't just jump on the first thing you see. The week before I saw a similar one though in not as good condition and with no fresh service and I nearly went for it until I did some research and realized it had the movement replaced for a standard ESA one. Nothing wrong with that in terms of functionality as apart from the copper plates they are identical movements to the Omega but it was not an Omega movement and it went for pretty much the same as this one!
  11. Oops, do not know what happened to the pictures but the Omega arrived today and is a stunner! Everything is signed, crystal, case back, crown even the strap and clasp are Omega. It has been fully serviced and is humming along like a good'n! I have had nothing but great experiences from the British sellers on eBay and this one is no exception. A retired watchmaker and it shows if my watch is anything to go by. He even included detailed information on setting the watch, battery needed when replacement comes around and general care instructions for vintage watches, the perfect seller! Heck, even the original Tritium hands and dots around the dial still glow faintly!
  12. Its good to hear of your experiences. I have been thinking of getting the analogue/digital Bell and Ross looking one with the black out dial. After reading this I think I will get one as I have always wanted a dual display watch. What I find confusing on eBay is that they have stores in HK,US,UK and Canada. Everytime I go to the Canadian site and click on a watch its in HK. Was hoping to get one from Canada as its quicker to arrive!
  13. Looks good, The seller in the past (lost touch with their activities) used to offer complete homage watches with sterile dials that were well received on the forums. I had one of the PAM homages with a manual wind movement, gave it to a friend a few years ago and its still going strong to this day!
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