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  1. Hi PhilB and welcome! I'm a fellow newbie - complete newbie to the watch repair world - and I feel your pain. I had to buy virtually everything from scratch and the people here in these forums are very helpful! For what its worth get the best you can afford in known brand name tools. Skip the cheap tools but that's just my two cents worth. I've been finding that trying to get good cheap 'donor' watches somewhat difficult, at least here in Canada. I'm willing to spend a little extra if its got potential but the junk that I've been finding isn't worth it. Good Luck!
  2. Where are all the old watches that need TLC?

  3. Blocked on my work computer but I can see it at home. "Websense" is the application blocking the pictures at work, at least for me.
  4. Thanks for clarifying, this would have had me stumped or at the very least, scratching my head. Thanks!
  5. I think I understand this but Geo, just to clarify for me, that's swaging or staking the outside of the hole to retain the ball?
  6. My pleasure Geo. I immediately thought of you when I read it this morning and hoped you hadn't started any serious troubleshooting thinking it was your fault! :)
  7. Geo, I'm not sure if you were already aware but there was an article in yesterdays news about it... The memory max-out caused problems for eBay users in Britain who were prevented from logging on to the auction site. Elsewhere, browsing speeds were slow and websites had sporadic outages. "We knew this was coming, we didn’t prepare, we got caught … Like so many things in today’s online era, we simply didn’t take it seriously until it was too late.” Mr. Levy said the slowdown and outages are largely the fault of Internet service providers and companies that have made large investments
  8. I seem to have developed an affinity for pocket watches and I found this video by Fran Blanche, she has some really interesting electronics tear downs and articles, if you're into that sort of thing, and now I find she's into pocket watches. I think its the embellishment on the insides of the pocket watch that catch my eye. Nothing in depth, beginners level, which is probably why I like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMQdXAZm044#t=556
  9. Thanks for sharing Don, Robert. I count myself as lucky as I've had very good luck with Esslinger the last two orders so I will have to try Otto Frei as well. Sadly, I've given up on the Canadian distributor I had tried first after I had to phone them after almost four weeks after the order to find out about my back order, and they miraculously found one of the two items I was waiting on to be delivered - one was already sitting there and the other was miraculously due in that same day I called and then I got both a few days later.
  10. Well, that's not unreasonable. Maybe I'm just being too cheap for my own good. Again, and I can't thank you and the others enough, thanks for the advice!
  11. OK, I stand corrected... I think... I'm not sure now but the one I thought might be from China, well they may be from Switzerland and rebranded? http://www.branson.ch/ The Canadian company I found is only a distributor and not the manufacturer. My bad!
  12. Thanks Geo, this one you show on e-bay looks similar to one of the 'alleged' Canadian manufacturers I've found that I bet they buy their electronics and transducers from China and put them in their own enclosures - there, Canadian made! Oh well, I think I'm going to have to be careful in getting a good one but it seems they are all from China ultimately. I appreciate you sharing your experiences. I'm curious but did you have it long before it malfunctioned?
  13. Geo, I saw that article about the glass containers and was very intrigued and interested in trying it but everywhere I've gone to so far, locally here at least, that advertised this "Magnasonic" model of inexpensive (cheap) ultrasonic cleaner I found, doesn't stock them and they are only available online. I want to see it and check it out first before buying so I'm at a stalemate until I find one in person but I'm going to try that tip as soon as I get one. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Great news clockboy! That's terrific and sounds economical enough to be worthwhile.
  15. Robert, I've been using a bulk VCR tape demagnetizer on tools for some time now with good results. Also a VCR head demagnetizer - its small and has a rubber coated, roughly 1/4" dia. tip for smaller items and I see them all over the various flea markets around our area for next to nothing and could be a source of almost ready made parts.. Starting at a distance from the coil it should work on watches and other parts. Might be worth a try?
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