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Hard to spot wear/damage.

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Reassembling an FHF 96-4 movement, I was gratified (in the usual self-satisfied way!) when the balance went in and it started up. However, it would only run dial side up, and as soon as I turned the watch over, it stopped. It took a while to fathom it out, but I closely inspected the balance pivots and discovered the lower one was worn. This was the best photo of several that I took and it is not very easy to discern the wear on the pivot. It is the left-hand one in the picture. For me it is a reminder to carefully examine these type of components as I am disassembling the watch. Hope this is of interest to others. Luckily, I have a balance wheel from another movement, and that has cured the problem.

Worn pivot-left.JPG

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10 hours ago, fjseal said:

 This was the best photo of several that I took and it is not very easy to discern the wear on the pivot.

For more detailed pictures just place the eyeglass on camera or phone lens. Works very good.

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On 12/8/2017 at 4:04 PM, oldhippy said:

It is good practise always closely examine every part. Try to remember this with every repair, it will soon come naturally.


To add on Oldhippy's excellet advice... you need to inspect each parts function as you dismantle the watch. ..

As an example...when removing the crown, check if the crown works as it should. Also set the hands to see if all is ok and that the cannon pinion has proper friction. If you skip this step you may find that when you refit the cannon pinion needs tightening or the watch doesn't set because the setting (keyless) mechanism is worn.

I have kicked myself a few times over stuff I should've caught earlier... usually its due to overconfidence. Sometimes it may be because you already think you have identified the problem but there may still be others. I have several watches in my stash from which I have robbed parts,  one Tissot 781 has sacrificed its barrel, balance and centre seconds pinion. The scavanged parts have been replaced by the faulty one because I felt it would be handy to have something to compare with if I need to rebuild this movement. The next guy to work on this (when I'm gone) will probably catch the barrel and balance but he may only notice the faulty seconds pinion only after the watch is fully assembled.


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    • Further examination revealed the escape wheel to have a bent pivot as shown in the photo. From what I've read in another WRT post, attempts at bending pivots back into position presents a high risk of breakage.
    • Thanks Stuart for the links to Borel and Cousins.  It has been helpful to see what parts are still available for this caliber.   What is the homemade tool you refer to? I have rewound some hairsprings on the 6497 clones I have been working on but  some sources report that it is not good for the mainspring to be wound this way, especially an old one.   Thanks, Jeffrey
    • Yeah definitely feeling some regret as I was getting to the deep innards of the watch, being careful not to inhale the smallest screws, referring to YouTube to try and figure out what I was looking at... The watch came up pretty cheap in my neighbourhood and I couldn't pass it up. I'm not sure it would justify the cost of a professional service though, so here I am
    • I have an omega triple date repair....the issue is that the month wheel is jammed and will not advance....if the date is advanced via one click of the crown it will stop at 31..the only way at this point to advance it to 01 is via the crown while setting the time...now the issue I am having at time with...getting the pressure ring case back off...for some reason on older pieces I have not had an issue...on this one yes!..any advice on how to remove it would be most welcome...there is no where on the  case back indicating where to insert a case knife....my horotec case back remover was no help in this situation either...thanks...
    • Cheers oldhippy beat me to it,  yep as old hippy says that what it does, its cheap aswell, I think I only paid a few quid for my block from cousins, you have to move the brush very fast but nice and light at the same time to get the best results, then peg out all your pivot holes.