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  1. fjseal

    Older Vostoks

    Kayman is exactly right. Here is a photo of what we mean. The brass spring has, as you can see, a round-shaped end which has to be supported. I put a piece of rod in my mini bench vice and supported it on that.
  2. fjseal


    Did you support the circular part on the brass coloured arm (near the ratchet wheel) when you fitted the second hand? I don't know if it affects your query, especially as it happened before the second hand fit, but you may have damaged or misplaced something.
  3. fjseal

    Earnshaw Skeleton stopped

    Is it possible that the impulse jewel has become disengaged from the pallet fork, or could that not happen?
  4. Oldhippy, as a retired aircraft fitter it should come naturally allready, tsk...tsk! Jdm, my digital camera is good at closeups, but I must try your suggestion sometime.
  5. Reassembling an FHF 96-4 movement, I was gratified (in the usual self-satisfied way!) when the balance went in and it started up. However, it would only run dial side up, and as soon as I turned the watch over, it stopped. It took a while to fathom it out, but I closely inspected the balance pivots and discovered the lower one was worn. This was the best photo of several that I took and it is not very easy to discern the wear on the pivot. It is the left-hand one in the picture. For me it is a reminder to carefully examine these type of components as I am disassembling the watch. Hope this is of interest to others. Luckily, I have a balance wheel from another movement, and that has cured the problem.
  6. fjseal

    Crystal Press

    Mike, Your idea of chilling the glass may be worth a try, but in the refridgerator, not the freezer. I think the freezer may crack the glass, so try the fridge overnight. I did have success using this method once when a watch glass was not quite seated, and chilling it did the trick. Good luck.
  7. fjseal

    Help with balance jewels refitting

    Hi there, This being a Russian movement there may be a shim under the balance cock. The pic attached is a Vostok which shows what I mean. If you are just experimenting you could try making a shim from aluminium foil and give that a try. Balance jewel caps are sometimes different sizes top and bottom, but it seems you have tried all combinations.
  8. fjseal

    Greetings from the Bay Area!

    Very nice watch.
  9. fjseal

    Tell me what you think of this.

    I've destroyed more hairsprings than I have any right to!
  10. The 'pinged' springs are probably somewhere in space stuck inside odd lost socks!
  11. fjseal

    Sizing replacement hands

    If you can identify the movement, you will most likely find it listed on the 'Ranfft.de' website. Among other details, the hand shaft sizes are given. Regards.
  12. fjseal

    AS1700/1 Movement Info

    Beware! On the AS 984 the ratchet wheel is left-hand thread as well as the crown wheel, so this from the same manufacturer may be the same.
  13. fjseal

    What are your projects for 2017?

    This year I want to fix the very first watch I took apart. The brand is 'Swissam' and predictably I damaged the hairspring. I found another identical watch on E-bay and it had a completely different movement inside. First lesson learned! Ronda 213p and Sonceboz ES54 were the calibres. Recently I found a balance for the ES54 with a slightly distorted spring, so I am hoping I can manipulate it to the correct profile. Wish me luck. PS. If you are in a busy pub on a weekend, don't say 'Sonceboz' out loud...you get some agressive looks, as in, "Who are you calling a..."
  14. Hi all, Is it possible that if you have to release and secure an Incabloc jewel a few times, that can weaken the lyre spring? I have a lower one on a ladies movement that is now reluctant to expand into the slots in the block. I am replacing it anyway. It is the lower one so it is smaller than the one on the balance cock. Regards.
  15. fjseal

    Watch of Today

    I didn't want to be left out of this topic...one penny on E-bay. Flat battery and contacts wrong way round, works now.