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  1. It came in this wooden case with barometer.
  2. Is it normal for a clock movement to have no visible form of identification, if so, could it be hidden out of sight somewhere. How can one make a start on finding, for example, a new mainspring or the age of the movement . This is the clock I asked about earlier regarding mainspring condition. Watchweasol thought it could be of European, possibly German origin.
  3. I will try to attach pictures, I hope you can see them, thanks. This is a clock given to me by a friend to try and fix, so I don't know what's been done to it in the past.
  4. Thanks for your prompt replies; Watchweasol, it is a conventional balance but I have not been able to find any identification on the movement yet.
  5. Hello all and a Happy New Year. Is there a way of assessing the condition of a clock/watch mainspring by the way it feels when you wind it. I have a clock movement that winds fully but when you move the balance wheel it oscillates a few times but will not continue to run. It is almost as if it wants to go but there is not enough energy to drive it. Winding the spring feels normal, so I am inclined to think the problem is not with the spring. Also, there is an alarming rattle as if something is loose inside the barrel which is only there when the spring is wound; there is nothing with it fully released. Any ideas would be welcome, thank you.
  6. For a newcomer one thing to be careful of is squeezing the tweezers too hard when holding a small part, quite often the part will 'ping' off at great speed involving much searching. Basic stuff, but you don't always think of it at the time.
  7. Dear all, When refitting sub dial hands to a chronograph, do they have to be synchronised in any way, or can they just be put back on without worrying about anything. Thanks, Frank.
  8. Making allowances for a secondary modern boy, I hope this question isn't too simple, but what does 'seconds a day mean'... is it over a 24 hour period?
  9. Kayman is exactly right. Here is a photo of what we mean. The brass spring has, as you can see, a round-shaped end which has to be supported. I put a piece of rod in my mini bench vice and supported it on that.
  10. fjseal


    Did you support the circular part on the brass coloured arm (near the ratchet wheel) when you fitted the second hand? I don't know if it affects your query, especially as it happened before the second hand fit, but you may have damaged or misplaced something.
  11. Is it possible that the impulse jewel has become disengaged from the pallet fork, or could that not happen?
  12. Oldhippy, as a retired aircraft fitter it should come naturally allready, tsk...tsk! Jdm, my digital camera is good at closeups, but I must try your suggestion sometime.
  13. Reassembling an FHF 96-4 movement, I was gratified (in the usual self-satisfied way!) when the balance went in and it started up. However, it would only run dial side up, and as soon as I turned the watch over, it stopped. It took a while to fathom it out, but I closely inspected the balance pivots and discovered the lower one was worn. This was the best photo of several that I took and it is not very easy to discern the wear on the pivot. It is the left-hand one in the picture. For me it is a reminder to carefully examine these type of components as I am disassembling the watch. Hope this is of interest to others. Luckily, I have a balance wheel from another movement, and that has cured the problem.
  14. Mike, Your idea of chilling the glass may be worth a try, but in the refridgerator, not the freezer. I think the freezer may crack the glass, so try the fridge overnight. I did have success using this method once when a watch glass was not quite seated, and chilling it did the trick. Good luck.
  15. Hi there, This being a Russian movement there may be a shim under the balance cock. The pic attached is a Vostok which shows what I mean. If you are just experimenting you could try making a shim from aluminium foil and give that a try. Balance jewel caps are sometimes different sizes top and bottom, but it seems you have tried all combinations.
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