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Hello from Southern Colorado


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Howdy, I've been at this a while. Semi retired now. Over 30 years professionally. Nice site and forum. I'll try to give and take some sagely advice around here.  I notice a few folks crossing over from clocks to watches. It's great to know both. Makes you very versatile. If you ever need to rebuild a repeater/automaton, It's a lot less confusing if you have a good understanding of clockworks. My specialties are vintage, high grade and complicated bracelet watches, rebuilding and adjusting pocket watches and repeaters, antique clock restoration, hand engraving on metal and woodcarving for watch and clock case repairs. My store and workshop is Thistlejack Clock Co. in Canon City, Colorado.

Thanks for the forum! Kris


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Hi Kris, Thanks for the low down on your business. You are very skilled !. I am an amateur with watches and my professional business was electronic engineering. I have fixed many watches with the aid of  "Practical Watch Repairing"  over the years and repair a few for friends  etc.  I understand Quartz watches and have repaired many. I like Citizen, Seiko and Pulsar etc:  If not for their engineering then for their excellent timekeeping. There is a great satisfaction watching a mechanical time piece working nicely on the Timegrapher after a repair or service !!. I recently repaired an 1876 Silver English lever pocket watch for my Grandson`s collection. That was a strip, good clean, oil and re-assembly. It works very well. Just fancy; after all those years it is still a reliable timepiece, amazing to me and points to the skill of those real watchmakers. Thanks again for your input and all good wishes. Mike.

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