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  1. ecodec

    Watch cleaning duration

    Hi Fred, I U/S clean for 12 minutes in Medium Naphtha. I do use a brush and very carefully peg out the jewel holes etc to be sure then a 12 minute U/S rinse in fast Naphtha. Dry oil and assemble. Sometimes if the watch is very old and sticky I use acetone for the balance components and pallet. I have never used a specialist cleaning machine or their fluids. Works very well for me !
  2. ecodec

    What Could Be Causing Low Amplitude

    Yes, that is some Lock all right ! I am surprised that the watch runs. Low balance amplitude, I reckon so.
  3. ecodec

    What Could Be Causing Low Amplitude

    Hi, Nickelsilvers theoretical and practical advice with regard to your low amplitude is 100% first class. He is obviously very skilled indeed. However I must point out that the last time I had a problem like this it was with a wrist watch and caused by me putting a touch of 9010 on the pallet pivots !! Re-cleaning the bearings here gave another 80 deg ! amplitude. I have always been a stickler for a molecule or two of oil but NEVER on the pallet pivots again which only rotate a very few degrees and need to be free. Old Hippy sorted this for me. Thank you. Mike.
  4. ecodec

    My Demagnetiser is Magnetising

    Place the component to be de-gaussed on the Chinese unit. Press the operate button, for a couple of seconds then Slowly remove the component to about one metre away. Switch unit off. Your component will now be de-magnetised. Moving the component slowly away whilst unit is switched on reduces the E&H field with distance and this slowly reduces the AC field strength by inverse square law. Mine works very well.
  5. Yes, it should unscrew easily. Good luck !
  6. A couple of times when I was forced to use them. They have been fine !.
  7. ecodec

    Timegrapher - weird fluxation

    If the snowblower is mains powered you may have switched off when the AC sine is near max and magnetised the watch. De- Gauss it first.
  8. I don`t get anything on email anymore. Perhaps I talk a load of rubbish. Packing repairs in soon anyway, getting old now. Good wishes to all, Mike.
  9. ecodec

    Shimming the Balance Cock

    An expedient way of getting a cheap watch running. I once shimmed a Russian watch balance cock this way with some Red Rizla paper folded twice but don`t tell anyone !!!!
  10. ecodec

    Hi all.

    Hi Scout, Welcome and a good way to forward. Good wishes, Mike.
  11. Hi bnabod, Good luck with the custom watches and welcome to this helpful forum. Plenty of guidance here but I am just a jobber fixer. Regards, Mike.
  12. ecodec

    Hi, everyone.

    Hi Vrocket. Welcome and well done with the servicing. Regards, Mike.
  13. ecodec

    About me

    Hi and welcome to this excellent forum. Regards. Mike.
  14. ecodec

    Greetings from Sunny Arizona USA

    Hi friend from Arizona, Welcome and keep on learning. Regards, Mike.