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  1. ecodec

    G'day, I'm Duncanbootmaker

    Hi, welcome and all good wishes. I gave all that gear away years ago that was left to me as I will not get into that depth of work !. Nice bit of turning. If I cannot obtain an essential spare part the job does not get done. Best regards, Mike the Jobber.
  2. Hi friend, Welcome to this fine forum. You need to De-Magnetise never magnetise. Or De- Gauss as it is sometimes called. All good wishes, mike.
  3. ecodec


    Hi friend and welcome to this nice forum. Advice will be here if you require it !.
  4. ecodec

    Hi all

    Hi Blanes, Lots of help here if you are specific. Welcome and good wishes, Mike.
  5. I serviced and carried out a small repair to this watch today and it runs well. However I require the chronograph return pusher which is missing and screws on to the pusher shaft. I have carried out a temporary repair on this but need the correct pusher button. Round one. Gold plated. Any help/ideas are gratefully received. Thanks, Mike.
  6. Hi friend, I have never seen one of those before. I will be kind and my opinion is that it is Cheap whatever it is. Return it to your friend and beg to be excused. Regards, Mike.
  7. ecodec

    Beat error of 3135 Rolex

    Hi Scottrb1, your Rolex looks fine to me and in spec. I would not touch it. If you want +3 secs per month then get a Fake Rolex Quartz like mine. Regards, Mike.
  8. ecodec


    Hi Mohamed, welcome and you will find lots of help here. I`m sure you will fit in just fine. Good idea to start working on one or two of your watches if they need it. Ask for help if you need it. Regards, Mike.
  9. Hi Wilding, You are doing OK but you must get experience of mechanical watches. Learn how they work, Going barrel, mainspring, centre wheel, 3rd and 4th wheels, escape wheel. Lever, balance, canon and dial train, setting mech: etc. Practice on old cheap movements at first with mechanical sympathy and never force anything, gravity should do the job. Then gain experience and get confident. Of course read your books. All good wishes, Mike. PS. I am not a watchmaker, just a retired watch jobber but there is in depth help on this fine forum.
  10. Welcome Scott and enjoy this helpful forum.
  11. ecodec

    Screwdriver Sharpening

    Norton stone ? The very best.
  12. Hi Alex and welcome. Looks to me like you are well on your way to a new hobby. Books! Look at de Carles Practical watch repairing and Frieds Watch repairers Manual , I still refer to them. All good wishes. Regards Mike. The old Watch Jobber.
  13. ecodec

    Howdy from Texas

    Hi and welcome. You are doing Ok. de Carles book is excellent and so is Frieds. Keep going but very carefully. Careful with the 1010 as well. What is the problem? Regards, Mike.
  14. ecodec


    Hi Bogdan, Take your friends advice!. You will not fix them all, especially the old ones that have given good service for many years but are now likely very worn or broken and will need replacement parts if available which is often unlikely. Work with mechanical sympathy and do not force anything. I was lucky as a young man to get some professional in depth training part time many years ago but I class myself as a Watch Jobber !. My strike rate including all types is about 80%. All good wishes to you. Mike.
  15. ecodec

    New into WRT

    Hi Tony. Welcome here. Yes, carry on and get the necessary practice in. Regards, Mike.