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  1. ecodec


    Ha Ha!!
  2. ecodec

    new member ,hello everyone

    Hi Fred, Welcome and yes, we all find the old mech watches very interesting. I fix them mainly but spares are a real problem at times. Quartz are OK with me as well . I have little in the way of likes and dislikes with timepieces. I do not collect! All good wishes to you. Regards, Mike.
  3. ecodec

    Cleaning Balance Cock With Hair Spring

    Spot on OH. If I have a very dirty balance I will sometimes use a little acetone on it for a short period to be sure that the old oil is all removed and then inspect. I then use clean Naphtha in the U/S on everything. This method has never failed me.
  4. ecodec

    Hello newby here

    Hi and welcome Tony. Lots of help here. Regards, mike.
  5. ecodec

    New Member - Hi!

    Welcome Matt. Lots of help here.
  6. ecodec

    Finally getting deeper into the hobby

    Hi, you are doing well, I am nearly at my tail end nowadays and have never repaired watches as a full time occupation. I am a jobber. Good wishes for your continued success. Mike.
  7. ecodec


    Hi friend, Welcome and all good wishes for your new venture.
  8. Hi, Take TimFitz advice and do Not panic, Regards, Mike.
  9. ecodec

    Greetings from BC, Canada

    Hi tchalla and welcome. All good wishes . Mike.
  10. ecodec

    How is this for a rip off?

    After the discussion it may have been removed from sale or it may have been sold to a satisfied customer; who knows. I have several clocks, one in particular is a regulator made in 1879 in regular use. I have a German pendulum clock in the loft. Will get it down soon, it was my father in laws and he repaired the mainspring, I believe it works OK. I will give it a clean and oil and we will see. More later. From ECODEC.
  11. ecodec

    soft solder for repairing recoil escapement

    There is nothing useless about OH. He knows what he is doing, do the rest of us ? I know we all try very hard.
  12. ecodec

    Hi from Maryland USA

    Hi Duane, Welcome and thanks for the photo`s. Good luck with the watches, I like anything that tells the time. Fixed a ladies genuine Rado quartz today, Clean, AC line free and new Batt. Goes nice now. All good wishes. Mike.
  13. ecodec


    Hi, My father in law was a shoemaker many years ago. He mended clocks and watches and I still have a German clock in the loft somewhere that he repaired in the fifties !!. Must hook it out one day.
  14. Back in 46 I remember my Grandma had one with two birds in it. It had a "penny in the slot" mechanism. She sold loads of things to clear out after being bombed out in the blitz and it went for five shillings !!.
  15. ecodec

    Better late than never

    Hi James, welcome to this forum, Mike.