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  1. ecodec

    Timegrapher - weird fluxation

    If the snowblower is mains powered you may have switched off when the AC sine is near max and magnetised the watch. De- Gauss it first.
  2. I don`t get anything on email anymore. Perhaps I talk a load of rubbish. Packing repairs in soon anyway, getting old now. Good wishes to all, Mike.
  3. ecodec

    Shimming the Balance Cock

    An expedient way of getting a cheap watch running. I once shimmed a Russian watch balance cock this way with some Red Rizla paper folded twice but don`t tell anyone !!!!
  4. ecodec

    Hi all.

    Hi Scout, Welcome and a good way to forward. Good wishes, Mike.
  5. Hi bnabod, Good luck with the custom watches and welcome to this helpful forum. Plenty of guidance here but I am just a jobber fixer. Regards, Mike.
  6. ecodec

    Hi, everyone.

    Hi Vrocket. Welcome and well done with the servicing. Regards, Mike.
  7. ecodec

    About me

    Hi and welcome to this excellent forum. Regards. Mike.
  8. ecodec

    Greetings from Sunny Arizona USA

    Hi friend from Arizona, Welcome and keep on learning. Regards, Mike.
  9. ecodec

    Greetings from Ireland

    Hi Dave, welcome. Keep on truckin! Mike.
  10. ecodec

    Newly joined, from UK

    Hi Matt, welcome to this nice forum. Yes, the old PW is interesting. I have half a dozen or so. Just fixed an old 1876 English lever and have one more to go which just needs assembly. Best of luck with yours, Mike.
  11. ecodec

    Hello from the UK

    Hi Sidney, welcome and good wishes for the way you are going. Mike.
  12. ecodec


    Hi, thanks, welcome and all good wishes !.
  13. ecodec

    Greetings from Sweden.

    Hi Heikki, welcome to this forum. Mike.
  14. ecodec


    Hi Marcus and welcome. Help is here if you need it . Mike.
  15. ecodec


    Hi Yvessr, Well done and a nice hobby for your retirement. Welcome here. Mike.