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  1. Quartz Tester?

    Hi Ash, you would need an Accurate frequency counter. Look across the XTAL or from the XTAL OUT to the Batt+ve rail for 32768 Hz. (32.768 KHz) There is a Small Cap from XTAL out to the batt +v rail, preset at the manufacturer for final trimming. You can slow the Osc down by making a gimmick Cap of say 6 twisted ECW turns tight together, Solder it from XTAL ouput to +v rail or across the XTAL and then trim to length for the correct frequency. Good luck with this one . Always set for a slight gain say 0.2 Secs/day. Early Quartz watches did have adjustment but not nowadays. You can only speed the Osc up by filing the actual XTAL element or changing the Osc trimming cap for one with less capacitance. I was an electronic engineer and I could not be bothered with this. Always try cleaning the watch first or give it the line free treatment. I hope this is of help, Mike.
  2. Check the end shake on the balance, very important. It must be perceptible to ensure that the balance is totally free. A touch of a good quality lubricant on the jewel holes and end stones is essential with regard to the balance. Check the guard pin as well for correct length and operation. the Timegrapher should show any discrepancies up though. This sounds a little bit of a poser !!. I am probably teaching you to suck eggs !!. Is the amplitude constant? oldhippy gave me a tip not to oil the pallet arbors on an Everite watch and this improved the Bal amplitude from 140-190 to a steady 220deg !. Check the clearance on the pallet arbors to be sure the pallet is quite Free. It`s rotational moment is so little that oil is not neccessary and was causing drag in my case. Hope this helps, Mike.
  3. Hello from sunny Queensland

    Hi friend in Brisbane, All good wishes for your interest in watches. Yes, do watch Mark Lovicks video`s. He offers courses as well. Check him out and get a copy of Watch Repairing Manual. Fried and/or Practical watch repairing. de Carle. Then some cheap watches to get the mechanically sympathetic touch and know how. Good wishes with it all. Mike.
  4. Hello from Southern California

    The movement looks JLC to me from your photo but I cannot be sure without seeing it. Looks like one I fixed for an old solicitor friend over a year ago. Balance and shock resist appears the same. I must keep better records. jdm would know I feel sure.
  5. Hello from Southern California

    Hi milotrain and welcome to this fine forum. There can be many problems that will cause a watch to stop intermittently. From where you are it may be a good idea for you to obtain a copy of Frieds book; Watch Repairers Manual and/or de Carles book Practical Watch Repairing. Then once you have an understanding of how a watch works start on some cheap watches to get the touch and experience. Both books have a treatise on trouble shooting. There are courses available but I have no experience of them though they should be very good for those of us who are so inclined. Good wishes for your new hobby which ever way you decide to go!!. Regards from the old Jobber Fixer, Mike.
  6. Hello from Nebraska

    Never wore one ever! Just a white shirt and tie. Not even the tie now. only rarely.
  7. Hello from Nebraska

    All good wishes in pursuing your new hobby Wahoo4 and welcome to this excellent forum.
  8. Hi from Thailand

    Good decision Ricardo.
  9. Hi Ricardo, I wish that you had taken the advice of jdm. Well, it is your watch so go carefully with plenty of mechanical sympathy. Best fix some cheap watches at first to get the practice and know how. good wishes, Mike.
  10. Hi from Thailand

    Hi Ricardo, your Tag is too expensive a watch to make a start on. Take the advice of jdm . You may have a HS problem or very likely a broken balance if the drop was hard. In either case if you are just starting then work on cheapo movements until you develop your Watch repair skills. All good wishes, Mike.
  11. Hello from Alabama

    Hi fireftr45, you are doing very well, keep going and develop a very light touch with mechanical sympathy ! Be especially careful with the balance. Once the Balance is free I lift it out carefully with the tweezers under and over the wheel as the HS does not get stretched by this method. Keep going and all good wishes. Mike.
  12. Hey Now. New Hobby.

    Good morning LQbano, you have indeed found a great community, this is a very informative and friendly forum with many highly skilled and talented people involved. (I am not one of them, I am just a Jobber Fixer) All good wishes with the watches.
  13. Howdy Everybody!

    Hi and welcome. Yes, no time like the present. Good wishes.
  14. Watch Cleaning Machine Auto

    Hi oldhippy, Nice machine for a pro repair shop. I don`t do much and only for people I know and recommendations. I am still on a U/S cleaner and a brush or two with careful use of Acetone and Naphtha etc. Cheap like my customers!! They have mainly old up market watches but will not pay high prices for repairs although some are very valuable. Well, thank you for your recent help, I`m obliged. Regards, Old Jobber Fixer (if you`re lucky) Mike.