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  1. Service Marks?

    Job numbers from the watch repair person? Don't look like dates to my untrained eye. The slash could be a symbol for the type of work that was done (slash = full service, for example)
  2. Postal code USA wrong .

    USPS will very likely catch it, but it may delay your shipment
  3. Identify mov.t?

    I think you are correct. I love how it says it's a tourbillon...
  4. A journey in sorrow

    Welcome Matt! There is nothing in the guidelines prohibiting posting pictures of "fakes"... but it's probably better if you wait for the wisdom of a moderator
  5. hi from manchester

    Welcome! Nice to see someone with lots of experience
  6. Hello from NYC/Ireland

    Welcome !!
  7. Transporting clock

    clockboy and oldhippy, thank you very much!!! I don't have a clock yet at home and I'm looking for one. I will be travelling to Europe soon and I have a few place to visit that may have something nice. I'm looking at a wall clock, something like this: I just want to be prepared, in case I find something I really like! Worse comes to worse, it will travel with me in the plane, nicely padded up, pendulum removed, keys securely stored somewhere, lots of newspaper everywhere
  8. Transporting clock

    Hello, If I needed to transport a clock, how would I do it to make sure it doesn't get damaged?
  9. Hi from Colorado

  10. FHF 90-5

    For the date changing at 9 oclock, it may have to do with when you put hands back. Before putting the hands back on, did you set the date properly (turn the crown until the date just changes, no more)? That's midnight. Install the hands back on in the midnight position. You should be all set
  11. I find this quite amazing!!! Very clever too! You win the internet for today!
  12. Greetings from Poland

    Welcome Rafal!
  13. I took the leap! I'm here!

    Welcome!! Any tools or practice movements yet?
  14. Oil shelf life

    Welcome! "decades" would mean new oils IMO
  15. Watchmaker's Part & Tool Lot

    Some guesses: to the very left, a pair of tweezers for hairspring curves The bigger tool in the middle is a pallet fork warmer (look HUGE)