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  1. Welcome Matt!! Don't foget to post pictures
  2. oh... unfortunate... did you try cousinsuk?
  3. I use this holder, it's basic but does the trick for most wrist watches. A quick search on ebay germany showed the holder on sale there for 22 euros, plus 3 euros for shipping... (not my item, no relationship to the seller, do your research. link provided purely as an example: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Bergeon-Movement-Holder-4040/382540326119?epid=1762484388&hash=item59112e24e7:g:028AAOSwa81Z53a6)
  4. Story of my life... At this point, I'm more surprised when it all goes back together perfectly and actually runs as it should
  5. Welcome Tracey! Don't forget to post pictures with your questions, someone should be able to help in no time.
  6. Take a look at this thread: https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/7874-frustrated-seiko-7s26a-search/
  7. Great write up!!! Thank you! I will be adding this to my next trip to Europe, a small detour to Switzerland sounds like a brilliant idea!
  8. Timex with a movement that's riveted together... good luck with that one...
  9. Tough call on that one... The issue is the clear coat/lacquer turning yellow. You can usually remove it gently with an ammonia based window cleaner and a q-tip (rinse in lots of water and dry thoroughly when done). BUT, you can also see that the black paint used to mark the minutes is sticking to the lacquer, so removing the lacquer may cause all the black paint to come off as well. Same reason why I'd keep it out of the ultrasonic cleaner: the lacquer is already chipping and the vibrations might cause it to chip even more. If it were mine, I would leave it alone. If you decide to go
  10. Welcome! Give the amount of rust, I'd be surprised if the crown actually came out... Can you post a picture of the dial side of the watch?
  11. Are you sure there is no lip? Often, front-loaders have a smooth back, not something like you have, where there seems to be an edge of some sort... I could be wrong. Zooming in on the pictures, even the case material seems different, which would again point to a regular case back that opens with a case knife. If it seems overly tight, a razor blade is your best bet to get started (Once the blade is in, a sharp case knife will do the trick).
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