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Incabloc lyre spring escapee


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Hi everyone. I wonder if someone can help me. I am just a beginner and new to the site but reading through some of the threads have been amazed how helpful everyone is.

I have a 50's Universal Geneve wrist watch with a 263 movement which had stopped and needed a thorough clean. I have fully disassembled it but realise now I probably did not need to take off the upper (watch face side) balance pinion jewel plate with the lyre spring, just to clean the capstone and jewel!

Anyway, whilst struggling to reassemble this section, the lyre spring (pictured before escape) made a successful break for it and is lost to the world forever.  Could anyone please tell me how to find another of the right size to fit? I know Cousins sell them, but do not know how to relate their ETA sizes to UG movements. Is there a conversion list somewhere?

 Hugely grateful for any assistance.

Best regards


IMG_7863 (2).JPG

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Hello Jon. I'm sorry about your lost part as I know how that feels. I wouldn't give up looking for it though as usually they are just 1-2 feet away at most. Sometimes they get stuck on hands, fingers, clothing, etc.

If you ask me that looks like the standard incabloc that, more or less, most watches use and I wouldn't be surprised if they were mostly made in a standard size by the same manufacturer (happened often in horology).

Do you have any watches, perhaps cheap or broken down so that you can borrow the spring and check that, indeed, they are identical ? That's what I would do. Maybe a run to a local antique fair and buy a cheap broken one that has the same incabloc system.

As I have just assembled a much more complicated incabloc system today (3 star shaped) let me give you a hint. Put your movement inside a transparent plastic ziplock bag and work on it with your tweezers through the plastic, so to speak. Not only will you not lose the part but you can also use the plastic to lightly press onto the spring so that it won't jump around.

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Hi Chopin, thank you for such a prompt response. I have searched for hours :(

Yes I'll have a look to see if I can buy an old movement from somewhere and hope the spring fits. Hard to measure the actual size in absenti, but if you think they are standard then its worth a go.

Good idea about the plastic bag, will definitely try that ... if I ever find another spring!!

Thanks again

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2 hours ago, rogart63 said:

There is a pdf on the web somewhere that states a lot of movements .  I shall look and see if i find it? 

all help would be very welcome, thank you. Although, even if I have the part no, I am not sure exactly where I would go to buy one?

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2 hours ago, jonsug said:

all help would be very welcome, thank you. Although, even if I have the part no, I am not sure exactly where I would go to buy one?

I think that was the pdf from ETA i was looking for . That old hippy linked to .  Haven't found anything else. 

You can by incabloc springs from cousinsuk .  Find out which size you need and buy the right size. 

this is a table of the sizes. IncaBloc-Table-sm.jpg

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    • Thank you for this post. Adding on to it, I've done a little digging trying to get the most bang for my buck. So I really wanted a set that had a base. You can buy the screwdrivers for around $33 usd 10 Piece Screwdriver Set. The base is around $32 usd Rotating Screwdriver Base (Grey) plus $20 in shipping, with tax you are looking at about $90 which is an excellent deal for what you get but I still didn't want to spend that much. I saw that they had the 9 piece set w/ base for $59 usd 9 Piece Screwdriver Set W/Base and I had a 'welcome discount' and got a matching 3mm screwdriver for 99 cents. 3mm Screwdriver. (without the discount the screwdriver is $6) With free shipping my total was $66.55 usd. So, I saved about $24 to go without a slot for a 3mm screwdriver. I'll take that! I hope this helps anyone looking to save a buck or two. Also, this corrects the issue of the orange 1.8mm screwdriver. 😉
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    • Well, what is written here can't be explained with the wear of the winding/sliding pinion. Probably it is some kind of delusion from You side. But it prevented the people from pointing the reason of what is happening. Otherwice, this kind of wear is one of the common problems of winding works in watch movements. It meets often in old or cheap movements, or particulary in negative stem system pocket movements where not proper adjustment of the sleeve that guides the stem is done.  
    • Well I started with the rotor, then I couldn’t find how to let down the power so I removed the balance then found the click and let down the power.  After that I took apart most of the watchmaker side with the exception of the hour wheel which was still held by the cannon pinion and the hour wheel bridge which I put back when I realized the above.  I then went to the dial side and removed the cover plate. There were a few flat part which I had no idea what they were or where they should go as they got stuck to the plate by lubrication. Luckily I found an assembly video of that movement by the watch smith and he explained that those parts are part of the quick date setting system.  So I put them back in place and took a picture before continuing the disassembly  One thing I keep hearing in video or seeing in forums is that Chinese movements are often not lubricated. WellI can tell you the one I have is drenched in oil. Everything is stuck by capillary action on the dial side and I see pools of oil under each wheel.  Quite a bit of lint stuck to the oil too Just realized there were 3 screws, 2 holding the yoke maintaining plate and 1 holding the setting lever jumper.  I hope they are the same because I mixed them up and I can’t tell them apart.    Done with the disassembly and done for the day. For the reassembly I have a video to follow which is great because the dial side is quite complicated and I couldn’t take good pictures of the components position as several got stuck on the plate by lubricants as I lifted it so I never saw where they were supposed to be. 
    • I have one, but I don’t have the hex wrench to remove the stems. Does anyone know where I could get these in USA? Thanks in advance for any advice kind people! 
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