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  1. Any ideas???

    Use this website. Free and simple.
  2. Kif/ shock spring sizing

    Seems that I was wrong which is the upper and which is the lower one when you asked here on the forum a few days ago. My apologies @quantieme . I think the logic is as follows: upper is the side you see when you've just removed the case back and lower is the one "beneath" the incabloc system that you get to see after you take it all apart.
  3. Kif/ shock spring sizing

    If I remember correctly the generic ones on cousins are available in multiple sizes. The movement itself seems to have the standard lyre shaped spring right ? You could try this option... I wonder if, since the movement has been modified throughout time, the springs exist in various variants...
  4. They are better but not 8 times better. Nonetheless it's up to you if you wish for a more durable product or a not as durable one.
  5. No damage of any kind as far as I can see... Sometimes watches are strange...
  6. I don't remember exactly I just know it's an EB. From the 60s or so. I fiddled around a bit with a pair of tweezers and the small wheels/cogs and now it works fine... The wheels stay in place just fine so what exactly could have cause this ?
  7. Unfortunately no. I have to just wait and see whether it's fine or not... There are some apps for Android but I can't get any to work at the moment and my phone is crap.
  8. I didn't clean the inside of the mainspring as I don't have the tools to put it back together but it worked fine 2 disassemblies ago. I did grease the areas where there's supposed to be grease.
  9. I have a swiss pin pallet movement (the EB kind) that I had to disassemble a few times (don't ask...) and now it seems to run slow by a few minutes per hour. It used to work fine. I actually serviced it twice and it seems to do the same thing... Technically speaking, what part/parts should be responsible for this ? Is it the hairspring by any chance ?
  10. Help ETA 7750 broken kif spring

    No worries then...
  11. Help ETA 7750 broken kif spring

    Are the ones that you're buying specifically for Valjoux because I believe that the incabloc springs or whatever they're called come in various dimensions...
  12. Help ETA 7750 broken kif spring

    I believe upper side is dial side and lower side is the one we see in the picture...
  13. Sounds to me like you need to get it serviced. Theoretically it should run fine afterwards... It sounds as if there aren't any problems or issues with the movements (as in damaged parts).
  14. Patek question

    I would say that the first part, the clutch, could be interchangeable with clutches from various other watches. The problem is that, perhaps, the only way to find that part is by having someone with a huge box of such clutches try them all out until you find the one with the same dimensions. Same rule could apply to the 2nd part which I don't know what is named but not sure... It's harder to find a non-Patek replacement for that one, I guess...
  15. taking apart a Seiko 5Y23

    That's a clip... Maybe loosen it up easily with a pair of tweezers and pull it out with a 2nd pair of tweezers...