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  1. Welcome Jimmy. Does this mean that you apply your blacksmith experience/equipment on repairing/restoring pocket watches ? Would be interesting to see some of your projects.
  2. Sorry, I meant the sub-dial. What is the substance that you add when soldering ? (not very knowledgeable on this topic but I want to know more)
  3. What do you use to solder the foot to the dial ? Is it possible to use one of those common soldering irons that are used on circuit?
  4. I have heard that there are the cheap crappy Rolex fakes and then there are those that have genuine parts in them or have parts made by people that have actually worked for Rolex, possibly, with professional equipment. Coincidentally it was also Turks. I don't know how yours was but I imagine that there are some out there that are really good and they sell for quite a few hundred $ so I'm not surprised that these Chinese parts are really bad.
  5. Never ordered such parts but I did see them around on chinese websites and I actually wondered whether they're OK. From your experience they sound like utter crap. Hoping others can chime in... I think I've seen some for ETA as well. I wouldn't be surprised if they were the same thing (more or less).
  6. I second this. This is part of the hobby/job. It happens to all of us, and not just once. I had to strip down and reassemble a movement about 5-6 times a few weeks ago until I got it going. Never figured out the problem but now it all works fine.
  7. If you have the time and mood, try assembling a movement without lubricating anything and see how that functions. It might work correctly...
  8. How much lubrication do you apply? Too much is not good, for example... what about the mainspring?
  9. Photo angle is weird. Why do you want to change it ? Is this one also aftermarket?
  10. Since I don't have the watch to "feel" it I can't tell but given that it's a pre-owned buy it's possible that there's some dirt/gunk inside, maybe inside the movement which would mean that it was not serviced or that it was "serviced" in a really incorrect way. Lots of sellers offer "serviced" watches. Does everything else work correctly ? It could be something a bit more complexe but it could also be something simpler. Either way the watch should be opened up for inspection...
  11. Can you show us the front ? I'm curious how it looked originally and what your results were after working on it. It's always nice and educatioal to see succesful restorations. If you want to, that is...
  12. What material is that ? Could an electric circuit soldering gun melt it ? I'm saying this as I believe the key point here is temperature...
  13. Someone knowledgeable told me that it doesn't fit actually and from photos it actually seems to be right (or wrong in the case of julesborel website). The wheel probably fits but it is the "normal" short pivot version while I require the long pivot one which extends upwards where another wheel goes into.
  14. I appreciate the help nonetheless. Have been emailing multiple stores and no one has it.
  15. Just the tweezer tip. I am very cautious so as not to slip. And I point it opposite of the hairspring.
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