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  1. Chopin

    My pocket watches

    Thank you Nucejoe. I, eventually, got my hands on a pocket watch and although I find them very interesting I'll stick to wristwatches.
  2. Chopin

    A. Schild 1746/47 assembly help

    The movement that I had had a different spring than yours. It was shorter and it was flat not rounded. Something like this. Might be a good idea to check that the one that you have is the right one.
  3. Chopin

    A. Schild 1746/47 assembly help

    The spring is supposed to hold that small part/pivot next to it in tension which in turn will hold the calendar wheel in splace. It'll prevent it from moving in the wrong direction but allow it to rotate in the right direction.
  4. Chopin

    A. Schild 1746/47 assembly help

    I believe it goes here.
  5. Chopin

    zodiac not ticking

    These movements are easy to find and cheap to replace so if there's a technical problem it'll be easy and cheap to get this problem fixed. Very beautiful watch, btw.
  6. Chopin

    Remove Citizen Bezel?

    It's just a standard bezel that, indeed, comes off by prying it off. Be careful when you insert the knife and "work it" around not to damage the bezel click spring or any other components.
  7. Chopin

    AVIA Marino crystal needed

    Horotec, I think that yours is different than OP's required crystal...
  8. Chopin

    AVIA Marino crystal needed

    I would say that Cousins has these... But I don't know what they're called. Stepped crystals ?
  9. Isn't that called a case tube or something ? Some are screw in while others are press fit. This might be easy to find, you just have to get the dimensions right. A watchmaker should sort this one out.
  10. Are you basically talking about the rounded tip/end of the stem ? Not sure how much luck you'll have finding a replacement but you can get a stem made by someone on a lathe or, hypothetically have the tip laser welded to the stem but I imagine that that might be complicated because the parts are very small but it's doable. Have you tried eBay and the various watch part online shops ?
  11. Nice. I definitely think that you'll find clients for them, eventually.
  12. As far as I know the ball should not be loose. It should be quite tight. I remember that I tried removing such a ball from a hole and spring once and I couldn't do it because it was so tight that I didn't have any grip to extract it. (it did go inside when pressed so it worked fine)
  13. My press never works with acrylic crystals. Any tips ? They just won't go in. In the past I would remove just a tiny bit of material from the edges (without leaving a mark, obviously) and it would go in the slot.
  14. Title is self-explanatory. Can you ? I have a vintage watch that had a beat up acrylic crystal and I've gotten a new one for it. Both are ATC crystals. Do I really need the claw tool ?
  15. Chopin


    What does it look like on the other side ? At first flance it can be made on a 3D printer provided that you make a 3D model of it (or scan it with a laser scanner). You could also try and find a gear with teeth that are the same diameter and size. Cut those off and attach them to this one. You could smooth out the surface where the tooth was broken and then when you get a gear with the same teeth you "extract" one of the teeth and glue it. (with a glue that does not melt plastic) This is what I would do, probably but I can be a little unorthodox so don't take my word for it, necessarily. Other options are finding a donor movement or maybe even this specific part.