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  1. Plenty of fakes like that Tag Heuer. Be careful...
  2. Didn't some of these watches have some solid gold wheels inside ? I believe Illinois had some...
  3. Out of curiosity can someone recommend one single book that covers most (if not all) of the repairs for watches ? Would this be a candidate ?
  4. Oh I see, you wanted to make sure that the dial used is indeed the thick one that the Railmaster had... Have you tried looking up photos of other dials (the backside) so that you can check if those had similar markings ? Omegaforums might be your best bet, some people there are obsessed with anything omega-related.
  5. Does the dial no longer have any paint on it ? If you have the front you can then tell whether it's legit or not. (usually)
  6. Indeed A*F are Swiss. I mixed them up with a different company that is French. Usually A*F is considered one step lower than Bergeon from what I understand...
  7. A*F is French so probably France... Seems to be from the 60s-70s or so...
  8. When the hairspring and balance are in place can you try to figure out why it is touching the underside ? Best to do that before taking any measures such as modifying components. Is the hairspring itself horizontal as it should be ? Are there coils that are not synchronized with the rest of the hairspring ? What about the hairspring leaving the stud, is there any issue there ?
  9. Unscrew the hairspring stud screw while the balance is still installed (will make things easier) and remove the balance afterwards. Don't unscrew it too much so that it falls out of the slot. Then you just remove the hairspring and balance like any watch, yes.
  10. Broken balance pivot is what I was thinking as well. I can't see entirely but isn't that a breguet overcoil hairspring ?
  11. Can you provide better pics ? Has the stem connecting the crown to the movement snapped ?
  12. You're not going to have much luck with this. Besides, those crystals might very well fit other watches/models as well. Most people don't put up watches for sale with all the numbers that they find on them in the title so therefore it's not going to be easy. You could look up individual watch models and then try to find them online. (still not easy) Maybe if you can find images of them in old catalogues or printed ads.
  13. The bent part is the hairspring, not balance wheel. Normally you have to order one that's made specifically for this movement (sometimes one hairspring might fit multiple movements in the same family of calibers). There might be a possibility that other hairsprings could fit this balance wheel but chances are slim and even if it fits there's still the aspect of time accuracy. Someone very experienced might be able to "straighten" it out although it's pretty bad...
  14. No they are not the same across movements. Usually they'll fit but only on some movements. First thing you're looking at is the diameter of the hole of the tube that goes into the pivot that comes out of the movement. Then there's the length of the hand, the design and, perhaps, the height.
  15. Ah wait, sorry, I forgot that you mentioned glass and not acrylic. Yeah you're going to need some diamond paste or maybe more cerium oxide...
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