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  1. The watch seemed to have low amplitude from the beginning I got it. It had no major functioning issues. I wonder if the fact that one of the pallet jewels isn't fully inserted might have anything to do with this. (left one)
  2. Well, I think that I've leveled the hairspring but that didn't change anything. Amplitude is still very low. If I rotate the mainspring barrel with my tweezers the amplitude will still be low. This should rule out the mainspring, right ?
  3. I don't have a timegrapher but it's very low. Any lower and the balance would no longer rotate. Is it possible that something else could cause this? The mainspring seems ok to my untrained eye as I look at it sitting inside the barrel. Keep in mind that this is the amplitude that I get if the center seconds chrono hand is enabled. If I have all the chrono parts installed and I don't turn on the chrono function the amplitude is even lower. 20201018_211539.mp4
  4. All parts have been cleaned and properly lubricated. Nothing is damaged. All were fit back correctly. I'm starting to wonder if the mainspring might be the culprit here. I've only assembled the movement with the bare minimum (withoutchrono, calendar, etc.) and the amplitude is still low. I don't have a mainspring winder so I didn't remove it o see what it's like. I did clean up the barrel. Tried both with and without lubricant inside, same outcome.
  5. If the crystal is slightly larger you can try and use the claw tool to install it. Alternatively, I've used fine grit sandpaper, in the past, to slightly decrease the diameter of the crystal but afterwards you're going to have to polish the edge.
  6. It seems to be fine when assembled. (I don't know what the reason for low amplitude is atm, it could be something else) I'm just unsure as I've never seen a hairspring leaning like this.
  7. I was putting back together a 70s Seiko chronograph and noticed that the hairspring had bad amplitude. It was like this when I got it. I disassembled the balance ensemble and saw that the hairspring is leaning on one side quite a lot. I checked to see if it was the stud's own weight but it doesn't seem to be it. Any pointers? Did it bend somewhere along the coils ? The movement is in good shape with no damaged parts.
  8. Plenty of fakes like that Tag Heuer. Be careful...
  9. Didn't some of these watches have some solid gold wheels inside ? I believe Illinois had some...
  10. Out of curiosity can someone recommend one single book that covers most (if not all) of the repairs for watches ? Would this be a candidate ?
  11. Oh I see, you wanted to make sure that the dial used is indeed the thick one that the Railmaster had... Have you tried looking up photos of other dials (the backside) so that you can check if those had similar markings ? Omegaforums might be your best bet, some people there are obsessed with anything omega-related.
  12. Does the dial no longer have any paint on it ? If you have the front you can then tell whether it's legit or not. (usually)
  13. Indeed A*F are Swiss. I mixed them up with a different company that is French. Usually A*F is considered one step lower than Bergeon from what I understand...
  14. A*F is French so probably France... Seems to be from the 60s-70s or so...
  15. When the hairspring and balance are in place can you try to figure out why it is touching the underside ? Best to do that before taking any measures such as modifying components. Is the hairspring itself horizontal as it should be ? Are there coils that are not synchronized with the rest of the hairspring ? What about the hairspring leaving the stud, is there any issue there ?
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