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  1. @noirrac1j Are you going to use a normal sheet of straight acrylic and then somehow bend it ? Curious to find out how one could custom make a curved acrylic crystal.
  2. Photo of the screw and plate. It seems like this circled part below is moving just a bit downwards (talking about the tip that holds the gear not the entire part) but only when the hands are adjusted clockwise and only when it reaches the borken tip does the gear that it holds start to slip and not engage with the minute wheel. Also, strangely, if I take a few parts out and put them back it can run well for a few rotations but then something goes bad and the issue begins to repeat. It's as if the canon pinion is smoother and then it becomes a bit stiffer...
  3. Here you go. Doesn't look like the one you need.
  4. How come the screw is wrong ? How does the screw influence all this ? What should I be looking at exactly ? How does one know that it's wrong ? PS: that little plate (that covers the parts) is flat from what I can tell.
  5. As far as I know watchmakers would just replace them entirely but as Tmuir points out, this is difficult in modern times because a new mainspring barrel might not fit.
  6. What I'm confused about is the fact that with all the parts in place it only slips when adjusting the hands clockwise. If I adjust them counter-clockwise it works fine. I'll try loosening the canon pinion... Out of curiosity what is the correct way to loosen such a canon pinion ? Are you supposed to slightly pull the 2 tabs that hold the tube outwards or what ? Also I still get the impression that the small steel gear might not engage properly with the minute wheel due to pivoting just slightly. Not sure.
  7. Theoretically these were sealed "for life" hence the do not open warning. I've seen it on Zodiacs but I believe there were others that had such mainsprings... I'm curious so know whether they are, indeed, good for prolonged periods of time (decades) or did they still replace them every 5-10 years. Also, if you open one, can you close it back safely ?
  8. When I take out the canon pinion. It all functions as it should. When I add the canon pinion the crown eventually slips and it seems to do so when the small steel gear "reaches" the slightly broken tip of the minute gear's tooth. I have loosened the canon pinion just a bit but I don't think that it's enough... Would I be able to make this work by loosening it a bit more ? That damaged tooth is only missing a fraction of it's tip...
  9. I did check the pinion. It was a bit tight but I did loosen it a bit. Not sure what caused the tip of the tooth to break but something was probably too tight, indeed. Interestingly enough is that it mostly seems to slip only clockwise. Counterclockwise it functions better. Probably because of the angle of the smaller steel wheel that turns the minute wheel and pivots a bit depending on whether you adjust the hands clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  10. Yeah I think I found it. Minute wheel #260. Now I have to source one.
  11. Could it be that one of the parts (case or stem or something) is aftermarket ? That happened to me once and I believe something was aftermarket (not sure).
  12. Nevermind. The gear of a tooth is, indeed, just slightly broken. Could someone help me name/identify this part ?
  13. Alright so I think that I found the problem. The circled gear seems to have the tendency to raise up just a bit when adjusting the hands which, I think, makes it slip from the clutch wheel. The movements runs smooth but could it be possible that the canon pinion might be a bit too tight ? I kind of have the feeling that it is... How would one loosen up a bit such a canon pinion ?
  14. Unless you'd get a donor watch I doubt that you'll find one. By any chance, is it flat/straight and made out of acrylic ? If yes then you can make one on your own or have someone custom make it for you.
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