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  1. watch stops with residual power

    Have you checked the pallet fork area ? With the mainspring charged if you try to move the pallet fork around does it re-start ? Or maybe rotating the balance a little bit...
  2. watch stops with residual power

    Does it stop and no longer starts at all ? If you wiggle it around lightly does it start working again ?
  3. I've seen ones similar to this one but made out of plastic... They don't need "shaping" but so far haven't pulled the trigger. Indeed yours look nice. Didn't know COUSINS has this...
  4. Mainsprings exist in many dimensions (and not just that) so normally you should find one for this type of movement. Others might fit but I guess that requires further experience and, perhaps, plenty of spares to try out. I'd say the broken part might be similar to that of other movements but not sure and you'd have to find some parts interchangeability list. If the mainspring is good this should help you complete your repair. Provided that you want to spend the money. Can also check out his website where he might have more parts...
  5. As far as the font goes it looks like the original one but the fact that the markers aren't 100% aligned kind of throws me off. But yes it could be original as well.
  6. Looks like a redial to me but not a horrible one...
  7. Perhaps a stupid question but did you also LUBRICATE the movement ?
  8. Speaking of staking sets where can one acquire one that is as cheap as possible ? Are there any cheap brand new alternatives or pre-owned/vintage ?
  9. Best route regarding slow watch

    As long as you tighten the case back just like it was when you opened it then it'll be water resistant. And be careful of the rubber gaskets, not to damage them and to place them back correctly. When making adjustments be careful not to touch anything else especially the hairspring. Get a good case back opener to be able to safely open and close the watch.
  10. Best route regarding slow watch

    Did I understand correctly that you bought the watch brand new ? Usually new watches will have good accuracy but not necessarily the best. They can sit in storage for a long period of time which might affect accuracy a little bit or they just come that way from the factory. Mechanical watches can be regulated, fortunately for you, and this is what I would suggest that you do. I don't think that you should do that on your own but you have to take it to a watchmaker that has a timegrapher so that they can test and verify the time keeping in real time. The person asking you for a lot of money basically wanted to take advantage of you. Fully servicing a watch should indeed fix the problems but I would say it's not necessarily required in your case. If you do decide to give it a go please be careful and do your research beforehand. The small tab that adjusts the time has to be moved by a tenth of a millimeter or even less if possible at a time. Here's an example below.
  11. Isn't this type of wheel connected/tied to the plate underneath it via a circlip or some sort of a pin/spring which has to be unscrewed to free the wheel itself ? That's how I remember it... Either way you have to take it all apart and underneath the plate you will probably see how you get to remove it. The wheel itself won't come out like normal parts do where you just pull them out. PS: That small "circle plate" that you talk about is part of the wheel just like the long shaft beneath it (on the other side).
  12. Alarming noise in the movement

    Kind of sounds like metal hitting metal ?
  13. Seconds hand slight stuttering

    Well I eventually just lubed the area between the spring and the wheel that's connected to teh seconds hand and I think I also re-adjusted it a bit and it's now good. Thanks guys!
  14. To be honest I don't even think that they're good. The material used for making them should have been better. Thinner, more elastic...
  15. I have plastic trays with compartments where I put screws and the parts/plates that they correspond with. I do clean the screws just like all other parts. I "protect" dials by simply placing a plastic transparent bag over the hands when I remove them. I actually find it better than those specially made dial protectors...