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  1. I'm not sure what you're talking about. I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I was saying that even a Seiko which is usually considered a cheap option has better quality than that movement.
  2. Even Seiko has better quality.
  3. Chopin

    Recent Repair

    Wow! Beautiful. Hope to own a Hamilton PW one day...
  4. Sadly I don't have any tools to be able to work on the staff iself... Yes I believe it is steel...
  5. The roller is very small. These holders have too large gaps to actually hold the roller. I could use a normal vise (I have a small one) but it's hard to keep a round disk in place with a vise especially since, if at some point the roller moves or jumps out of the vise jaws I might damage it or break the roller jewel itself. I'll figure something out I guess. Was thinking of making a hole in a cork screw or maybe a piece of wood (this one might be a bit more complicated...) but it still wouldn't really hold the roller in place if I want to drill the hole.
  6. I don't. Is there even such a thing ?
  7. And could someone give me any pointers as to how I can hold the roller into place ? It looks like this. It would have been nice to have a vise with rounded jaws but I don't so...
  8. Chopin

    Tick by frame?

    Nice job! I saw a finger though... No brownies for you!
  9. Oh this is exactly what I'm looking for, I think. Are these basically "needles" with a texture similar to that of a file ? I can't find a close-up shot.
  10. I have a pocket watch that required a balance staff replacement. I've bought a NOS original one. The length fits, I even mounted it onto the balance and then onto the movement and everything checked out. Upon trying to fit the roller I realized that it wouldn't fit. From research they made 2 versions of either balances or balance staffs or I don't know what exactly but the bottom line is that all parts are genuine, it's just that I have the roller or staff from one version and the rest from the other version (the hairspring collet also fits so only the roller hole is the issue). You can't really find these parts and I don't want to invest anymore so I was wondering if it would be possible to simply enlarge the roller hole. I don't have a lathe but I have ordered some mini-drills that come in all sorts of useful sizes. I would have to enlarge the hole by about 0.8mm. It would have been helpful if I could find a really thin file to do this or maybe use some sort of a wire that behaves like a file but I doubt it. Thoughts ? Suggestions ? The pocket watch isn't an expensive or special one by the way so that's why I'd like to give it a go rather than invest a lot of money.
  11. Normally it is part of the servicing. Otherwise the watchmaker won't know for sure if he did the right job or fixed whatever needed fixing on the watch.
  12. Hopefully the last update. So far it seems that it's running as it should so the canon pinion was, indeed, the problem. Thanks guys!
  13. Chopin

    Hello from Lake Chelan

    Welcome. Beautiful area you're living.
  14. The movement already has one. It doesn't get inbetween the dial and movement but it does have a metallic ring that sits in that area (or covers it).
  15. Took a chance and tightened it. So far so good. Will reassemble the movement tomorrow. Wish me luck!