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  1. Coming back with an update. Also thanks @Mark for the servicing guide on youtube of the 955.412 which I used as reference which @Eckehardt also posted. The problem is as follows. I can't see anything wrong or damaged but I've noticed that the lever (not sure if that's what it's called) that is holding the little gear (red arrow) is sometimes keeping the gear a bit further than necessary (seems to swivel just a bit) from the clutch/pinion which makes it slip and not engage the gear. Any suggestions ?
  2. Guten Tag from Austria!

    Nice and easy is the way to go. You have to be patient with tinkering watches. Don't rush it! If you don't find an hour or two to work on something then don't do it at all as rushing it can make things worse. PS: I was expecting you to show us a Tag watch or something given the title which I thought was a pun.
  3. Guten Tag from Austria!

    Welcome. Sounds like you're got what it takes for this hobby that we share.
  4. Yes. That is what I will try tomorrow. I'll check for damage (not that I can tell very well as I'm not familair with such movements) an then I'll just re-install the stem and everything around it.
  5. I have stripped down the movement completely and will check and re-assemble it tomorrow. Here's a pic of what the stem area looked like. Notice anything wrong ? I'm a newbie with quartzes so I certainly don't.
  6. Thank you! I guess I'll have to dismantle it and service it. Is that component easy to find ?
  7. The watch has date complication and it changes with no problem. I'm just stumped as to how it can rotate in one way but not the other ?
  8. Hello everyone, I just got a quartz watch with an ETA 955.114 movement and everything works as it should except for one weird thing. The hands will rotate anti-clockwise but not clockwise. I can hear a clicking sound as well (like when you're rotating the crown on a mechanical watch opposite to the winding way). Is this normal ? Can it be fixed by not removing the dial and hands ? Is it possible that some part might be damaged or simply a need of servicing ? The hands do seem to try and rotate in the other way as well but only stutter a bit and then nothing...
  9. Is it possible that this type of movement requires a short start technique to get started ?
  10. Omega f300

    You're going to need an ohm meter to test it. Beyond this I can't explain as I've only seen this done once by someone else.
  11. ERMI watch A. Schild movement

    Did the dial logo fade or was it sterile originally ? Looks to be 36-37mm diameter...
  12. It's possible to replace it with certain other movements which may have been manufactured specifically for the role of replacing older movements but that is something that I can't look up. You're going to have to make some digging up on Google for that...
  13. This movement is discontinued apparently so it might be difficult (or expensive) to find a new one. The battery that it uses is 384. Could try a new battery first as it doesn't mean that it's broken.
  14. You're going to need the right tools and quite a bit of experience else you're guaranteed to wreck it. For starters I would advise you to find the exact model of the movement. Should be Ronda and some numbers. It's written on the movement itself, inside the watch. After you found the movement, look up what type of battery it needs and order one online. (or take it to a watchmaker and he can do that for you) See if this works or not. I believe the white stuff just means that the watch sat like this for a long period of time. I think that when the battery leaks there would be dark substance around and maybe even melted plastic or metal... Does the movement look clean ? You could lightly clean the battery contacts in case there's debris on them.
  15. You failed to mention this... Is your watch non-functional ? Perhaps a stupid question but have you had a battery installed in it to check whether it works ? Only asking because in the photo provided the movement doesn't have a battery. If you've tried a battery and it didn't work you should know that, sometimes, some movements can be start by short starting the movement. (look it up online to see a rough idea about it). There's a possibility that the movement just needs servicing (cleaning and oiling of the internal parts) or it might need a certain faulty component replaced. Or you can just replace the movement completely.