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  1. Thank you Rogart63, Ill get the calipers out! I guess the spring on the lower side of the pivot has a good chance of being the same size. Worth a try.
  2. all help would be very welcome, thank you. Although, even if I have the part no, I am not sure exactly where I would go to buy one?
  3. Thank you Old Hippy, great recommendation to the Incabloc info site, but sadly their UG page does not cover the 263 calibre movement.
  4. Hi Chopin, thank you for such a prompt response. I have searched for hours Yes I'll have a look to see if I can buy an old movement from somewhere and hope the spring fits. Hard to measure the actual size in absenti, but if you think they are standard then its worth a go. Good idea about the plastic bag, will definitely try that ... if I ever find another spring!! Thanks again
  5. Hi everyone. I wonder if someone can help me. I am just a beginner and new to the site but reading through some of the threads have been amazed how helpful everyone is. I have a 50's Universal Geneve wrist watch with a 263 movement which had stopped and needed a thorough clean. I have fully disassembled it but realise now I probably did not need to take off the upper (watch face side) balance pinion jewel plate with the lyre spring, just to clean the capstone and jewel! Anyway, whilst struggling to reassemble this section, the lyre spring (pictured before escape) made a successful break for it and is lost to the world forever. Could anyone please tell me how to find another of the right size to fit? I know Cousins sell them, but do not know how to relate their ETA sizes to UG movements. Is there a conversion list somewhere? Hugely grateful for any assistance. Best regards Jon
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