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  1. I also have a 6mm lathe although mine is a Lorch. I bought it second hand and seem to have been lucky as it works surprisingly well for what I use it for. However, the previous owner managed to make a repair to a very similar problem by putting a right angled piece of metal in and tapped holes in the casting to hold it together. It works well although it is very tight fitting now so it is a bit of a pain to take on and off. Fortunately I don't use the cross slide very much and prefer the hand held graver. I haven't cleaned everything yet but here is a picture of the repair: Failing that, cast materials will braze as long as you are careful with the temperature which is another possible way of repairing it. I haven't done much brazing, welding or silver soldering before so I don't know about the practicality of that idea.
  2. Fair enough. I will leave it there and clean the movement as it is. I actually dismantled it to fix a problem with the chimes and now I have realised what went wrong, I am planning to take the opportunity to re-bush several worn holes. It was run until it completely stopped (about 30 years ago) and it is only over the last few months I have taken the time to have a proper look at it.
  3. Hello again. This clock seems to be more trouble than it's worth (probably why I am trying to fix it). I have been stripping down and cleaning an FHF 15cm and have finally been able to remove the chiming mechanism to clean the wheels and the front plate. However, I am still unable to remove the centre wheel and it's arbor because of the chiming mechanism's trigger. Has anyone got any idea how to either remove the trigger or the small brass piece that holds the arbor in? I have tried gently heating it and tapping it but that hasn't moved it.
  4. Thank you for your help. It worked perfectly. I now just need to try and set the watch to beat.
  5. Hello I have just finished replacing the balance staff of an old AM192 movement. However, I have realised that the hole in the roller is slightly to large for the staff. I ordered the staff from Cousins and it fits perfectly into the watch but it seems to be slightly to small for the roller. I am wondering if I damaged the roller when removing it. Is there anything I can do to rectify this or will I have to spend the next month trying to make a new balance staff on the lathe that does fit?
  6. I will have access to a pillar drill when I do the repair so that may help. As for the punch marks, I have no idea where it has come from but before I first had a look at it a year ago, it hadn't worked in around 40 years and before that I don't know how often it was serviced. Thank you for all the suggestions and help. I will get on with it when we are all allowed out again.
  7. Sorry about the delayed responce, I hadn't set up email notifications. Here are two pictures of a couple of the worn bearings, I couldn't get a proper picture of the full plate as my phone wouldn't focus properly. Thank you for your help. I should say that the clock did work (although the chimes are a problem) but I wanted to try and replace the bushings before they got any worse.
  8. I have just stripped down an old FHF (old Hermle) clock movement and have noticed that there is a lot of wear on both the front and back plates from the pivots and I an fairly sure it needs new bushings fitting. I have never had to do this before and was hoping for some general advice on how to do it, as well as what tools to potentially use. I am still working on dismantling the chiming mechanism which seemed to be jamming the main clock train every 15 minutes.
  9. I have had a similar problem with a (Swiss) lever escapement. It appears to be caused by the pallets of the lever being slightly too far from the escape wheel and under engaging. I think the escape wheel may be released slightly too early which causes it to push the lever back the other way due to it engaging the other pallet too early. I think this then means that the lever never allows the balance wheel to release. My problem was ultimately due to a missing pin that aligned the escape wheel bridge which I still haven't fixed properly (as I haven't had time to make a new pin) but have managed to get it going without (it is my own watch) by carefully adjusting where the bridge is with a screwdriver.
  10. Welcome to the forum. I have no idea if this could be the case in your movement but abnormal gaining could imply that the hairspring is magnetised, although for 25 minutes a day it would seem a bit of a stretch. I started clock and watch repairing as a hobby not much before you but I have never heard of using alcohol wipes as a method of cleaning watch movements. The usual methods seem to involve putting parts into a liquid (there are people far better qualified than me here to advise on this) like horolene or cleaning spirits and gently cleaning them.
  11. This can sometimes also cause low amplitude. It is not generally deemed a good idea to do so but some manufacturers (mainly in China) make a small notch using a graver either on the balance bridge or base plate in order to do the same as what Nucejoe suggested. I think Mark showed it in a video at some point and someone had done the same thing to a Pierce 160/22 movement I was repairing.
  12. I made a mistake in my last post, I got the the setting lever spring and click spring confused. It was a clickspring that I replaced, not a setting lever spring.
  13. I have been fixing a 160/22 movement and snapped the spring. If it is the same as I had I ended up getting some spring wire, bending it into shape then flattening it so it fit properly. It is a poor repair but it works well enough to hold the crown up. The mechanism does look slightly different though so it may not work.
  14. I have been fixing a Grosvenor pocket watch with a Pierce 160/22 movement recently. I have been trying to repair the balance as the original had a broken hairspring and a broken pivot. Are there any modern versions of the balance or anywhere I may be able to get an original as I have had little success trying to fix it.
  15. Thank you. I am fairly sure that is right. It looks almost identical and is the right size. I will try and get parts based on that.
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