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Elgin 761 Automatic 1958 -1963

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I have just received a package that consisted of a tin full of parts for an old watch. 

Swartchild Tin.jpg

It was not clear from the original picture what was in the tin but I took a punt and got it for £13.45Parts in tin.jpg

The Watch turned out to be an Elgin 761, 27Jewels Movement, USA ADJD as is inscribed on the movement. Case is 10k rolled gold plate, inscribed inside: Cased and timed by Elgin National Watch Company, Watch Star case Company 4444, T626793.

The movement and case are dirty and the dial is scuffed having been kicking around in the tin uncovered - thoughtless.  However I may have a little gem after all and it will go in the project queue. This is the additional stuff I found in the tin.


The balance is moving freely, there seems to be some of the keyless workings missing including the stem and crown of course.






I managed to find some info that may be of use to others as well


Elgin Info 1.jpg

The Elgin Grade 760.doc

If anyone can impart some knowledge on this movement shown in Ranfft as circa 1960, I would be interested and gratefull but for the moment I have decided to sort it out.  I have a feeling this may be costly but looking into the tin pulled my heartstrings and it is crying out to be fixed and treasured.  The document above should help me work out what is missing.




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Nice Vic, I remember following this auction so will be interested in seeing how it all sorts out for you.  I have interest in an Elgin because my father wore one for a couple decades.  Had it serviced a few times and finally the case gave out at the lug area and he traded it for gold value for a "new" quartz something or other in the late seventies or early eighties.  This one was close to what he had as I remember it but the dial wasn't quite the same.  Good Luck!

Too bad about the seller not padding the parts before shipping, every other package I get seems to astonish me with either a over the top job of packaging  something that is almost indestructible or another delicate item shipped loose in a box.  

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Thanks Will,

Jeff Sexton's Blog and site gave me the impression it may be worthwhile, to be honest I knew nothing about it and just thought I have not worked on one of those so I took a punt.  With your confirmation I am really pleased that I did.

I may need a bit luck with the "little bits" but it has started off well.  I thought there may be some problems getting a crown but I got one actually for the Elgin 761 for £7.59,


The correct Glass came in at £7.97, luckily from the actual case number I was able to source it,

Elgin Glass.jpg

a Stem cost me £6.80.

Elgin Stem.jpg

so neeedless to say I fancy having this one on my wrist.  All parts are in the USA and it may be a few weeks before I get them from my son but I saved a significant amount on postage which to the UK cost well more than the parts.

Another surprise was the case which I thought was a bit worse for the wear but it was just extremely dirty and with it being 10K RGP is quite hardy should come up well with some TLC.

As soon as I start the clean and assemble I will move the info over to the other forum but I will continue documenting my quest for parts as it becomes apparent to me what I need.



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Some Info from this watch that may be usefull to someone:-

Movement is 761
27 Jewels USA  ADJD

Case inscribed inside: Cased and Timed By Elgin National Watch Company
                                    Watch Star Case Company 4444,T626793

Case inscribed on back:

Elgin Durapower Waterproof, Resistant to shock , Dust and Magnetism, 10K RGP Bezel

Additional: Crown No. C832, Crystal No. 4444, Stem is Tap 9  - Ronda 1386



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Thanks Cad,

I had a good read through, I like the lifetime guarantee, I noticed that the balance was moving freely when I was looking at the movement and it gave me hope that it was savable (if that is a word - perhaps salvageable is better - no I like them both). The Elgin Wristwatch info available is quite extensive and the PDF attached was of use to me and may help others.

Elgin Case Parts.pdf




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You have what is  known as the 4444 Thin-Thin "27" G, released circa 1960/61. The 760/761 were the last of Elgin's automatics and most likely the second last mens grade out of plant 1 before they moved production. 

You may find Doug's blog entry of value http://gjselgins.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/technological-marvel-or-lemon.html

take it easy on the case, the rolled gold plate isn't that great and if it was working all this time, most likely the case would be showing a heck of a lot of plate loss. 

We have been slowly working our way through identifying the 760/761s that started life as the Thinline models but then were renamed to the Thin-Thin models.  This forum post has a link to a google slide were we have an index to the models 


it will also have a split stem for the crown.

You'll either love or hate this movement grade, theres no inbetween but they are **BLEEP** accurate when running correctly 


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Hi Vic,

i am very new to this forum. I have a few Elgin's - 760 and now, recently a 761 that my watchmaker may be able to get working. I am currently living in Morocco and the watchmaker works from a small 'cubby hole' in a medina. No formal training but he can make most watches work well.

The 761 I found is exactly the same as yours. It does not have a stem and crown but when i move the watch is runs for some seconds. It would seem to open from the crystal side. Can you ocnfirm that?

is the stem the 'split' version? I have ofund one on the net nad I ma waiting for it. A male and female part. Would that be correct?

i will soon post a photo

i actually collect vintage Eterna Matics.

thanks and regards,



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