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Beginner want to learn

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Hi All,

I have several hobbies that works with gas. Beside Harley and Cadillac I started to collect watches as my other child dream. Especially with Harley and Cadillac signs.

So I have several  Bulovas with Harley-Davidson logos and different cheaper brands with Cadillac on dial.

Next was Solomax / Chateau Cadillac (I know it is nothing to the car brand) and several American brands (some with thanks to several years service for these bike and car companies).

My dream was to have a 1964 Omega that is the same age as my cars. Now I have more (1944, 1958, 1964, 1964).

After collecting a small bunch of pocket and wristwatches, I realized they need service.

Even if I want to trade or sell, would be more calm if know what I have.

The future have to be more clear and want to care with about 4 brands (for example Omega, Solomax / Chateau Cadillac, Hamilton, Waltham).

So I am here to learn.

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I live in Budapest, Hungary. My nickname is after a frozen engine. Fagyi V8 (fagyi = ice cream in Hungarian). My picture is coming from an ice cream and a V8 logo combination.

Most of the time USA is my source, since I often have to buy parts for my cars.

Tools, seals, crystals are from local horology shop, they sell even for repair shops and enthusiasts.

Pictures about watches later.

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