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21 hours ago, jdm said:

this forum has not been created and maintained with the Admin's money to serve as a soapbox,

perhaps somebody needs to rewrite the rules on the message board? This appears to be the "Relax Zone: Chat About Anything Here" so it appears to be that whoever wrote up the original rules didn't anticipate this kind the discussion so maybe new rules need to be written to clearly define what actually can be discussed here like yes anything but only if we approve it.

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2 hours ago, JohnR725 said:

perhaps somebody needs to rewrite the rules on the message board? 

No need. Your quoting missed my previous statement: 

Political postings are not precluded by forum rules (but please just follow them:  https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/guidelines/)

So if you want to make these, go ahead. Then if people will like them, or feel "soapboxed", they can express that with the emoticons or an answer.

Thank you for understating the spirit and work of involved in keeping a friendly (and free talking) forum.

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Chat About Anything. That part of this forum is what it says and means. I don't see anything in the rules about political talk. Providing it is done in a friendly manner and kept within the forum rules. 

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My Take on the Chat about anything part of the forum is just that,  as long as it is not for scoring points  or otherwise and covers matters pertaining to the watch repair and parts supply industry. There has been much discussion over the brexit issue and the supply of parts from the UK and I for one like to know how our friends in other countries get on, anyway stifling debate is un democratic.

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    • I bought this for my new watch bench. It is nice but because of the way you work on a watch bench, the lamp is mounted on the same plane as your work space (this is higher than if it were a typical work bench).  As a result, the lamp cannot pivot upward enough to get optimal positions. So, what I had to do was design and print an short extender that pushes the fulcrum of the lamp away from the manufactured pivot point.  This allows me more range of motion. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
    • This purchase must qualify:
    • Please keep us posted though. It's a beautiful clock and well worth a bit of time and effort to get it back to it's original glory. Good luck!
    • Did a bit more today on my Hettich. I also mucked around with practising on the top plate from the second Hettich that I bought. The calico wheel can leave marks and I am being gentle. I am certainly not pushing the plate into the wheel. I could easily stall the bench grinder that I am polishing on. I am wondering if Hettich started to use a lower grade of brass? I still cannot polish the brass to a mirror finish. On my Hettich (older) I have had to emery one of the posts that supports the movement and after 600 grit then 1500 grit, straight to Tripoli on my stitched wheel, then green on the calico wheel and the post is spotless. Absolutely gleams. post has a steel nut on the top of it that was rusty and affected by the battery acid. It is now polished as best as can be done and then I mucked around with a bit of heat and have changed the colour of the nut which looks quite good now. It was black originally. I have done several jobs now by hand where a having a lathe would have been so much quicker. Have to get rid of the Esprit first. Then I might have a chance.
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